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ENERGY UPDATE 23rd Feb-1st March 2019 (Week 9): TRUE IDENTITY?

By jona bryndis, Mar 1 2019 03:36PM

Energy Update

23rd February -1 1st March 2019 (Week 9):


By jona bryndis, 21nd February 2019

Watch Energy Update Video Here

Collective Energies Next Week


Hi Everybody,

I hope you got through the Full Moon week alright. It was pretty dense here for me personally - physically and etherically. I almost sent out an Etheric Buzz Alert...

Anyway, this is all cooling down now. Preparing for next week's energies as explained in the video we will need to tend to our TRUE SELF IDENTITY and take a deeper look into our personal CONGRUENCE. This sounds dramatic, but can be very healing. As so many times it's really just about COMMUNICATING WITH OURSELVES and allowing all to be shown.

These moments when we didn't want to listen to our INNER PROMPTING, or when we feel we are not 'in the right state' - those we need to pay attention to. What are we trying to hide from ourselves? If we neglect our inner signals, especially our intuition and gut feeling, we usually end up dealing with pretty hefty backlashes later.

Why not just look at it for what it is?

You are not alone in this! Whatever is holding you back or what you don't want to face is there for a reason. This next week is all about REBIRTHING YOUR TRUE IDENTITY. There is no need to feel you are not good enough or don't deserve the VALIDATION! If you are not giving it to yourself, who else will? Your partner, your kids your work? This is what causes us to have these unrealistic expectations I mentioned in the video! For as long we we EXTERNALIZE OUR POWER, be it through our doing or how well we perform, we are still in our FALSE SELF IDENTITY!

You came here to evolve as a HUMAN BEING and not HUMAN DOING!

Your True Identity is not linked to doing, performing or deserving!!!!!

Your story, your identity, your fulfillment is determined by your every day choices! If you feel you don't have a choice (which is very often the way we perceive our life's story) it means that there is something you can't or won't look at. Sometimes we are simply not ready to face our CHILDHOOD WOUNDS, but sometimes we can clearly feel them and know where they are from. This is when we need to pay attention! If we don't make different choices, we will end up getting the same results!

Choices are determined by our values and integrity that defines us - short our ALIGNMENT. Decisions are choices that come with setting and enforcing your boundaries - or else we are not acting congruent. The more congruent the boundaries we have the more connected we become - the more choices we have!

Your connection with yourself starts with your physical - your sensations, your emotions, feelings and intuition. Together they help you to navigate and make HEALTHY CHOICES.

A healthy choice is a choice that expresses SELF LOVE!

Please watch the video if you want to become more aware of what can lead to these colliding realities in us, and how you can approach your SACRED process of becoming THE BEST YOU CAN BE, without losing your TRUE SELF IDENTITY.

Thank you for your time!



PS. Please remember that we have our monthly [FREE[ CONNECT WITH YOUR TRUE SELF Session this Saturday, 23rd February 2019 @9PM EST

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