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Energy Update 15th-25th April 2017: Reality Check - Make Peace From Within!

By jona bryndis, Apr 15 2017 07:00AM

Weekly Energy Digest Week 16 & 17 - Energy Update 15th-25th April 2017

What can I say? The past two weeks went by as expected...so, I sat out the last report not wanting to waste your time with sounding like a broken record. Shadow stuff and Inner Child got us well last week - inner conflicts were reigning our life making many of us feel like GETTING STUCK IN INNER DARKNESS. It felt like nothing resolved but just repeated; in addition, most of us dealt with HEAVY PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS, such as continual tiredness, dizziness, nausea, shoulder and stomach issues - with some of us even getting temporarily locked up with disc issues and lower back/hip pain.

So far, the month of April has definitely been up there on the list of rough times... The tiredness and/or insomnia is seriously wearing us down and so, it's no surprise that e all feel a bit run down through STAGNATION. However, while these times in which collective energy bands force us to do an internal reality check suck, they also provide a great opportunity for healing - that is from an energy work perspective. As we are finally getting sick of ourselves, our tiredness allows us to pierce the veil of EGO ILLUSIONS and brings us into the position of recognizing that "if we don't change anything, nothing is going to change."

The pain we feel when doing so, be it in our relationships or with ourselves is therefore not 'caused' by collective energies or others, in fact it's not caused by anything; it's just the reflection, or natural consequence of our INNER RESISTANCE TO CHANGE. So, the long needed realization to get us out of this and for finding ways to get through these correctional times with GRACE (which will continue for at least another year or two btw.) was, that as long as we spend our energy with whining, blaming and justifying - nothing CAN change!

Besides serious conditions and external crises which are typically the next level of INNER PROMPTING TO CHANGE, this state of INNER CHURNING AND DESTRUCTIVE REPEAT is amongst those most transformative states we could ever be in!

From the deeper spiritual and conscious self-healing perspective, it forces us into ACCEPTING OUR LIMITATIONS AND REACHING OUT FOR OUR A HIGHER POWER, which in return triggers our willingness to FACE OUR CORE FEARS, rather than focusing on becoming a better COPER. In Recovery Work this state is called HITTING ROCK BOTTOM; so even if you have never witnessed a person coming out of their addictive patterns, you probably know that there is often no other way for us to get out of whatever we can't stand anymore, than having the COURAGE to do something about it.

The big lesson of this entire year is learning that we need to ADMIT TO OURSELVES THAT WE ARE POWERLESS in regards to solving our inner fear and pain by keeping our BLINDERS on. We are forced to not only see but integrate Truth. Argh...

Getting tired of SETBACKS and RECURSIVE REVISITING of the same old is therefore something we need to learn to embrace as the GIFT OF OUR ENERGETIC SENSITIVITY.

Due to our elevated attunement to inner and outer energies our INNER SIGNALING SYSTEM is telling us, that our behaviors, views and judgments are no longer supportive for us, and thus that a shift is needed. However, this shift is not necessarily one that has to lead to major outer changes, such as ending a relationship, moving or changing our career. Albeit often part of our LIBERATION FROM OUR OLD BURDENS it is usually just a CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE that can lead us into finding NEW PATHWAYS and higher vibratory solutions - aspects we simply couldn't see before. ,

To conclude the mental processing of what many of us are going through right now, understand that working with our core fears never really ends, but the way we are subjectively experiencing our journey can change. To know the difference and to be become able to discern what we can and can't change does not depend on outer energies, but on our willingness to STEP INTO OUR INNER POWER and to EXPRESS WHO WE TRULY ARE. The only reason why I am writing these energy reports and videos is to show you that you are not alone, and that we are all part of the greater unfolding of consciousness - not to feed your ego mind with more justifications for why things are going lobe-sided at the moment.

If you choose to keep the blinders on, and blame your condition on 'collective energies' you are missing the point and fail to understand that this so-called Ascension is in actuality a DESCENSION INTO THE ENERGETIC REALITY OF YOUR BEING - and not the other way around, as your ego mind tries to make you believe, an elevation of yourselves into a 'better reality'. That's total nonsense, folks!

The purpose of this collective awakening process is BECOMING REAL - and not more special/fake!

The RULES OF ENGAGEMENT have changed folks! Read the articles below if you want to further educate yourself on the energetic reality of us interacting.

The more real you become the easier accepting your energetic reality is. And yes, the pathway is not through your mind but the heart! Simple really - not easy, but simple.

