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Energy Update 22nd-28th September 2019 ENERGY UPDATE - ALIVENESS & AWAKENING

By jona bryndis, Sep 22 2019 09:00AM

Energy Update

22nd-28th September 2019 ENERGY UPDATE


By jona bryndis, 20th September 2019

Watch Video here

Collective Energies

22nd-28th September 2019 ENERGY UPDATE


As mentioned in the previously sent article about Equinox Energies (incoming Equinox this coming Sunday night), Collective Energies can be a bit difficult to put a finger on. There already is so much going on! However, the point for us Energetically Sensitives & Empaths is, that during Equinoxes, Collective Energies become more permeable.

We are all under the effect of the collective unconscious. Like changing weather conditions, our personal energy goes through our daily inner fluctuations, as well as outer influence. Other people, places, collective events - they all affect our energy on the unseen, subtle level, whether we like it or not. That said, we are not a victim of such influences, but due to our inner energetic WIFI we are constantly exposed to collective programs, conditionings and even forces that can manipulate how we see ourselves and the world. Typically only a few trained individuals can 'see through' these invisible layers of manipulation - but during Equinoxes and Solstices, this becomes possible for all of us. This sets the energetic tone of our next week.

It will allow us to RESET our personal energy and to feel more like an active participant in our own lives - it sets the stage for a more BALANCED and SELF-EMPOWERED view of our lives and ALIVENESS...

In the video, I give a compassionate view on why it feels like being true to oneself is such a dread and what we can do to REFOCUS next week. Watch the video and contemplate about

"What makes you feel alive?"

What leads to us not feeling alive or not wanting to be alive?

Why don't we all feel and live our authentic True Self?

Aren’t we the authority in matters of ourselves?

What can we do to be more connected with our True Self?

If you have the time, read this write up on what makes it so hard to truly connect and feel alive...

10 Common Obstacles Connecting With our True Self

Our inner journey of connecting with our True Self is nothing more than the process of remembering who we truly are - an eternal soul. Simple, basic and not special at all. However, on a practical level, it can be one of the toughest journeys we will ever embark on! Read about the 10 most common obstacles of Facing our True Self and why we really need teachers, books, therapies, drugs, yoga or other ‘techniques’ to be who I AM.

Being connected with our True Self unlocks the deep understanding of ourselves and our Divine nature and also our higher abilities, such as healing and self-healing. It creates the unmistakable feeling of oneness in our hearts accompanied by a yearning to be true to ourselves, others and our needs - basically, the calling to live our true potential and purpose in life.

1. Critical Inner Voice

One of the most common reasons why we are not naturally connected with our True Self is because we think it makes us vulnerable.

From early on we became conditioned to believe that our True Self is something that is better kept locked away from others. At some point in our childhood, we began to change. Our Ego was born! Instead of saying what we feel, asking for what we need and doing what felt right to us deep down, we began to listen to our critical inner voice. Worst of all, we didn't even notice how his inner voice slowly replaced our inner connection, and instead of signaling us our inner truth it perpetually reminded of those traumatic moments when we were vulnerable and got hurt. From then on, our ego's voice overtook our true voice and fed us with the urge to either hide, escape or attack whenever our 'safety' felt threatened.

Henceforth, we decided to listen to the loudest voice in our head and began to identify with our rationalizations or justifications; we allowed our inner or outer dramas to become welcome distractions and to shut down our inner connection - as if our True Self was a dangerous stranger.

Rather than following our intuition, our true needs and expressing how we really feel, we listened to this inner recording of negativity and avoidance and thus lost our ability to connect within!

We spent more energy to think about the future or the past (recording of the past) than being present in the moment.

What was supposed to be our journey of bringing our True Self into the physical is now replaced by our False Self! Needless to point out that listening to the constant chatter of our ego-voice is one of the greatest overall obstacles in remembering who we truly are! We pretend, please, protect, attack and project - we escape into identities and adapt to what is most successful in our ego's view.

But don't feel bad about this - we all do!

Guess what happens if you do this long enough...? You forget who you truly are, you lose touch with your true needs and have no clue what your purpose is!

The way out of our False Self is to actively seek the inner heart-connection through silencing your mind and emotion. Meditation, contemplation or Remote Energy transMISSIONS, but also simply spending more time in nature, with plants, animals, and children can help. They remained pure and can, therefore, help us to remember our true nature.

2. Distraction, Numbing & Desensitization Through Collective Energies

A relatively unconscious aspect for most of us is the exposure to increasingly intense collective energies. Don't get me wrong; outer programming has always been part of our socialization, but since 2012 things have become a bit more intense, especially for those who are energetically sensitive.

For many of us, it's difficult to tell what's ours and what isn't - even physical sensations have become so indistinguishable at times, that we are constantly feeling at the effect of outer energies.

In the age of Global Awakening the discernment between outer programming, inner patterns and conditioned behaviors is beginning to become aware to us, but in order to not feel totally confused, we need to learn to build our very own lexicon of inner energetic sensations, so that we can cut through the 'stuff' that's not ours and begin to work on our inner layers of False Self and ego gratifications.

