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By jona bryndis, Jul 16 2018 10:09PM


Monthly Unlimited Remote Energy Training Sessions & Workshops

Due to popular demand we have now opened our public remote energy healing & training sessions for a monthly (30 day) membership with unlimited participation for those who are interested in deepening or kick-starting their personal journey of Self-Healing and Self-Mastery.

This enhanced way of deep healing can aid you to:

Tap into More Abunance In Your Life

Show You How to Self Heal Physical and Emotional Imbalances

Develop a More Accurate Discernment of Energies

Activate Your Heart Alignment

Open Up Your Personal Visioning & Precognition

Show You Ways to Better Connect With Self & Others

Help to Overcome Trauma, Depression and Anxiety

Teach You How to Clear Your Energies

Allow You to Reconcile With Blocked & Hidden Aspects

Train Your Etheric Protection & Shielding

Guide You to Better Integrate Your Spiritual & Empathetic Guidance Into Your Practical Life

Increase Your Overall Energy Level & Decrease Stress

Remote Energy Sessions combine latest energy work and mindfulness techniques into a first-hand self healing experience. Through merging and applying deep meditation, energy work education and remote energy distance healing/reading of your personal energy field during a session (done by our training Energy Coaches) a person can gain a new level of guidance for their personal journey.

The Energy Training Club allows a person to experience and train his/her own energies in continual ongoing energy sessions & workshops. It alllows for a the perfect transition from learning how to meditate to actively experiencing self healing in motion - ultimately leading to implementing spiritual or energetic insights into our practical lives. You will have the opportunity to choose from (on average) 20 different remote energy sessions and 1 or 2 workshops every month.

Energy Training & Management is highly transformative even for the unexperienced meditator or practitioner. There are no prerequisites. Monthly memberships begin on the day of signing up and end after 30 days. There is no obligation to continue. For membership renewal or yearly membership upgrades use the links in the pull-down menu.

The Energy Training Club is highly recommendable for service professionals (tax deducible), practitioners, life coaches, and therapists. (A yearly membership also provides all prerequisites for our Certified transCOACH Energy Coach Training Program)

Monthly Membership Fee $299 includes (valid for 30 days from sign-up date):

- Free Unlimited Participation in ALL Remote Energy Training & Healing transMISSIONS

(inc. monthly Energetic Adjustment Sessions, Marathons and Intensives)

- Free Participation in all Remote Healing and Self-Healing Workshops

- Free Participation in monthly CURRENT ENERGIES FORCAST webinar

- Free Energy Coaching in transMISSION Forum

- Free transCODES Journal Notebook & Laminated Chakra Charts

Discount for Sacred Self-Healing Members $249 Monthly Memberships

(there is no discount for yearly memberships)

To sign up for this unique training program go here.

New transMISSION calenders are posted in the last week of each month.

We recommend energy training sessions for anyone on a conscious self healing journey! This membership is available for anyone who wants to kick-start or deepen his or her inner experience.

Personal Energy Coaching Sessions, Energy Clearing Sessions and products (MP3 Tools, Videos, Sacred Self-Healing Program and Tickets) are NOT included in the Energy Training Membership.

transCODES offers a variety of energy coaching and healing modalitites. If you are interested in learning more about our different energy work services go to:

For more info on our energy sessions click here.

For more info on our 24 STEPSelf-Healing Program click here.

For more info on energy coaching sessions click here.

For more info on our 90-Day Heart-Warrior Boot-Camp click here.

Email me at jon[email protected] if you want to book an initial FREE Energy coaching Consultation

Click here to subscribe to our Weekly Energy Update & Digest, visit our facebook or subscribe to our youtube channel for weekly live energy updates here.

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