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Energy Update 20th - 27th May 2017: Spiritual Embodiment - Show Up & Show Out

By jona bryndis, May 26 2017 02:00PM

Weekly Energy Digest Week 21 - Energy Update 20th - 27th May 2017

As we are already under the influence of New Moon energies at the time of finally writing this report, most energetically sensitives may feel a slight dampener. The intense headaches and temple pressures most of us experienced lately may have begun to dissipate and things may have calmed down for you a bit. The COLLECTIVE CONFUSION AND CHAOS of last weekend brought a lot of polarizations into our life, which reflected in emotional drama and outbursts of anger and violence in many. However, if you managed to not get too distracted and tuned into observing the world around you, you might have found the display of (inner and outer) EGO RAMBLINGS as so SURREAL, that it was almost comical (if it hadn't been so serious for some.)

Many of us sense a great AGITATION or inner nervousness about 'something big to happen' - like there is a GLITCH in the matrix... It's real! Yes,we are in the middle of a major transformation that will lead to a massive PARADIGM CHANGE; and it will affect all areas in our lives! So, try not to fall for your built-in fear implant whenever you catch yourself going there. All it does is feeding the dark and keeping you in the shadow of your ego-existence!

Expect major TRUTH BOMBS to be revealed!

So, for the coming weeks starting today it is extremely important TO BE PRESENT and to SHOW UP COMPLETELY.

This will require from us to go out and show out, and to built new alliances and networks. Our OLD RELATIONS are too much stuck in their own past. As we have now found out, they cannot and don't want to see us for who we truly are; they are too busy projection their own crap onto us, so forget about them!

Many had old emotions, such as JEALOUSY AND ENVY come back into out lives last week. It was the karmic influx of resurfacing old friends, family and exes in the past weeks, that reminded us on how much unprocessed emotional energies is still lingering in others/ourselves. However, this is nothing to dwell in. All it shows is how important it is to LET GO OF THE PAST. Those who are clinging to old hatred and hostility will inevitably be caught in their KARMIC LOOPS, which unfortunately will also manifest in physical ailments being diagnosed as chronic or acute hinderance to move forward.

There is a greater 12 YEAR CYCLE that is ending now, so briefly look back at 2005 and which of your aspects are still linked to the problems or themes that dominated your life back then.

As we are still in a time of REFRAMING OUR PAST right now, it can help to go back and energetically reason our past just so that we can overcome our FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. Without fully embracing our part in our KARMIC ROLE PLAY we cannot take responsibility for our emotions, which will continue to show as having issues with transcending stored BITTERNESS. So, accept your choices of the past, reclaim your freedom to make better choices in the future and move on!

(Also read: High Vibrational Living Part 1- Making Healthy Choices)

The task ahead is the FULL EXPRESSION OF WHO WE TRUELY ARE, which not only includes our mental understanding of this journey, but also the physical integration of our energetic sensitivity and the EMBODIMENT OF OUR SPIRITUALITY.

In the video below I am elaborating on some of the most common MISCONCEPTIONS OF MODERN SPIRITUALITY, and how they can lead to inner confusion about what it means to 'be spiritual.' As most of you know, I have no problem with putting my finger directly on those 'false exits'... Most of these misinterpreted notions of BEING SPIRITUAL lead to nothing but further cementing our inner conflicts about who we are. Therefore, please don't feel offended; instead use my reflection as a necessary grounding of how externalized beliefs can really mess with truly BREAKING FREE FROM OUTDATED BELIEFS.

How true can we be with ourselves?

Are we still blaming others for our choices?

Are we still seeing ourselves through the eyes of others?

Do we still need validation for who we are, or what our talents are?

Are we truly showing up?

All we need to elevate us from our own DOUBTS AND SELF-WORTH ISSUES is to embrace the JOY OF BEING WHO WE ARE.

Enlightenment, bliss, peace, love, joy and harmony in life are the higher vibratory expressions of transcended lower vibratory states. They are THE RESULT OF INNER ALIGNMENT TO HAPPINESS through inner healing and connecting work – and not the cause!