3. Spiritual Bypassing & Specialness

Consciousness Work and being a True Self has nothing to do with higher development, enlightenment, spiritual growth, ascension or something that we could only obtain as a result of fancy spiritual disciplines or teachings.

True Self-Awareness or IAM Consciousness is nothing that we need to ‘develop’. It’s always there!

All we need is to reach in, reconnect, remember, regularly touch base, and then follow through with it. However, the reason why we often don't/won't or can't feel this inner connection is because we are completely out of touch. Therefore, most of us feel prompted to seek guidance from spiritual authorities, teachers or groups.

While still being disconnected from our inner core we can easily fall prey for unethical methods. One particularly difficult notion is spiritual elevation and specialness as practiced in many spiritual groups and teachings. The more we energize our ego with a false sense of specialness or ven 'badness' for that matter, the less probable a true inner connection becomes.

However, one of the most common and further disconnecting pattern is the installation of an 'in-between' you and your Inner Divinity. Even the most popular spiritual communities (such as organized religion) promote that we cannot get to ... unless we follow certain rules or go through a certain person. Something to ponder about...

This changes the moment we reclaim our inner power! Once we understand that we are the only authority in being us, nobody can tell us what 'right' or 'wrong' for us, as we also begin to recognize authenticity and truth in others. However, on the other hand, this doesn't mean that we are special either, it just means that we discovered the simplest truth out there!

We don't have to be chosen, or do anything to deserve being in touch with our Divine nature - we don't need to comply with rules, prerequisites, props or procedures either! All we 'need' in order to be a True Self is to be present, connect with our heart and stop looking for it outside (or above)!

We can CHOOSE to connect with our inner Divinity whenever we want to and at any time or place! Whenever somebody else tries to tell us who we are or what is right for us, it is most likely driven by a different agenda and often misleading us into a questionable sense of specialness.

4. Unconscious or Irresponsible Use of Energy

The essence of connecting with our True Self is about becoming in charge of who we are and consequently being accountable for our energy; for our actions, thoughts, and feelings, as well as for our contribution to the collective. Later we will learn that we also need to become responsible for our personal energy management and our energetic dynamics with others.

Living a life as True Self means to be touch with our heart, free of any kind of limitation and through it with the infinite aspect of our existence. In this state, we become able to regard and respect ourselves and others as ‘souls with a body’ as opposed to ‘a bodies with a soul’, which also implies to be willing to become aware of the deeper and often hidden aspects of our being that still control us.

In order to take full responsibility, we need to relearn how to differentiate true and false.

Our ego minds are not designed to discern Truth!

If we want to be a True Self we need to open our eyes for the unseen and accept inner truth as a prime directive for our choices.

When following our inner prompting to become real we need to be prepared for a rough ride in the beginning. Learning how we were programmed in the past and beginning to see the amount of untrue beliefs we bought into is not always easy. Don’t be surprised to realize that collective misinformation and false idols often run so deep in you, that you may have completely lost your inner ability to discern truth from falsehood (for further reading on this subject check out: Dr. D. R. Hawkins, Truth vs. Falsehood, Veritas Publishing)!

5. Not Wanting to Face & See Truth

Just because things appear as real, deosn't mean that they are true!

Truth means to be willing to see things the way they are – about ourselves and the world we live in.

What kind of world do we live in? Are we ready to see how we are manipulated to think that our true purpose depends on status, job, material belongings, body shape, spiritual beliefs, culture, race or gender? That our happiness is something we need to work ‘hard’ for or even to pay for?

6. Being Afraid of Change

Once we regained the willingness to accept truth we will begin to realize that it's often just a matter of changing our mental views and conditioned opinions. While truth has become a very bendable thing these days we can’t help but notice that we are unconsciously avoiding it, too.

Even if we have the sincere desire to see the truth, due to our pain (past) and fear of the unknown (future), it can be extremely difficult to discern truth.

Therefore, a big part of the ability to accept things the way they are is to come from a standpoint of compassion and neutrality. This allows us to break through some of the programmed behavior of doubting and judging ourselves or others. We all grew up in a world where fake emotions, false identities, and conditioned behaviors are rewarded with ‘success’!

Through connecting with our hearts and seeking truth in our inner discernment we become able to face inner and outer challenges through our regained Wakefulness. This enables us to connect with the Source of Truth and thus allows us to burn through all falsities - even our own.

7. Externalizing Inner Power

In addition, we will also become aware of how we were conditioned to externalize, not only of our happiness but also our inner powers. It can why so many of us constantly feel empty and lonely. However, there is no need to be afraid of what we will discover. If we can look at it from the perspective that we were all born into a world where we were forced to cope with this intentionally created inner separation, we can more easily understand our tendency to keep ourselves busy seeking the distraction of the next high or temporary excitement.

The good thing about facing truth is that it can help us to put the puzzle pieces of our fragmented self back together. Knowing that we all are more or less remote controlled also helps to become a bit more wakeful and less naive, for example in regards to processed foods, environment, meds, vaccines, politics, wars, etc. The information has always been out there, we just couldn't see it...

