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Energy Update 26th April - 3rd May 2017: Back to Reality - Get Ready!

By jona bryndis, Apr 27 2017 08:13PM

Weekly Digest Week18, Energy Update & Video 26th April - 3rd May 2017

Finally, a shift is happening...albeit a small one...

Since yesterday collective energies feel a little lighter - or at least somewhat less mirky and overwhelming. For many of us energetically sensitives small shifts can make a big difference - we are finally getting the opportunity to expand a bit more into our own space again.

Embodiment is important right now; so, if you are still feeling disconnected from yourself or the world, MAKE A CONSCIOUS EFFORT to reconnect. It's not yet time for big changes, but a good time for getting ready to be more practical!

In last weeks' energy digest I wrote a lot about the 'why's' and the ENERGETIC DYNAMICS OF GETTING STUCK in our old patterns. (Click here to read more about energetic dynamics and interaction between people.) Now, is the time to move on and realign ourselves to the PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION of our new insights and perspectives - in short:


As you all know, being aware of inner and outer dynamics is important, but when it comes to making changes it is not enough to just mentally or spiritually understand all this - we need to accept that habits are hard-wired into our physical (nervous system) and how our emotions are tied into this.

There is no way to shut out your emotions, or energetic sensations for that matter, without becoming fragmented or conflicted from within again.

Your emotions, your feelings, your sensations and your subtle inner promptings and hunches, they all belong to you - as they do to all of us. So, don't simply shove last weeks experiences away, instead PAY ATTENTION TO THE BLINDSPOTS you where shown and work with them!

After weeks of deep inner reflection and spiritual emergency this shift may will almost feel simplistic compared to the intensity of the past. But, don't be fooled! Just because we are moving into the material-physical aspect of your being now doesn't mean that all is going to run smooth again; on the contrary! Your personal space and ENERGETIC INTEGRITY is still challenged, and with it your CORE VALUES as energetic being, friend, partner, parent, co-worker, or citizen.

We all still need to find our AUTHENTIC ROLE in our relationships, job, finances, living situation and future; so don't underestimate the importance of your STANCE.

In order to feel safe again, you will have to really dig into your PRIORITIES IN LIFE and how you want them to play out in the practical. Otherwise you will continue to feel like a push-over, not knowing what to do or where you want to be - and so, your life will continue to feel like it's just zooming by...

No one but YOU can do this for you or is responsible - not your partners, parents, bosses or the government. You are in this reality to learn how to handle your FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY as co-creator of your reality - and not just a karmic multi-player-virtual-reality character!

On the global sphere, there are quite a few clouds around. If we keep getting rained on with collective untruths, we may realize that we are in for a lot more surprises on the geo scale of things ... and that this is far from over yet!

In fact this coming week's public display of ridiculousness can easily shake our core...so, let's take that as a lesson, too and remember that we are not dependents, but the people who give the power to these institutions that are supposed to take care of our collective needs. We can claim back at any time ...

The best way to stay present in all this is by accepting reality and becoming prepared to actively participate. We need to become more flexible and adaptable. Watch me explain some of the 1st Chakra implications and practical tips.

Sign up for courses, learn basic skills that help you to feel more confident about yourself, and find your own rhythm. Get a grip on your UNHEALTHY HABITS and identify where and how your COPING is possibly counterproductive to DEALING with reality!

Being firm in YOUR FOUNDATION, which includes your emotional handling and knowing your energy system, means you don't need to be afraid of outer changes.

If your inner and outer handling strategies consists mainly of emotional and mental looping, you will find that this leads to nothing but pain and anxiety.

To get out of this you need accept your and other people's human-ness and embrace your physical reality that way. Everything else is 'spiritual specialness.'

All the best!


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