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Dangers of Energetic Sexual & Out-Of-Body Experiences

By jona bryndis, Aug 23 2015 01:37AM


One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is: “What does it mean to have sexual energetic and Out-Of-Body experiences?”

In general, sexual encounters in a dream state or during mediation often indicate unresolved or imbalanced lower chakra aspects in our 1st , 2nd and 3rd Chakra. In advanced stages of energy work it can also mean the release of such imbalances and indicate that a free flow of Kundalini energy is in place. While it is pretty common to have sexual fantasies and occasional releases of our pent up sexual energies while dreaming, the energetic view differs a bit. But before I go into the deeper aspects and concerns about sexual energy encounters, I would like to add that the most important aspect about these kind of dreams/visions is our inner emotional/mental attitude towards what we experience and how it makes us feel. So, my first response to this question during an energy coaching session is always: “What are the inner feelings you’re having while you are facing your sexual energies in dreams or visions?”

Many of us have unconscious energetic blocks that prevent our energy from following through with our sexual fantasies, be it in dreams or daily life. Typically, this is an energetic protection mechanism we put in place, as the acting upon our fantasies may unconsciously collide with our deeper feelings, opinions and commitments in regards to sex and marriage, etc. On the other hand, it can also mean that we are repressing our sexuality, be it due to the lack of a partner, trauma or reluctance to be intimate. Therefore our inner alignment towards sex, our physicality and sexuality play a major role in evaluating the true deeper meaning of such inner experiences.

I do not share the general view that sexual experiences during meditation are harmless or even something to be sought after. From an energetic viewpoint sexual encounters of the etheric kind can be just as dangerous as in real life, especially if we are not fully aware of our own inner energies yet. In fact, due to our fixation on physical sex most of us underestimate these dangers and think that just because there was no physical contact, nothing could happen...

Unfortunately, this is far from true. But without waving the moral finger, the reason why this is the case is because of the underlying unhealed lower Chakra issues as mentioned above. As these are often rooted in our lower vibratory regions such as survival, lust and power they can form etheric docking stations for very negative or dark energies.

Eventually as our journey progresses, dealing with our physical drives can/needs to be channeled, which is an essential learning curve for every energetically sensitive person. Not to scare you, but sexual stuff if not in the context with your heart-connection can not only be counterproductive to your manifestation efforts but more importantly pull dark energies to us.

The more familiar and comfortable we get with identifying and directing inner energies the more inner perception we will develop. Through educating ourselves on our physical energy centers (Chakras) and outer Consciousness Chakras we will begin to realize that the majority of our energy field is not just within our body, but also all around us – depending on how well refined our energy is, our personal energy field reach as far as many kilometers and even overcome geographical, spatial, dimensional and time-related barriers. Our energy field is not really 'outside' of our body. Even though we talk about ‘outer’ energy fields they are still energetically anchored to our body. Therefore our Chakra Fields are still integral part of us.

Out-of-Body experiences can occur when we open up channels to the outside of your energy field/body. This can happen unconsciously through blocks/trauma/fragmentation in our Chakra Fields or through things like power-tripping, castle-building or general externalization of inner powers. Generally spoken, any mental, emotional or energetic orientation/alignment outside of your energy field can create an opening for internal and external energetic implants, attachments, karmic ties, energetic charges, etc. in your field.

The reason why I often press on refraining from OBE’s is due to the danger of losing connection with our energy field and further blocking our often already compromised energy flow especially in our lower Chakras. What worries me the most is the popular belief that one has to align their energy upwards to become enlightened. In my personal opinion, the trendy notion that "OBE's are cool", that they would increase your energetic perception and that sexual energies can be used for channeling entities is very dangerous! Frankly spoken, to me those manipulation tactics are nothing but part of widely spread luciferian misinformation memes put into place to better control humanity.

OBE's and Astral Traveling can trigger the ego's need to be special and powerful and promote fear and degradation; therefore they can be main attractors for dark forces.

One of the most efficient etheric protection techniques I can share here, is to learn how to keep our crown chakra balanced instead of allowing it to form an upward orientation. Once it becomes enlarged or too open our 7th Chakra can produce hidden docking places for external energies.

The link between sexual dreaming and OBE's is that most people have unresolved lower chakra aspects and/or repressed sexuality. Therefore it's often the easiest way 'in' for dark forces. Internet pornography, fast and easy sex, dating sites, the glorification of violence and the degradation of sex in most TV shows is an example how our collective is slowly falling into the hands of such dark forces.

If the influence of external or dark energies on your personal energy field is part of your concerns, do not allow OBE’s or energetic sexual encounters/fantasies with potentially dark entities dressed up as humans (especially if they look like people you know)! Instead of falling for your unhealed lower vibrational triggers, learn to discipline your inner sex drive and other ego-desires by honestly working with your Shadow and Inner Child aspects and heal your energetic imbalances!

This is why I call energy work self-healing. Because it allows a person to begin to feel/see these 'holes' in their energy field and teaches him/her hot to close and consolidate them. Self-Healing is like improving your (etheric) immune system, as any influx from the outside can be - and should be - seen as an attack to the integrity of your energy body.

Thank you for your time.



Founder and Energy Coach at transCODES

transCODES offers a forum for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of self and self-healing. It’s a remote energy based platform for energy workers who provide hands-on guidance and coaching services to energetically sensitive persons and anyone who feels prompted to do cosiousness work. All services offered through transCODES are educational in nature, non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

In our Sacred Self-Healing Program we complied a self-training course in 24 Steps, which allow the participant to learn about the different layers of inner perception and experiences through coded daily mediations, interactive forum, online meetings and a comprehensive workbook with 250 + pages of reading material and exercises to increase inner heart based connection and inner navigation. Email me if you have questions: [email protected]

Special thanks to J. for inspiring me to write this article through his questions.

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