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Energetic Effects of Long Term Marijuana Consumption

By jona bryndis, Jan 9 2017 12:00AM

During the one of our recent online Sacred Self-Healing Meetings Jeff and I were asked about our thoughts on how Marijuana affects a person's energy field?


From our perspective the energetic effects on our energy system through long term use of THC (the active ingredient in Marijuana and related products) tends to rip etheric holes into a person's energy field, which can drastically decrease a person’s etheric immune system, create paranoia, overall impairment of neuro-plasticity and other mental/emotional imbalances; we therefore do not recommend its use, especially not for energetically sensitives and empaths.

An energetically sensitive person already has to deal with the heightened load of feeling/seeing other people's and collective energies - THC adds stress to our energy system. We understand the attraction, as it can feel like a reprive in the moment, but the openend channels can lead to extreme overload of energetic perceptions and uncontrollable attachments to inner hell-worlds.

In our experience as energy healers with the emphasis on helping energetically sensitives and empaths these negative effects on a person’s etheric energy field can be cleared and healed over time, but it can take quite a bit of effort to do so.

Energetically, it may create the illusion of relaxation, but it lacks grounding and also opens up our crown chakra for fantasizing and hallucinating (which is not the same as visioning or lucid dreaming). Energetically sensitive persons often feel attracted to THC because it seems to numb down undifferentiated/unwanted perception of outer energies, however at the same time it opens up channels for lower astral energies. In other words, on the long run it can create more harm than good.

There is no question about some of Marijuana's medicinal benefits. Research in regards to pain-management, accompanying cancer therapy or as anti-depressant are clearly showing that this plant medicine can be a good alternative to synthesized drugs. In those cases the positive effects may outweigh the negative effects, but again, only if used for temporary therapy.

Just like nicotine or alcohol, which can also has positive effects on some levels of our energetic systems the negative effects of long-term use on our lungs, liver, brain, overall toxic load and free radical bombardment typically outweigh those. So, in essence seen from a holistic viewpoint, modalitites that can activate, balance and clear our energy flow, and thus increase our etheric as well as physical immune system, seem to be better long-term solutions for alternatives or supplementation to drugs.

Right now, the push for legalizing Marijuana in the United States has lead to a single-sided publication of research only showing the positive effects. Yes, there are positive effects, but there are also many negative. For your personal evaluation, consider the use of THC as a compromise, which may compromise your energy field, etheric immune system and neurologic balance over time.

If you are working on your hidden inner aspects, the ground-work for spiritually evolving, Marijuana is not recommended as a tool for gaining deeper insights or experiencing spiritual connection, either. The whole point of building spiritual intelligence is to let go and surrender our attachments. Any form of externalization of our inner ability to connect within is an ego-illusion.

The deepest and most life-altering inner experiences can and should be obtained in a sober state. This doesn’t mean that all plant medicines are harmful. Some plant medicines, such as DMT containing plants (e.g.Ayahuasca) can indeed accelerate a person’s energetic vibratory rate and lead to important shifts in consciousness or even changes in life, but are still not recommended for long term use.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a legal or moral discussion. It's about empiric and visible effects of Marijuana on people's energy fields. Whether or not you choose to consume this or any other substance/plant medicine is totally up to your choice and subject to your personal evaluation!

Please read more about attachments and other energetic dangers in the ETHERIC PROTECTION SERIES.

As for handling inner conflicts possibly arising through choosing to continue THC use, here my personal answer to a concerned course participant after the online meeting:

Dear M.,

No need to beat yourself up!

There are many things that can tear holes into people's etheric fields...and worse. Inner Child, Trauma, Ego-Specialness, just to name a few, so the whole deal about raising our vibratory rate is about reducing our energetic toxic load and increasing our etheric immune system altogether.

There will always be things we like doing/eating/ingesting that are not 100% good for us and we still do them even though we need to compensate for them. THC is stored in fat tissue so increasing water intake only helps to dilute your urine concentration but not the reduce or clear the cellular built-up in fat and brain tissue. Fat burning exercises definitely help to reduce THC built-up in body cells if a person chooses to consume THC, but in general it takes many years for the built up to be completely metabolized.

However, the main thing is not allow these 'compromises' to further increase negative self-talk, as this can create energetic schisms and fragmentation. If you do it, do it consciously and own it. Therefore, concerns are okay, but fears in regards to your journey and etheric system are counterproductive. Pott has an effect on energetically sensitive people, and yes, oftentimes people use Marijuana because they are energetically sensitive (to numb energetic perception down), but this works only temporary.

If it impedes you (job wise, family wise, relationship wise) consider if it's worth it. If you are okay with the knowing that you are possibly attracting astral energies, take extra precautions, such as avoiding social pott smoking for example (where all the people's energetic gunk is flying around like crazy).

Listen to your inner prompting...you will know when/if it's time to quit. Just watch your inner dialogue. If you need to justify, defend or deny in front of yourself it can impact your journey more than the physical and energetic built up of THC.

Hope this helps.

(Sacred Self-Healing E-Course participants can request the full length 8min recording of this conversation please email me at [email protected])



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