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Energetic Trauma Clearing: The Secret of not Retraumatizing Ourselves

By jona bryndis, Apr 25 2018 06:01AM

One of the major challenges in Trauma Clearing is the release of memory without retraumatizing ourselves. Energy work offers a gentle alternative as it allows us to become an active part in the self-healing process without having to relive the memory.

Our susceptibility and tendency to relive trauma through repeating triggers is often increased through our hidden ego payoffs. In honest contemplation we can investigate how potential victimization, specialness (feeling all alone and not seeking help), superiority, but also passive-aggressiveness, defensiveness, acting out as perpetrator, retaliation and other shadow traits are possibly linked to our traumas.

Trauma Clearing can help us to understand these connections and increase our compassion for these often hidden intertwined clusters of issues in life.

Healing trauma is currently subject to many research studies. There are many therapies that deal with healing trauma: Drugs, hypnosis, past-life regression, group therapy, talk therapy, etc. Energy work offers a gentle approach to clearing trauma, without re-traumatizing, which is important for reducing the load, not adding to it! The most effective way to dealing with severe trauma is a combination of different healing modalities as mentioned above.

The main aspect of energetic Trauma Clearing is the willingness to face the existence of our trauma load, not the trauma itself!

GRACE Trauma Clearing does not require you to relive your trauma memory. This is particularly important when dealing with severe trauma symptoms, such as PTSD or through life threatening experiences, as the access to the actual trauma is often blocked for protection, and therefore not to be unnecessarily reopened!

The GRACE Trauma Clearing and Recoding process

Energetically seen, it’s not us but our alignment to the vibratory increase of our expanded heart-field that has the power to recode all trauma memory and triggers (whether aware to us or not). This recoding process is done through our resonance with GRACE, our inner Christ-Light, during and after session.

If you would like to learn how to energetically clear trauma load and patterns, join our GRACE Trauma Clearing remote energy transMISSION today, 04/25/18 @2PM(MDT) .



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