Outer Energies don't just happen to us - they provide opportunities. This entire coming month will bring the opportunity to realign to our JOY OF BEING AND LIVING.

This doesn't mean that you will wake up and suddenly all issues are resolved or all ailments are gone. It means, that you have energetic backwind to finally let go and transcend things in your life that have been holding you back for a long time.

Raising our vibration is not just some metaphysical or spiritual concept. It is the practice of rising above inner and outer negativity, the breeding grounds for fear, anger and sadness. If you want to practically apply raising your vibration and actively shifting your inner energy, you can begin with trying to recontextualize personal and global events as part of a larger collective healing process.

Next week will be great for practicing this, as our collective energetic weather conditions support INNOVATION, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and a more CREATIVE LIFE-STYLE.


Energetically seen, BEING JOYFUL means being able to enjoy all aspects of being - especially the simple aspects of life, because when we are in the energetic state of JOY life is easy to deal with.

1. Be Open for Surprises!

Right now we will suddenly see different aspects we weren’t aware of before – probably related to money and relationships. These two themes will still be on top of our laundry list until the end of June. If you feel exhausted, emotionally drained or physically tired (like many of us energetically sensitive people) I would recommend you check on where in your life you are resisting. Resistance creates friction. Friction creates confusion. And confusion creates spiraling. Nonetheless, challenging our perception is one of the objectives of inner consciousness work, so continue following your inner prompting and be curious, so your journey of the unknown can unfold for you!

2. Accept Challenges as Part of your Evolution!

Yes! Walking in uncharted territory is challenging, especially for our egos - but only if we are attached to our rigid beliefs and expectations. Fluctuation, challenge, correction and adaption are the pillars of evolution – the innate Divine Drive in all of us. It is what makes us grow and traverse beyond our limitations! There are no maps, no road signs, no rules and no destination - other than experiencing the journey itself.

The connection with our heart is the only travel insurance we will ever need!

3. Stay Conscious!

Energetically seen, circumstances are not just single events in time - they are temporal markers containing an infinite microcosm of information: Colors, shapes, symbols, visions, experiences, insights, memories, physical sensations, karmic energies, attractor fields, dissonances, resonances, and so forth. The way we energetically perceive time depends on many different factors: brain wave, level of consciousness, inner alignment, energetic sensitivity, emotional state, level of external distraction and of course our mental attitude.

In other words: We can’t control our time line, manifestation speed or outcome - but we can control our alignment!

The only control we have is the choice of whether or not we want to be present and able to consciously observe our life's journey. This is very important to understand!

4. Be Present & Align to your Heart!

The true power of our consciousness is that it can create a time-space-continuum through observation. It determines the quality of our journey and with it the general direction we are heading. Combined with the healing power of your heart anything can be faced! Therefore going through the ups and downs of energetic shifts, as we have been experiencing since the beginning of the year will continue , but the way we perceive it is a matter of our alignment.

5. Go the Extra Mile!

If we can allow ourselves to navigate through our obstacles, be it hidden darker aspects, forgotten relationship issues or neglected financial matters, now is the time to use our true inner heart powers to work on course corrections, setting up new structures and allowing flow of inner and outer energy to show us the way.

The trick to enjoying your life's journey is in making each and every experience, no matter how challenging an opportunity to touch down with our heart - so you can tap into the infinite power of your inner connection to overcome any obstacle.

6. Be Flexible but Know When To Stand Your Ground!

While the REAL REASON behind our collective and personal problems is only beginning to emerge in the month of August, the challenges ahead can only be corrected and healed through allowing the inner infinite heart-space to take care of the issues as they arise. This allows you to know when to need to stand your ground. Insisting on holding on to rigid beliefs, expectations or opinions will only run you into the danger of being taken down along with the collapse of our collective structure.

7. Challenge Your Ego!

If you want to become independent and decouple from this downward spiral of our society, be willing to regard this time of structural change as welcome growing experience! Allow your ego bubbles to burst; seek the inconvenience of taking care of procrastinated issues; admit your mistakes; laugh about your own limitations and enjoy the ride!

All the best!



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jona bryndis

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