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Dealing With Chaotic Energies & Still Manifesting Happiness

By jona bryndis, Aug 3 2017 10:00AM

Once more many of us feel like at the beginning of a powerful inner and outer transformation. With the approach and continually increasing chaotic energies it feels like we are simultanously caught in repeats of the past and fears of an uncertain future - like caught between two separate worlds...

From an energetic point of view, we are at the zero-point between letting go of the old and entering a new paradigm - A New Paradigm Of Being And Living. Humanity is about to hit the reset button, and we feel like powerless bystanders. How can we become a more active participant in this Global Awakening Process, and consciously adapt to a new reality without succumbing to our natural fears or resistance to change?

Soon, all this will manifest into a new reality, economically, ecologically and politically - for some into more conducive and for others more restrictive reality. But until then, what can we do to prepare for this shift and what how can we learn how to manage our energies better and hold our inner space, so we don't get swept away by outer events and still manifest happiness?

The truth is, we always have the opportunity to tap into our higher transformation, manifestation and creation powers no matter what the circumstances. They reside in the eternity of every single moment - right here, right now! But when faced with the harsh reality of having to let go of our comfort zone, these words don't mean anything to us. It's just 'another spiritual fluff-ball' that doesn't help a bit! So, how can we bridge this gap between our higher knowing and practical necessities?

The practical knowledge of how to hold and work this creative zero-field 'The Field of All Possibilities' is not something we learn in school; in fact we cannot really learn it from reading articles like this or studying the ancient masters, either! They all say something similar, but when faced with the immediacy of a present moment we often opt for the most secure/familar same old. Instead of embracing change as new learning experience and opportunity to unfold our highest potential, we find ourselves held back in the pain of the past and fear of future. I cannot answer these questions for you, but I can see openings here and there that may help to break through what is keeping us in our old patterns.

Here a few suggestions on how to tap into the deeper wisdom of ALL TIMES ARE NOW - ALL PLACES ARE HERE:

1. Be Present

Right now is an important time! And more than ever before, it's imperative to be fully here - to be fully present! Why? Because we are at a moment global zero point! It is in this moment, where we cannot only witness the development of new parameters and values, that can/will drastically influence our collective future, but also where we can shift the way we perceive our experience. The best way to utilize this event horizon is by allowing our energy to fully align to the abundance and potential of this present time in history.

Time is a merely mental construct - a collective agreement for measuring time. It binds us to our mortality and restricts our perception and limits our perspective. It makes us look at the present as something we want to get over with, so it takes a little discipline and deeper understanding to realize that our future is determined in the now and not in the future!

Our developing energetic sensitivity prompts us to stand still more often and to take an inventory, to rather look at our energetic input and output than accomplishments, and to assess where we are at rather than where we want to be instead. For many this brings in a new paradigm of being. We are beginning to understand that the future is pulling us forward, and that our collectively conditioned program to focus on the future, to set goals and make plans is nothing but a distraction mechanism! It promotes fears, expectations, and fantasizing, and prevents us from freely exploring the silent power of our higher vibrational Heart-Consciousness, that can discern the highest potential in a given moment!

We all have the same goals - we want to feel happy, healthy, free, abundant, loved and fulfilled. Have you ever asked yourself why so few ever get there? Why is it so difficult to reach our goals? What if we stop seeing our life's manifestations as luck, fate or conspiracy of circumstances and realize that we can be an active participant in our manifestation process?!

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2. Shift Your Approach!

When it comes to the manifestation of our goals we look ahead and hope for a better or improved outcome. However, being caught in the complex web of our inner mental and emotional constructs of the past, such as expectations, judgments and pain memory, we often forget that the essence of our manifestation process is not about the outcome itself, but about finding new ways to achieve our highest potential. Most of us, if directly asked, don't even know what our true goals or heart's desires are. We follow the pack and believe in goals that often don't even align with who we truel are. We think we have to be 'somebody' and unconsciously set goals that are completely incongruent with what we truly want!

Finances, health, relationship status, personal entertainment, etc. can be measured. It's relatively easy to make plans and set goals for these outer goals. But, on the deeper level, our manifestation success expresses through our overall happiness, social, emotional and spiritual abundance and not the gratification through outer approval. Granted, most of us have issues with feeling accepted and belonging, but this is exactly why we have such struggles manifesting true happiness!

