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EMPATH WEEKLY 24th-30th November 2018 Energy Update (Week 48): SUPER POWER TRUTH

By elecia, Nov 30 2018 01:30AM

Energy Update

24th-30th November 2018

Week 48

By jona bryndis, November 25 2018

Watch The Video For Week 48 here

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Dear All,

Looking forward to getting a break from all this doom and gloom? Next week will be perceived lighter and more optimistic. You may still feel the weight of last week, but with the waning full moon the worst is over with!

As empaths, more than others we often feel that the information we are receiving through our mind is not matching up with the information we are feeling deep within. Most of this info is not true. DISCERNING TRUTH is one of our Super Powers, but we need to learn how to connect with it. AND WE NEED TO DO IT IMMEDIATELY! Don't wait for something to happen! COMMIT TO YOUR TRUE SELF right now and consider spending some time without external BOMBARDMENT! (Consider joining us for our FREE Energy Healing & Training Session "Connect With Your True Self" Sunday night 25th November 2018 @10PM (EST) - click here for registration)

One of the main reasons for not having a clear vision of our future and with it this gloomy feeling is that most of us cannot trust in our inner voice. There is too much mind chatter going on. We hear our inner critic or past parental advice reminding us on playing things safe, and if not that, we worry about how others see our choices. Next week is a great time to GROW BEYOND that! We receive inner messages, notice synchronicities and have gut feelings about certain questions, but we are never sure if it's perhaps just our ego mind making this up. In addition, our perception of ourselves is often contaminated by UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS and BIASED NEWS/SOCIAL MEDA MESSAGES. Therefore, the more frustration creeps in when things don’t work out the way we projected it.

The number one reason why we cannot, is because we we don’t trust in our ability to see into our future. Instead of learning to clear the clouds that block us from connecting with our own precognition we seek outside to give us the edge of knowing where our life is headed, and thus constantly leaning forward and searching for external answers, approval or confirmation.

Unfortunately, this is exactly why we cannot see into our own future and why we feel so anxious about it.

In my experience in working as an energy healer and coach the main reason for this confusion is the lack of inner clarity and focus on exploring our True Self. Up until twenty years ago I used to read cards for clients, only to find out that the skill to link into our own future is a much more efficient way to be of service to people. In times of rapid transformation and increasing SPIRITUAL AWAKENING it's so much more efficient to learn how to read our own energy than allow external sources to tell us what life has in store for us.

True Inner Guidance isn't the same as a prediction.

See, a prediction can only tell you how likely you are going to do/decide or experience something regardless of whether this is good or bad for you. If you are in touch with True Self, your Higher Self will guide you to experience what allows you to grow beyond your limitations. In other words, what improves and rarifies your choices and manifestations.

Purpose and Truth are inseparable. The main task is to learn how to discern what is true to you and what isn't. Inner guidance teaches us become more CONGRUENT and thus better filter out ego-stuff that isn't beneficial for us. It shows us ways to become more centered and confident with ourselves and therefore helps to eliminate choices that aren't advantageous for our path.

There is no vision without clarity about who we truly are – and no clarity without being able to feel truth from within. Our journey is not about accumulating more but shedding what's in way from recognizing what we truly need.

By learning and experiencing how to better connect with our Heart we build a bridge between our inner and outer vision - between our True and Ego Self. We open the gate to our inner microcosms that directly links us to the eternal Divine Power that flows through us.

Once we are not afraid, or too distracted of going there anymore - and once we can allow ourselves to REFLECT IN STILLNESS WITHOUT SEEING IT AS DEPRESSION - we will be reminded of our true divine nature and feel our True Self consciousness emanating through us at all times. We are aligned our to our inner truth and become able observe our ego, mind, body, emotions and even energies. This allows us see through the layers of ego illusion and into a MORE POSITIVE FUTURE. We can rest in our heart and consciously witness our own journey as co-creator of our life.

In the energy update video above I talk in depth about DEPRESSION; what triggers it and how to get over it without shutting down our perceptivity altogether. If you are struggling with depression or would like to know more about the energetic aspects please also read this new article: Self-Healing Depression (originally published at www.basmati.com, a recommendable site for empath articles & products) or contact me directly at [email protected]

For more info, energy tips and supporting articles join our PATREON channel or participate in our ongoing energy training & healing sessions or programs.

All the best!

Much Love,


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