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Energy Forecast 2017

By jona bryndis, Jan 20 2017 06:23AM

What a strange start into the New Year!

But come to think of it it's not surprising at all. We left 2016 with lots of unresolved issues and clear feeling that there is radical change ahead of us. So, this is what it feels like when ignored or procrastinated inner and outer conflicts backfire - no wonder!

As energetically sensitive persons our energy system is already dealing with the energetic residue of the topics that will have to be addressed this year – which, naturally makes many of us not all that excited about the New Year yet.

From a precognitive standpoint this year is really interesting. There are several possible timelines, all reaching far beyond this year. So, quite frankly the true nature of the challenge ahead of us will not be about the events themselves, but more so our choices and our ability to see beyond the immediate consequences each choice. Which timeline will come to play for the next 7 years and longer will very much depend on our consciousness level.

For example, there are very strong karmic collective patterns tied to this new year, which leads me to the conclusion that history will relentlessly repeat itself, if humanity will not reach the critical mass to shift the consciousness level of our timeline. The same applies to our personal patterns in life of course. So, this energy of 'change' is more or less the consequence of corrections that are needed to enter a brighter future than the current timeline we are on.

But to not make this forecast sound too gloomy, the cool thing about this is that we will have plenty of opportunity to transcend our pain of the past. This will drive us forward and help us to actively contribute to co-creating a new reality based on the truth in our hearts!

Truth and Faith seem to be the big topics this year - it will become very clear to everyone that our inner truth is not not congruent with the outer truth that is being portrayed - and so we will have no other choice than following our heart's guidance and act on our inner truth when needed.

In way this is a fortunate development for us energetically sensitives. We have years and decades of practice in dealing with dissolving inner and outer ego projections, and so for me the challenges ahead are something I am looking forward to, as it will support us in finally moving forward and presenting our true talents to this world - namely our ability to bypass the collective ego and trust in our inner higher power!

2017 is not going to be about what is happening, but how we will contextualize what happens!

Therefore, while I am going to share some of the energies a group of energetically sensitive transCODES audience members, energy coaches and myself have tapped into during the transition into the new year the main objective of this energy forecast is not to feed you with preconceived ideas or theories, but to motivate you to ask deeper questions:

How can we approach collective changes?

How can we process and deal with our intuition and energetic sensitivity?

How can we manifest our personal goals in the midst of changing conditions?

How can we better adjust to collective energies as energetically sensitive person?

The first impression of 2017 is that this year will be very busy and that there will be a lot of work ahead of us...

Alright then, let’s roll up our sleeves and take a look into the change that we have been waiting for!

It's pretty obvious to all of us that we will need to expect big changes this year. Most of us are at a point on our journey where the 'old ways' don't work anymore. Whatever the impasse is, the general solution will be the shifting our energy in order to get past them, rather than trying to plow through them. This is new to many of us, and so we will feel that the biggest change will come through changing our approach to life.

This year has fiery qualities, and it looks like that there will be huge amounts of energy available to us , but at the same time we need to be cautious and use them wisely, as they are still mostly generated from our Solar-Plexus. We need to be super aware of our energetic alignment, or else we won't be able to differentiate between power and force.

As I mentioned in an weekly energy update earlier, it is important to know our own ego triggers and how to discern between the agitated need for action, just for sake of doing something and getting relief from our frustration, or conscious application of our manifestation energies to the task ahead. Blind action, or paradigms based on 'the harder the better' or 'no pain no gain' will not serve us anymore.

Our new approach needs to come from a focus of our energies on 'being' rather than overactive 'doing'. There are so many surprises and outer distortions in store for us that it will be a lot wiser to focus on staying centered in the awareness of readiness - and basically to only to act if we get a clean inner 'go' signal.

If we are centered in our heart we will be able to trust that we'll get the right signal at the right time and place. In those moments it's imperative to listen to our inner guidance and act immediately!

Therefore, don't worry - but be ready!

The same applies to our entire collective. It is highly likely that we will continue to observe the revelation of long kept secrets, conspiracies, and deceptions - some of which will be so shocking that they will send huge ripples through the collective energy field. In fact this entire year feels like one big revelation!

