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Energy Healing & Remote Energy transMISSION Sessions explained

By jona bryndis, Aug 24 2017 05:00PM

There is a new type of Personal Consciousness Work emerging through our collective awakening process – Remote Energy transMISSIONS. It is not esoteric and yet includes the mystical aspects of our evolving consciousness. It can be applied by anyone and does not require metaphysical or spiritual knowledge. In short, this type of Energy Work is practical in nature and does not require affiliation with a particular belief, teaching or practice. Hence, it could be seen as non-denominational energetic ground-work, as it allows us to explore and apply the devloping new levels of our energetic perception regardless of our background or belief-system.

TransMISSIONS are remote energy sessions in which the frequency of our personal energy field is sped up to remove, heal or initiate inner processes that are blocking the optimal flow of energy in any area of our life. It opens the door to the deeper workings of our consciousness and teaches us to actively engage with our innate self-healing abilities to resolve persistent physical, mental and emotional problems no matter whether we are new to meditation or spiritual contemplation. They can provide the resource for learning personal energy management and dealing with energetic sensitivity.

Engaging in transMISSION work is like entering into a deeper level of consciousness without the use of psychoactive substances or following a particular spiritual practice. Without explaining in detail how remote energy healing works, picture these high frequency sessions like an amplified meditation session in which the trained energy coach sends out particular resonances to either an individual or a group of participants. Like a radio tower sending out healing frequencies, the coach forms an energetic field with the participant(s), which connects their etheric energies with another. The energy coach can track the energy field of each person and observes their inner energetic responses.

Within this observation process a change in the participating person is facilitated and sometimes, depending on the energetic need of a person or kind of transMISSION (e.g. Remote Clearing, Adjustment, Connecting or Integrating Session) also worked on. The energy work can be received in form of subtle inner processes, deep spiritual insights, emotional catharsis, intense visioning or physical sensations. The number and variety of responses depends on the person and the energetic code-work performed (also see personal energy coaching sessions.)

A good energy coach will teach you how to read your own energies and empower you become your own energy worker by applying the energy work of a session in your practical life. The interaction between coach and participant plays a big role in the transMISSION process and therefore often requires us to open up some of our personal barriers and trust issues. This in itself often already positively affects our ability to communicate and interact with others, but most importantly changes the way we perceive and communicate with ourselves. The emphasis of the energy work services offered through transCODES is on compassion and heart-felt neutrality.

The level of energy work that can be performed within remote energy sessions is limitless. Remote energy work offered through our trained energy coaches here at transCODES can address physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and purely energetic (etheric) blockages, imbalances, patterns, programs, ties to other people or even energetic implants. In session reports, articles, webinars and training courses we inform, educate, reflect and teach how to apply energetic healing processes. We regard self-healing through energy work as an ability that can be learned by anyone willing to enter his or her inner heart-connection. Therefore, a big part of our work is based on how to enter the power of our inner Divine connection without suggesting any particular belief or teaching.

A transMISSION session is typically 60 min long and can be booked as group or individual session. Before session coded instructions are sent out to the participant. Some transMISSIONS are guided, which means they come with a spoken mp3 sound file initiating and teaching particular energy processes. The main objective of transMISSIONS is to teach a person how to engage into their own energy process. Some sessions are more educational than others, for example our “Learn How to Read Your Energy” weekend intensives or Healing Circle Workshops.

Each transMISSION has a different ‘frequency’ and thus functions on a different level of our energy body. Often however, the boundaries between mental, emotional, spiritual, physical or behavioral patterns are so interconnected that one healing resonance can trigger multiple aspects and show us how they are linked. Here a few examples for the different kind of transMISSION processes offered through transCODES:

Karmic Relationship Clearing


Connecting with Divine Masculine & Feminine Energies

Connecting With Our Sacred Heart


Inner Child Integration

Karmic Family Clearing

Etheric Protection & Shielding

Energy Training

Energetic Navigation & Perception

Chakra Clearing

GRACE Integrity® (by P.St.Clair)

Trauma Clearing

Recovery & Addition Work

Heart-Based Manifestation



TwinSoul Reunification

Spiritual Redemption Work

Gaia Sophia Deeper Metaphysical Uncovering

Our energy coaches see those healing frequencies as energy codes and work them like a software programmer would, except that we include our own perception of subtle energies through our heart, which makes the entire transMISSION process a subjective experience for both, the energy coach and participant. Different from say western medicine practices, in energy work the interaction on our personal level is an important part of the healing process. Subjectivity enhances the personal experience and teaches us how to deal with the deeper aspects of our energy body through addressing our subjective perception.