The problem with these inner goals is that they don't mean anything in our today's societal standards.How does one measure inner peace, self-love, happiness, respect, gratitude or spiritual freedom?

To find answers, it can be helpful to look at nature. How does nature measure success or improvement? It doesn't! It prefers evolution and promotes expansion. In nature, the optimal state is balance and flow. Plants, animals, landscapes flourish when the outer conditions are conducive, life supporting and the inner conditions are pure and open to the flow of energy.

Energy work regards manifestation as the actualization of an optimal flow of energy, in balance with its surroundings and pure of intention.

If we apply what we can learn from nature to our personal manifestation process, we will notice that we are never really in a state of 'optimal flow of energy'. On the contrary, the reality of our circumstances is that we have a hard time feeling ourselves and that we are mostly surrounded by life-negating and energy-draining inner and outer energies. We are so afraid of making mistakes, missing the train or not being good enough that we are unable to focus on what we truly need or want. It is therefore not important what we think we want to manifest but to feel into what we are energizing on a daily level!

In essence, before we can begin to energize a particular goal we need to shift our focus from WHAT to HOW. How do we want to manifest our future? Through being in a constant state of struggle and resistance or with ease and joy?! Which approach do you think will make you happier?

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3. Learn How to Bypass Your Ego!

The reason why we are barely ever in balance with our surroundings and practically never in a state of optimal flow is a built-in self-sabotage mechanism called ego. While it's purpose is to secure our survival, it is not respnsible for making us happy. It's neurological and energetic survival programs can overwrite our intentions and overpower our reactions. Rightly so, as per design its program is to control, maintain, dominate, preserve, gain an advantage, seek safety in the familiar and avoid the unknown - all of which lead to a contraction and thus depeletion of our energy.

If we want to excel in chaotic times we need to learn how to bypass its primitive functions, and seek the power to seize the moment through our higher vibratory guidance and abilities, that can not only safely navigate us through the roughness of outer chaos, but also provide us with the necessary energy to seeing the opportunity in every challenge!

Our ego's purpose is to secure our survival, not our happiness!

However, in order to resolve this inner conflict between staying safe and being happy we can't simply remove our ego out of the equation - most of us have already realized this by now! What we CAN do, to prepare for this new way living is to practice silencing our ego mind and emotion and readjusting our priorities of needs. This requires us to be willing to let go of our ego's payoff and readjust our goal and decision making system to a better energetic health and inner balance.

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4. Align to Your Inner Higher Power - Unconditionally!

If we want to consciously improve our personal manifestation abilities in midst of adverse circumstances we cannot dwell on lack or what we don't have. We need to align to the purity of our inner higher power and allow it to 'do the work for us.' By surrendering to our inner divine connection, we are letting go of our ego's attachments and thus allowing for our inner and outer conditions to change according to our purest state we need to learn how to master the flow of our energy. The alignment to our Inner Higher Power can only be found in the center of our center - our heart center!

Our heart-field is the pathway to our inner divine creation energy and therefore the access to our most natural source of manifestation energy.

This is not just a theoretical concept or esoteric misdirection! When wanting to manifest happiness, which is a higher vibrational goal, we cannot approach it with the lower vibrational perspective of our current situation! The energetic quality of our choices, and with it the probability of higher vibratonal outcomes is determined by the quality of our alignment in the now - not what we are planning on doing tomorrow!

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5. Allow the Flow and Embrace the New!

Probably, the most important part we can actively contribute to the manifestation of happiness is our inner willingness and courage to allow this flow and thus higher vibrational work to happen - no matter what! For this we need to let go of the old apporach of trying to control the outcome, so that we become able to embrace the New - no exception!

Embracing the unknown future is like jumping into a black hole - trusting that we will come back out the other end...

Our heart connects us with our higher vibrational states, which facilitates the integration of our often hidden ego parts without having to get pulled in by them. Each time you consciously overcome your fear of the unknown, your hidden or unloved aspects lose their power to sabotage you or to hold you back.

The reason why this is so difficult at first, is because our ego believes it ceases to exist when it's not in control. But use your brain! Do you really cease to exist when you hand over your endless mental looping and emotional churning? No! You are a soul on a journey to balance our physical 3D existence with your eternal multidimensional being. You - the essence of who you are - does not ceae to exist when our ego dies - not even when your body dies. So, calm your ego down and focus on what you truly came here for!

