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EMPATH WEEKLY 10-16th November 2018 Energy Update: NEW NORMAL

By elecia, Nov 8 2018 11:00AM

Energy Update

10th-16th November 2018

Week 46

By jona bryndis, November 8 2018

Watch The Video For Week 46 here

Collective Energies


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Dear All,

Enjoy this week in which POSITIVE CONNECTION and the WILLINGNESS TO DISRUPT OLD (UNHEALTHY) PATTERNS behind. There is something very fortunate about the next week - so act on your inner guidance! You will feel a cool sensitivity towards energies!

In the video (sorry for the poor audio quality) I describe the different aspects involved, particularly in regards to INNER PERCEPTION.

Reading and working with inner and outer energies can be learned by anyone! Sadly, we have been programmed to disregard or even shut down our inner energetic sensitivity and thus never learned how to develop our inner perception as child. If we did we all would be familiar with our inner energetic compass and knew how to listen and follow our energetic perception.

We all have the ability to sense when things are off or in line. In Energy Work we call these sensations Dissonances and Resonances - energies that are in line with our inner energetic frequency or in opposition. For most of us it’s the easiest to make out dissonances. Something doesn’t feel right and an inner subtle voice tells us to refrain from it. It is a very basic but also very important sense and integral part of our innate survival system. If we are not already familiar with our inner lexicon of energetic signals, we typically disregard this inner prompting only to find out later, that we already ‘knew’ it wasn’t the right decision for us.

Also, the application of energy work is not limited to advanced energy healing. One of the most common uses of energy work is in daily decision-making, relationship issues, inner/outer communication and general well-being through improved personal energy management.

For the intermediate energy worker knowing his/her inner lexicon of signals and learning about the mechanics and terminology of our energy body can be very life enhancing. With the developing awareness of inner energies it can help to guide us in manifestation, spiritual and overall consciousness work. Advanced energy workers can use their inner knowing and ability to sense inner and outer energies before they manifest. They can learn how to use their perception for healing, protection and even extra-sensory applications.

Developing a LEXICON OF INNER SENSATIONS takes a bit of practice and cannot easily be compared or assessed. The reason why energy work or the discipline of energy reading and balancing is not yet part of our daily tool-set is because there are not enough teachers who understand the qualitative paradigm of inner alignment. Subjectivity cannot be taught through objectivity. It requires the student to trust in his or her inner connection, which is something that we have been conditioned NOT to do since early childhood!

Energy does not feel same for everyone and thus needs to be experienced to be learned! There is no right or wrong. All that matters is our ability to detach from our ego and rely on our inner alignment to our heart's intelligence. Therefore, what is right for you may not be right for me!

Each and every one of us has a different way of perceiving and processing inner signals in the beginning; for some it’s easier to connect with their physical energies, others are more visually inclined and for most of us it’s just a feeling. This is why I recommend working with our physical energy centers – our Chakras at first.

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All the best!

Much Love,


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If you would like to know how this translates into the different areas of our EMPATH LIFE and what you can do to better manage your energy see our PATREON CHANNEL for preferred content.

Have a great week!



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