The only reason why we are struggling with this process is because we are secretly trying to hold on to our old ego-payoffs, which is not conducive anymore - that's all.

Meddling in other people's lives or countries for that matter is not an integrous mode of operation - it's nothing but our SHADOW AND COPING - the misuse of our powers - collectively as well as individually. All who continue feeding their ego illusion will continue to have a hard time the next 2-3 years. So, get this:

Being an empath doesn't make you a victim at all - it makes you RESPONSIBLE for your own sh*t - which gives you the opportunity to grow up and fill your soul purpose.

Starting around the 25th of April things will calm down a bit. You will be able to see more clearly where you need to make changes and so the physical stuff will get a lot less. Focus on your relationships and try to find more 'real' ways to express and interact.

I will get back with a new update then - let's see how we can use the time until then to work through some of our baggage. In the meantime stay tuned for the new video commenting on this report .

For weeks now, I have been coaching people through their melt-downs and personal crises.I have a feeling that this is not going to get any better if we don't change the way we see ourselves. As an energy healer and energy coach helping people to translate their deepest inner transformation processes into practical strategies, the single best advice I can give you all is to be PRACTICAL. Forget about all these internal judgments and expectations in regards to 'being spiritual'. Not that this isn't linked to our situation, but this love-and-light-will-heal-all is not entirely true - at least not in the way our ego interprets it. Love and Light can heal all - but this doesn't mean you can just sit there and wait until you become enlightened!

Our journey is here - right now - in this physical 3D realm, so dreaming of higher dimensions is not going to cut it. If you want to know how to let go of resisting, pushing through or trying to survive your life you need to become proactive and accept that your PHYSICAL REALITY is dominating your perception right now. You may as well learn how to enjoy the ride, instead of dreading your 'lower' dimensional existence - just sayin ...

Physically, the best we can do right now is to calm down our senses a bit and support our body. The best route right after experiencing the emergence/y of our deeper inner stuff is to relax into it; and breathe! Eat relaxing foods and use soft surroundings. Take off from work for a few days, if you can, and dedicate your time to healing yourselves.

Emotionally, CLAIM THE SPACE you need to lick your wounds, but don't fall for the complacence of having 'worked through something.' While this is not totally wrong, don't see it as the end - but the beginning of your active participation in co-creating your life, in a good way. On the level of 1st and 2nd Chakra emergencies we need to address our issues through physical changes. Get moving, start something new, raise plants, get a pet, chop wood... that sort of activities.

You can't think your way through this - and mediation doesn't really work in those states either. REMIND YOURSELF that the main reason for your misery is that you are not ALLOWING YOURSELF TO FEEL. Therefore, seek situations and conditions that promote CONNECTING, instead of further isolating. Reading and thinking can be distraction mechanisms as well!

If you are still feeling alone and unsupported, use substances to numb your feelings, engage in behaviors or judgments that distract you from becoming congruent with your energetic reality, you are not through with this yet. That's okay, just don't fool yourself! REACH OUT FOR SUPPORT!

This can be done through inner connection and reconciliation, such as Inner Child , True Self or Recovery Work, but often needs to be kick-started with outer guidance and the feeling that we are not alone with this. So, allow the power of person to person connection to lift you up, and while doing this work on REFRAMING YOUR INNER ATTITUDE towards your journey and where you are at!

Actively shifting your reference point leads to a change in your overall energy.

Our energy gravitates towards what we hold in mind or identify with. Therefore, the fastest way to change our perspective and with it choosing the more advantageous path is by defining our reference point away from an outer - externalized - reference to an inner.

Ask yourself, how would see the issue at hand from a perspective of unconditional love or abundance? Would you still feel like you are stuck or would you be able to reframe your situation into a more self-supportive, empowering and optimistic view?

For example, when you ask for support in this empowered way, you change your perspective from victimizer to co-creator. Instead of “needing” something or somebody outside of yourself, we could also reframe reaching out or surrendering to our higher power as “receiving” my support. The ability to ask for and receive support in an empowering way can be one of the biggest game changers and help us to shift our perspective into finding new solutions.

Reframe your “journey of struggle” into a “journey of growth”

Let's challenge your ego in the next couple of weeks -

Can you reframe your momentary feeling of pessimism into an optimistic viewpoint? Try this for the coming week and take a close look at your inner dialogue and resistance while shifting your perspective. Can you move yourself 'forward' into an independent outlook on your life/journey no matter where you find yourself at the moment?

My personal tip: Try to find perspectives/ways that are most challenging your ego-comfort zone - Everything is Backwards...

All the best!


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