With that said, there is also the danger of blindly following fake news, getting swept away by the hype of a massive awakening to truth and surgically placed pseudo whistle-blowers to undermine independent thinking. So, in order to weed through this jungle of continued half-truths and cover ups we will need our conscious discernment! My tip is to stay away from any news hype and to feel out the info that is coming forward based on our inner truth detector.

There will be issues with leadership and authorities that will shake our existing power structures - personally and collectively. For many of us this means that our unhealed relationship with inner and outer Masculine (Father) Energies will come forward as a theme for 2017. It will trigger our feeling of not being good enough, our performance and self-worth issues and will therefore require us to tap into the more balanced energy of the united and emancipated Feminine and Masculine.

Overall, the most critical times appear to be the end of January until beginning of February, the middle of April, and all August into September. In these months the energies feel very chaotic. Also, there is a tendency for collective energies to vibrationally go downward as the year progresses, so it will be difficult to not get pulled into reactivity in these times.

Remember to stay in your heart when outer energies are coming in like a sh*t-storm. Take your time to realign, before you react! The end of the year then feels a lot clearer than the beginning, so emotionally there seems to be relief and an attitude of new hope towards the following year.

Politically, we are looking at a lot of uncertainty and issues with leadership. I do not see a world-war, but many new (and unexpected) fires on the map for this year. Again, the main theme seems to be dealing with surprising new developments, so stay open, feel it our - just don't try to figure it out - chances are you only have access to a minute portion of what's really going on!

There are many indicators that we will make one or a series of very shocking discoveries this year that will force us to rethink our view on global politics all together. New leaders need to come forward. But unfortunately, the necessity to come closer as collective and to accept our global connectedness will not yet unfold this year, on the contrary! For the most part it feels like we will be able to observe a new wave of separatism, which is doomed to create more problems than solutions this year.

Economically, we will most likely be dealing with very volatile markets and an unexpected increase in cost for money (interest rates). There will be a call for alternative currencies and with that we will most likely see the long anticipated increase in silver and gold - but also water and oil prices. A financial crash is possible, especially around August.

Socially, we will need to expect lots of agitation, lack of trust, increasing unhappiness and aggravated release of anger. Uncertainty drives people into fear and searching for scapegoats - which binds them to their lower vibrational coping, shadow and addiction patterns - which leads to acting out.

There is a sense of new technologies becoming public this year. This may trigger new sensations in the entertainment industry, which typically thrives when citizens are unhappy. Expect break throughs in software and gaming industry (keyword Virtual Reality).

In the Science & Health sector it is possible that we will see even more surprising break-throughs; new materials, new cures, new inventions and perhaps even new resources - most of which appear to give us the feeling of progress, but may also turn out as deceptive distractions.

Romantically, the first half of the year is all about gaining clarity and renegotiating a new vision of our personal love lives. It will require us to let go of certain props and make us move out of our comfort zone - but only to strengthen our foundation in ur relationships. March could be a good time to meet someone new, or to rekindle our existing relationship - that is, if we can refrain from our old pattens and habits. Again, anything that is occurring as repeat will backfire directly this year. If we are not willing to change - change will come upon us!

However, March also feels like it will bring a big wave of disillusionment and grief over the past - we all will feel like we need to make a serious stance for ourselves and our freedom. It will force us to own all our parts enabling personal and collective patterns.

Another way, this may triggered is through sudden earth changes, unusual weather patterns, more and bigger earthquakes and increased solar activity.

Looking at 2017 as a whole, it will definitely challenge our boundaries - but it will also bring in the chance to create a new (positive momentum) for our self-actualization. Most of will feel this as relief, once we got through the remainders of our karmic ego attachments. If we can accept our ego as the limitation outer circumstances and collective energy bands will rarely affect us. This year teach us what it means to be of ego - but to not be caught in it.

Every 'crisis' will come with a beautiful opportunity to finally begin to manifest our true selves!

How to Approach 2017 Energies

Think about it, if we really knew what was ahead of us we would probably never even bother to get out of bed. On a long enough timeline of our lives though, we move forward and tend to grow and evolve regardless of knowing the future – that is if we can refrain from conclusions and anticipation without knowing the larger context.