While the awareness in our heart-consciousness knows about the power of The Field of all Possibilities our consciousn mind can only access it if we can create the right vibratory conditions - or else, our ego works against us as it is programmed to preserve 'what it has' or what it believes it has to get - but not what it truly is!

6. Focus on Creating the Right Conditions!

'Creating the right conditions' may seem like an oxymoron when faced with outer or inner chaos, but facing the reality of our conditions can show us the way to navigate through them. We need to understand that energetic conditions have nothing to do with temporary challenges. A crisis or emergency often leads to the energence of something new, something better. Therfore, for our higher manifestation abilities to kick in it does not matter how we judge or regard our current situation, but if we are willing to let go of our inner resistance to our situation!

Dr. D. Hawkins illustrates this with a simple but beautiful analogy: Picture the entirety of genetic information, beauty and life force of a sunflower dormantly contained in a single seed. It can survive many thousand years without germinating if the conditions for its growing process are not optimal. That is until the right balance of temperature, water, nutrients (soil) and sunlight is met and which sparks it to grow. If you keep the seed in the dark, cold and dry, it will not come to fruition. However, while it remains but a seed it still contains all information to flourish... As soon as the right conditions are met, it can spontaneously unfold its full potential as a sunflower.

If you can look at your inner potential for happiness, abundance and fulfillment in the same way as you regard the potential sunflower in a seed, you are very close to unlocking your inner divine manifestation abilities!

What this example is showing us that it's not our willpower but our ability to create the optimal circumstances that make the difference. These optimal conditions are individual to us and can only be shown through our heart's guidance. Therefore,what is needed for us to unfold our full potential is in our inner attitude to ourselves, our tennacity and dedcation to nurture and love ourselves.

Ultimately, what sparks us to grow and bloom is not just the presence of any particular outer conditions but the absence of contradicting inner conditions, such as resistance, control and fear, that are holding us back from providing ourselves with Self-Love and Nurturing.

Energetically seen, we all have this Divine Creation spark in us - we carry the information to bloom and expand like a beautiful and majestic sunflower in us, just like the seed! Each and every of our cells contains the instructions for your highest potential! Therefore, it is of much greater importance to change our inner conditions than trying to change or energizing our goals.

The secret of dealing with Chaotic Energies is in surrendering to your inner higher power and aligning to your heart's light, warmth, nourishment and flow!

Thank you for your time!

Much Love,

jona bryndis

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About Jona Bryndis

Jona Bryndis, founder and owner of transCODES. She was born in Iceland and grew up in Germany, where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, Computer Science and later in International Business. She started her professional career as consultant in the emerging computer industry and later became an instructor, coach and motivational speaker. She published articles, co-authored magazine articles, had TV appearances, and worked as teacher, public speaker for a Children's nutrition related non-profit organization. In 2009 she founded a holistic tutoring school in Germany.

In the constant search for new and more holistic modalities, Jona decided to complement her rather secular education through more spiritual and psychological studies in NLP, Remote Viewing, spiritual healing and Metaphysics.

The teachings that influenced her the most are those of Richard Bandler, Stuart Wilde, Lyn Buchanan, Dr. David R. Hawkins, Khris Krepcik and her mentor Patricia St.Clair. She is a certified trainer and coach of the SaintClairs International School for Remote Healing and is working on her combined Master's Degree and PhD in Metaphysics through the International University of Metaphysics in Sedona since 2005.

About transCODES

transCODES offers a service and online community platform for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of heart connection, heightened energetic perception, spiritual self-awareness and sacred self-healing. Our trained energy workers provide hands-on education, guidance and energy coaching/healing services for energetically sensitive persons and anyone who feels prompted to engage in active consciousness work and integrative self-mastery. transCODES energy work is non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

In remote energy session, guided meditation work, group coaching work and personal energy coaching sessions we offer hands-on support and practical guidance to those on their journey of personal growth, spiritual maturity and manifestation of higher goals. This includes energetic clearing work, karma, trauma, inner child, recovery, shadow, manifestation and spiritual integration. Our work is often perceived as highly challenging as it addresses our deeply conditioned and programmed ego attachments, which is exactly what allows a person to grow beyond their own limitations.

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