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Dealing with Energetic Shifts & Overcoming Deep Inner Blocks stored in our Etheric DNA

By jona bryndis, May 16 2018 09:59PM

In times of elevated collective or planetary influx of transformational energies, which are often induced through shifts and changes in the electro-magnetic grid but also the collective energetic matrix. For energetically sensitives and empaths this is nothing new. We typically sense those shifts before they manifest into our 3D lives. However, due to our ego’s blindspots and unhealed inner aspects we tend to forget the purpose of our energetic sensitivity. Regardless of how much we’ve read or know about energies in times of outer change our inner knowing goes out the window. As our energetic triggers are amplified we slip back into the collective fear of the unknown and succumb to predisposed ego patterns.

This can affect our inner balance and wellbeing on all levels. But most and foremost increased energetic intensity can trigger and lead to resurfacing of symptoms of emotional, mental, physical or etheric blocks.

Here a few examples for what Etheric/Energetic Shifts can trigger:

Inability to feel oneself or Disconnection within and others

Inability to connect with physical body

Inability to function physically; physical ailments and chronic disorders

Sudden or frequent sadness or heaviness (suicidal thoughts)

Sudden physical sensations, such as nausea or headache

Sudden tension in back of neck/base of skull

Sudden tiredness or ongoing fatigue

Sudden agitation, hyperactivity and burn out

Sudden fear, anger, guilt or grief

Feeling ugly within, inner disdain

Feeling lack on all levels

Feeling unsafe, unwanted and not belonging

Feeling attacked, watched, stalked or hostility (‘The world is out to get me’)

Strong Energetic Sensations, such as buzzing & vibrating


Regardless of whether these unexpected sensations were triggered by current collective energies (read weekly energy reports here), inner shifts (Trauma, Shadow-Traits, Inner Child Wounds or Karmic Aspects) or outer circumstantial factors (loss of a job, divorce, diagnosis of disease) the way we perceive them is determined by our energetic state, mental judgment and inner resistance to what we are experiencing.

Outer shifts always affect inner shifts - and vice versa! It doesn’t matter what was there first!

Whether we see a flaring up of physical or emotional symptoms, a shift in our relationship or job or world changes as positive and growth opportunity or ’bad luck’ depends on our level of consciousness. Even if we are consciously working on transcending what is holding us back, in times of elevated collective transformation energies old ‘stuff’ we thought were already integrated tends to pop up again.

The phenomenon of being thrown back by energetic shifts is very common for empaths and energetically sensitives! It doesn’t mean that you are ‘not good enough’ or that you are too sensitive - it simply means that you are experiencing the nature of your blindspots - like everybody else. The only difference is, is that you are feeling this before the actual change is happening. If you can see this as an opportunity to connect, clear, correct and integrate - to ACTIVELY TUNE IN AND MAKE CHANGES - then you are beginning to understand the blessing of being an empath!

The final transcendence of energetic triggers and blocks requires full acceptance that we are human and that there is no such state in which we are fully immune against outer energies latching on or triggering our personal unresolved and often karmic propensities. The ‘collective’ is called collective for a reason. As humans we all share the same human collective Etheric DNA that predisposes us for the collective ego experience. Only if we fully accept that our perception is intrinsically flawed through our ego, we can work on letting go of the collective karmic experience that comes with it.

The healing path and ultimately the way to overcome predisposed etheric programs is through connecting and supporting our energetic system to overwrite such etheric blocks. For this we need to accept that we are energetic beings having an experience in a human body. Without allowing ourselves to connect with our spiritual /energetic being and with it the unseen aspects of our life’s journey transcending etheric blocks is not possible.

We are not doomed to the collective ego experience! We came here with the ability to outvibrate our ego. If this wasn’t the case we couldn’t observe our ego! Our consciousness is the part in us that CAN observe our ego - therefore it can also CHANGE it!

In the practical this means we need to learn how to identify and Integrate our core wounds. Like an Etheric DNA they weave through our life’s experience like a golden thread. The are not the cause, but the manifestation of our etheric blocks! All wounds are karmically linked to our ETHERIC BODY, the part in us that carries our holographic energy signature (karmic task) to replicate its memory into our 3D experience, so that we can have the opportunity to live our higher purpose. Without accepting that there are aspects that we cannot address or understand with our human mind we can hardly resolve/fulfill our purpose.

Deeply seated inner blocks can only be addressed by following the inner prompting to include our spiritual and thus energetic perception - by utilizing our Energetic Sensitivity!

Don’t be afraid of the unseen! We all have the ability to outvibrate energetic blocks! Everybody can learn to tap into the info stored in their etheric body, provided they can allow themselves to accept that there is something beyond their ego!

Thank you for your time!



Energy Healer & founder of transCODES

transCODES is dedicated in training anyone interested in deeper energy work and self-healing modalities. If this resonates with you check out our monthly Energetic Adjustment Session or even our personalized Heart Warrior Program specifically designed for empaths and energetically sensitives. In a 90 Day Self-Mastery boot camp we teach you how to access, heal and rewrite your personal etheric information.

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