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Energetic Sensitivity Can Lead To Healthier Choices

By jona bryndis, Jun 16 2017 05:01PM

Everyone has the ability to sense Energies - no matter what we understand as energies. The way this happens for us is spontanteous - we have subtle feelings, inner percetions, sudden visuals and of course physically sensations. More and more of us are becoming aware of this sense - yet we can't fully connect to it. Many of us perceive it as a burden or over-sensitivity, affecting our well-being, inhibiting our daily interactions, blocking us or even isolating us sometimes. However, our energetic sensitivity can be quite useful. Let's explore how we can apply our energetic senses in our practical lives...

We all know what it is like to be reactive, anxious, emotional, dramatic, or simply feeling off or energetically unbalanced. It is part of everyone’s life that comes up when our ego feels threatened, unsafe, or simply unsure of an outcome based on on the defensive patterns that we have developed to cope with these feelings.

And, if you take a moment to remember or feel back into the last time you became off/emotional, you may have also noticed how by allowing these emotionally charged states to take hold they become more powerful the longer we stay in them, dragging us down as they do.

To the unaware, the reactive state is resolved automatically through ego payoffs that make us perceive safety, superiority, or acceptance. And, if these are not met, victimhood or attack can come in with the hopes that we can establish feeling like one of these to hide, deny, repress or disassociate from the pain/fear that is coming in. More layers of the ego can come with this as the ego attempts to keep everything in control by shuffling through the variations of known programs hoping to dodge reality or feeling what is truly occurring.

For the more aware person, they are likely tired or unsure of how to proceed as they can sense the restriction occurring and even feel how this limits them. Frustration may abound in these individuals as they grow tired of the normal resistance patterns that are coming up as deep down something is telling them there is more and that no good can come from not changing.

This is where exercises on connecting/centering, perception and managing your energy can be beneficial as when we learn to connect within to sense when energetic restriction is occurring in our system, we can also learn to create space before taking action. The ability to create a space between stimulus and response is one of the most important processes to learn in personal growth work as allows us to have an opportunity to change.

By learning to sense when our energy is strong/expansive or weak/contractive, we move into a state of active and aware decision making. We can move out of the automatic ego defense mechanisms through a bit of courage and agreeing to trying new things to see what occurs. And, as we keep going, we will notice that there is more past our minds and emotions typically leading us down a more spiritual path.

As the work continues, a very apparent shift from contraction/restriction where our options slowly disappear into a more expansive or open state becomes obvious and allows us to feel out more options and even have spontaneous new ones pop in to try.

At first, this will likely be very challenging and will require a strong will and a courageous effort to keep facing or challenging the unknown. But with time, facing things will become a new way for us that eventually reaches the point of deep reframing where we actively go into any and all restriction as we have learned the freedom that comes with embracing and integrating these patterns.

So, be brave, learn ways to catch yourself or rebalance before your energy drops into reactively and emotional responses. Allow and accept and any and all that comes forward as you agree to face your coping and defensive nature as this practice will bring about tremendous changes as you do as it will lead to a truer you and a more aware lifestyle.

Thank you,


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