What gives our experiences meaning is not what happens, but what we hold in mind about what is happening.

The problem for us energetically aware people is in the nature of our perception. We tend to pick up more easily on the elevated density of the human collective, rather than happiness, say. This tendency to receive information that links into our ego's fear of its own death is the number one problem in precognition. Without proper consciousness training and learning how to manage our ego, it is not advisable to to seek visions of the future, as they will inevitably distract us into the low vibrational energy that is attached to our ego's perception.

As long as we are attached to fear, the specialness of knowing or wanting to control the future we will gravitate to the low vibrational energy fields of our perceptive field. It isn't until we can let go of speculation, conspiracy, blame and guilt that our perception evolves from the perspective of the experiencer to the observer - or ideally 'witnesser.'

How to Contextualize 2017 With Our Personal Journey

Our collective is obviously going through the birthing pains of a larger context change - something most of us have been going through for many years already. We have a lot of stored pain there - mostly through feeling not compatible with the world around us. Therefore, we must acknowledge that our perception of the world around us is linked to our inner ego pain of feeling separated, unless we have decoded that connection is something that originates from within...

To a degree, due to our karmic set up many of us have been prompted to see ourselves slightly off-set from the human collective - to be of it but not in it. If we can understand how this life-long practice in 'being forced to be the observer' is actually a blessing in disguise, we can look into a bright and happy future, regardless of what the human collective still needs to go through.

So, receiving or looking at info that shows propensities for this change to happen doesn’t mean that we need to hunker down, on the contrary! When it comes to dealing with 2017 Energies we need to understand that what we are sensing is the collective's 'catching up' to the needed development of consciousness. All this means is that we can finally apply the deeper lessons of our personal journey in this (and probably many more) life-time.

In the larger context of meaning, purpose and karma we can observe that, for some reason unknown to us we have the ability to receive and 'metabolize' energies before they occur. Okay then, how can we apply our energetic sensitivity?

If we can remain disciplined and not hone in on premature interpretations, our energetic sensitivity can allow us to utilize collective changes as opportunity to manifest our True Being without having to know what’s coming. The PARADIGM CHANGE that is happening within and around us this year will finally begin to make sense - and lead us to finally appreciating our energetic sensitivity and its difficulties as a gift and not a burden!

But be cautious - being in a place of knowingness is not special either! Anybody who allows themselves to tap into their Divine Consciousness to become the navigator can observe and discern truth - simply because of the absence of their ego! We need to realize that trying to convince others of our perspective, opinion or perception of things is nothing but a variation of our ego, and thus binding us to our collective and personal karma!

The trick to successfully navigating our energy through 2017 energies is to liberate ourselves from the COLLECTIVE KARMA.

How to Consciously Manifest Higher Goals in 2017

The biggest challenge is not what is real or what should we do – but to synchronize our experience of reality with our hearts rather than our minds. As soon as we move out of the binds of Collective Karma we are free to transcend our Personal Karma and manifest our higher goals.

In order to overcome our ego’s reaction to our energetic perception and not to fall into the mental projection of the collective future, we will need to remind ourselves to stay PRESENT IN YOUR HEART at all times. Now, more than ever!

Our ego mind cannot help us with precognition when it occurs. Its apprehension to change and lower vibrational hard-wire into our autonomous nervous system automatically triggers our mind, body and emotion into fearing the future. Only our ability to connect with our Heart-Consciousness and the needed energy awareness and management t can allow us to choose how to contextualize what we experience.

It is the context in which we choose to see ourselves that determines whether we perceive our reality as frightening, challenging or exciting.

By focusing our energies on seeing the opportunity that arises out of seeing the larger context – and surrendering our perceptions to our True Self Consciousness we become able to not only navigate through this time of change with ease, but also to manifest a new reality free of the ego-drama of our personal karma.

Thank you for your time reading this forecast.


jona bryndis

ps. My special thanks to all who contributed to channeling 2017 energies during our 12 Days of Getting Through the Holidays Webcast series!

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