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Energy Training Live - ENERGETIC VISIONING: Navigating Inner Worlds

By jona bryndis, Dec 26 2017 09:00AM

This year we have added several new ‘Learn How to’ Energy Work transMISSION Intensives to help people learn how to read and manage their own energetic systems by using guided processes to sense your own body and energetic system in a new light.

The approach in these remote energy sessions is based on providing a guided training for our inner perception and sensory system to refine to a level on which we can feel more empowered to take charge and work our own energy system.

In addition to our popular “How to Read Your Own Energy” Energetic Perception Intensive we are releasing nine new energy work modalities. We started with the “How to Manage Our Energy” Energetic Groundwork Instensive, which was followed by “How to Protect Our Energy” Etheric Protection Intensive and now we are letting “How to Navigate Our Energy” Energetic Vision Intensive out.

All nine new modalities were introduced into our Energy Work Intensives and Training Session line up for in 2017 and represent our latest energy learning techniques.

In the “Learn to Navigate Your Energy” Energetic Vision Intensive, which consists of basic energetic navigation, maneuvering and visioning techniques, we can learn how to safely connect with our procognitive skills and higher inner guidance. It is instrumental for everyone who wants to access their visionary abilities!

These remote energy transmissions guide you through energetic processes that are designed to increase your overall ability to explore your inner and outer worlds of perception. For those who are interested in deeper self-exploration, visioning and healing work this can be a very effective way to train your ability to become familiar with higher states of consciousness and to learn how to navigate different dimensional levels of existence.

Navigating Your Energies




The work in each session of this intensive is designed to aid you in becoming familiar with you inner symbology, learn about basic inner coordinates, energetic realignment techniques, etheric protection and how to maneuver through your inner and outer world of perception.

While participating, you will also be able to practice how to feel emotional, mental and physical dissonances in your energy field and how to discern and work with them in a healthy stance.

The cost of this event is $200 (free for Heart Warriors and dsicounted for Sacred Self-Healing Members) and includes access to the transCODES Forum to ask questions, aid in reframing experiences and hear/share with other participants.

We are very excited to continue to add to the powerful techniques in this series as the experiences participants have had so far have been stunning.

Click here to learn more or sign up for our upcoming Energy Training Intensive

Hope to have you there!

Thank you,

Jeff Casper

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