The goal for each participant of a transMISSION is to build an inner lexicon of inner sensations over time and thus to improve his/her energetic perception. After attending three sessions of the same transMISSION future participation in this modality is free and encouraged (does not apply to energetic clearing and adjustment sessions or individual transMISSIONS, which include personal energy coaching). This way you can apply, readjust and rebalance your personal experiences through ongoing inner consciousness work without restriction.

The objective of each session is to internalize the inner working of the healing frequency transmitted and to observe how it plays out and actualizes in our practical life. After a session our energy coaches provide email support and forum coaching, which further enhances inner reflection and recontextualization.

The facilitated introspection through transMISSIONS often provides very deep insights into our personal psycho-emotional patterns and etheric programs. It confronts us with the hidden and often darker parts of our ego-personality, which allows us to heal and reintegrate our wounded inner aspects. For many participants, this kind of inner work marks the beginning of a new way of perceiving themselves, accessing their inner guidance and actively manifesting their true potential.

Participating in transMISSIONS as energetic ground-work modality can initate a life-changing learning process of actively reading and working your own energies (and later of others) and facilitate the manifestation of an entire New Reality of being. After initial experiences with transMISSION work many participants join our ongoing interactive 24-Step Sacred Self-Healing E-Course, which supports and intensifies the connection with inner self-healing abilities through self-study and webinar meetings.

Needless to point out that this kind of often-intense inner work doesn’t appeal to everyone. It is definitely not interesting to us if we prefer to stay within the bounds of our mind and the secret payoff our ego gains from opinions and the importance of our emotions. Consciousness Work requires us to enter our heart-field and to overcome the conditioned programming of our ego-mind, It challenges everything we ever thought! However, if you are already sensing a shift within your perception and feel the need to change the way you are dealing with every-day issues, you may resonate with this information.

For those of you who feel the calling to delve into their inner worlds of perception and outer manifestations of energetic reality, we've created a 90-Day Boot-Camp program for individuals, companies and couples called 'Heart Warrior'. If this speaks to you click here for more info.

If you are not afraid of investigating your ego’s mental loopings and emotional wrap-arounds; if you are curious and want to work with the microcosm of your consciousness; if you are already dealing with energetic sensations you can’t explain or have no one to talk to, come to our monthly free transMISSION session called “Connect with your True Self’ and allow the deeper work to begin! Your inner guidance will show you were to go next!

Thank you for your time!

With Love,

Jona Bryndis

Founder and Energy Coach at transCODES


Stay tuned for our Weekly Energy Updates to check on collective energies and energy tips how to change your inner conditions!

Check out and subscribe to our weekly energy update videos on our Youtube Channel here and come to our facebook page for live energy updates and Q&A every Thursday at 2PM (US Denver Time).


About transCODES

transCODES offers a service and online community platform for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of heart connection, heightened energetic perception, spiritual self-awareness and sacred self-healing. Our trained energy workers provide hands-on education, guidance and energy coaching/healing services for energetically sensitive persons and anyone who feels prompted to engage in active consciousness work and integrative self-mastery. transCODES energy work is non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

In remote energy session, guided meditation work, group coaching work and personal energy coaching sessions we offer hands-on support and practical guidance to those on their journey of personal growth, spiritual maturity and manifestation of higher goals. This includes energetic clearing work, karma, trauma, inner child, recovery, shadow, manifestation and spiritual integration. Our work is often perceived as highly challenging as it addresses our deeply conditioned and programmed ego attachments, which is exactly what allows a person to grow beyond their own limitations.

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