To become more wakeful in regards to global control aspects it's not necessary to study prophecies, metaphysics or delve into conspiracy theories. It doesn’t take rocket science to explain how and why today’s societies are so manipulated. Our world is overpopulated, obnoxious and ego-driven. The current overall consciousness level of humanity derives around pride, greed, competition, and war-making.

It doesn’t really take much effort to externally control us with dualistic paradigms, as they are playing directly into our ego.

All it takes is to tap into our unprocessed (lower chakra) emotions, wounds, fears, and desires to trap our minds in agreeing to mask our sense of Self and beat-up others and ourselves.

As a result instead of feeling one with who we are, we allow ourselves to be collectively driven into separation, just so we can have the illusion of being better or in control. While under the influence we simply can't see how we subconsciously further self-perpetuate our chosen inner disconnect.

8. Illusion Of Control & Superiority

Control always creates counter-control, and so it's not surprising that our inner control issues make us controllable in return. The hardest part about becoming true to ourselves is being humble enough to admit our part in supporting collective paradigms of phoniness. Unless we step up and own our past, our shadows, hidden negative sentiments, and secret payoffs, truth will remain something we rather choose to avoid.

So, here is what we really are up against: Not the fact that we are controlled by some mysterious external force (which may well be the case, but who cares, we are already doing a great job at it ourselves), but that we fell for our own lower control, fear and specialness mechanisms and with it the subjugation of control over our inner connection.

In order to reclaim our True Self we need to remember who we truly are and what our inner integrity and value system is.

As a True Self, we cannot hide away from the immanent reality of our own control aspects, whether it'd be in regards to masculinity & femininity, racial/cultural differences, spiritual orientation or emotional illiteracy.

The truth of the matter is that we are all the same, because our egos are the same! Ego functions based on what makes us survive, not what makes us happy! What makes us survive, fragments us and splits our reality into two opposites.

Our inner duality is what prevents the connection with our True Self, not others or external energies!

9. False Self & Coping

The only way out of being externally controlled is to become bone-crushing honest with ourselves:

"Yes, I bought into the illusions of a false self! And yes, it made me easy prey for unreflected consumerism, it fueled my payoff through victimhood and addictions and instant gratification allowed me to distract my self from myself. In my undifferentiated need to belong to somebody or some cause it made me agree to toxic compromises and lowered my will to stand up for my true needs. And further yes, I even fell for the delusion to be able to fix the world or others avoiding to look at my own unhealed aspects - all just to elevate my ego and to justify my familiarity with a deep inner pain of not feeling whole."

The pathway to becoming real and embodying our True Self is through actively, intentively and consciously liberating ourselves from inner dualities, such as guilt, shame, judgment, fear, anger and pride.

10. Judging & Hiding One's Ego

The last and often biggest obstacle to overcome is the fear of facing our ego and the subsequent question: "If I am not who I believe I am, who am I then?"

Reconnecting with our True Self means to be willing to break through all layers of conceived False Self.

Deep down we all know that letting go of illusions means to let go of our perceived ego payoff. Therefore, understand that what's really holding you back is not the fear of truth itself, but the fear of the unknown consequences of seeing truth.


As long as our views and inner perception of self are linked to the idea that our True Self is something we need to obtain, sustain or seek it outside of us, we unwillingly set ourselves up for further disconnection and emptiness. This is where active and heart-based consciousness work can help us realize that facing inner control and fear aspects is more healing than frightening - and that all that’s needed is to remember how to reconnect with our True Self.

This may seem a bit like a laundry list of things we need to correct or make good for, but if you can understand the deeper meaning of aliveness through inner connection, you may see a pathway of healing yourself through transcending the addiction to your own ego.

It can be overwhelming not to have a solution or a fix right away. Moreover, admitting these obstacles to ourselves can make us even more vulnerable for a moment; but if we can get over it - we will learn how to truly connect with our hearts, with others and the world around us in return - the biggest reward of all!

Being a True Self means being able to give ourselves full absolution for our innocence of unawareness in the past and thus taking the opportunity to live a life free of the limitation of collective programming and false conditioning.

My love and gratitude to all of you and in recognition of your courage to engage in such a journey!

Thank you for your time.


jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


transCODES offers a service and online community platform for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of heart connection, heightened energetic perception, spiritual self-awareness and sacred self-healing. Our trained energy workers provide hands-on education, guidance and energy coaching/healing services for energetically sensitive persons and anyone who feels prompted to engage in active consciousness work and integrative self-mastery. transCODES energy work is non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

In remote energy session, guided meditation work, group coaching work and personal energy coaching sessions we offer hands-on support and practical guidance to those on their journey of personal growth and spiritual maturity. This includes energetic clearing work, karma, trauma, inner child, recovery, shadow, manifestation and spiritual integration. Our work is often perceived as highly challenging as it addresses our deeply conditioned and programmed ego attachments, which is exactly what allows a person to grow beyond their own limitations.

In the energy tips for patreons and Heart-Warriors, I compiled a list of

CONCEPTS FOR EMPATHS explainer videos available on my youtube channel.

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