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Collective Healing - The Power of Coming Together to Raise Vibration

By jona bryndis, Aug 23 2016 12:00AM

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Coming together to raise our personal vibration and that of our immediate environment through group or mass meditation can affect the vibrational resonance of the entire planet. The power of our intention to work together as a group is slowly being recognized by science and in the beginning stages of scientific validation. At transCODES, we empirically experience this effect on a regular basis through facilitating a variety of remote energy transMISSIONS. During such transMISSIONS and Remote Prayer Group Healing Sessions we can initiate healing energies in individuals and groups while utilizing the synergetic effect of all participants forming a planetary energy grid during these remote energy sessions.

Energy is more than the sum of its parts – with the right alignment it works exponentially – positively as well as negatively! A few people with extremely high consciousness and vibratory level can compensate for millions with low vibratory levels of energy. And so, with each and every one of us working on raising the vibration of our personal energetic frequency through neutrality we serve not only our personal stability and well-being but also help to raise the global vibration in a time of manufactured drop of consciousness through fear and separation of recent events. Let's look at some of the deeper aspects of coming together to raise the vibration of our planet:

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Deeper Meaning of Neutrality

Being aware and awakened doesn’t mean that we have to ‘try save the world’. On the contrary! Being awakened means being able to see through the programming of media, politics, religion, entertainment and consumerism; it means to be aware of memes and other control plots and yet not letting them affect us, because we know that they are just there to distract us. This in itself radiates in much higher frequencies than our environment and thus raises vibration without us needing to do anything.

Not being affected doesn’t mean to ignore what’s going on around us, it just means that we are able to maintain inner connection knowing how to counteract and neutralize outer bombardment through inner non-reaction and strengthening our inner energetic stance instead. How do we do that? Through focusing on staying calm and centered while others get swept away by collective waves; and most of all, through trusting in our inner guidance and solution finding in a functioning heart-mind connection.

Being awakened doesn’t mean to be better than others or superior. It’s in the very nature of our evolutionary awakening process that everyone eventually awakes. All it means is that we become aware of our power but also responsibility as co-creators of our own reality.

With the emphasis on neutrality we will find that it’s not about what happens but how we respond to what happens that defines our spiritual and emotional competence.

5 Keys to Neutrality

Our Awareness

- is the gateway to our inner connection and consciousness; through consciousness work such as taking inventory on reflecting on our past and present we learn how become accountable for our energetic states and emotional triggers; it defines our ability to be present

Our Attitude

- is the courage and willingness to see truth and handle reality; it shows in how we choose to face, cope and handle challenges as they arise; it demonstrates in how we show up and how we follow through; it defines our inner integrity

Our Alignment

- is our intention; it empowers us to reinstate inner balance as we recognize our triggers and energetic states; it defines the quality of our perception and enables us to see truth

Our Attunement

– is the virtue of focusing on our Consciousness rather than our thoughts and emotions; it enables us to become the observer while being the experiencer; it allows us to respond rather than react; it shows in our energetic stance which is the result of our awareness that we are responsible for how we choose to handle our perceptions

Our Actions

- are the result of our attitude, intention and virtue; the more honesty, compassion, non-projection and integrity we can express, the more congruent our actions regardless of the situation

Fight or Flight?

Going against or fighting something can be just as energy-lowering as getting swept away by it – be it mentally, emotionally or in deed. Resisting creates an energetic charge that can lock you into the lower vibrations of what you are fighting against just as much as breaking out in panic, succumbing to the secret pleasure of drama or feeling victimized.

Raising your vibration above that which you are trying to neutralize means to be able to maintain a higher state of consciousness while still interacting with your reality, using the higher discernment of your heart.

"Neutrality is the foundation for consciousness development and inner stability. Through developing a relationship with our inner connection we discover, that separation is just an illusion of the ego. We begin to see that what we call our ‘reality’ is nothing but the programmed reflection of our fragmented inner house of mirrors –our ego projections.

The power of neutrality is to experience that our ego's projections have no real power over us, and that we can escape our inner maze of false perception.

Once we are no longer dominated by our unprocessed emotions, distorted perceptions and excessive thinking we are free to experience our inner divine power as non-judgmental, loving and forgiving –

And we will find that we have nothing to lose or to gain in taking responsibility for who we truly are!"

(excerpt from Step 11 – Sacred Self-Healing Program)

Projecting our Light – A Warning

If giving back to the collective is something you feel as natural you’ve come to right place. However, I want to point out that giving back always means to check on our inner alignment first. If we are projecting our energy into the collective, believing that we could white-light humanity I need to warn you! A conscious or unconscious projection of your personal energy can also do more harm than good. This critical view is not much appreciated within spiritual communities, but mostly because of a lack of energetic perception or the absence of truth based information.

Just to name a few dangers of ‘projecting our light’, it can attract black-attention, cause energetic ties to astral planes, lead to energetic absorption and increase white-shadow and spiritual specialness. Therefore it is of utmost importance to stay within our own hart-field and not fall into the trap of pushing our energy out. I have written much about this in the past and try to collect the basics of preventing energetic absorption, etc. in my ETHERIC PROTECTION SERIES. If you are interested in learning how to read and work your own energies, check out my articles series ENERGY WORK BASCIS.

A general rule of preventing potentially adverse effects of energy work is to maintain a neutral but unconditional inner connection. To practice this we offer a monthly free transMISSION “CONNECT WITH YOUR TRUE SELF” as well as a variety of specific connecting, clearing or integrating modalities.

Thank you for your time!

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

Founder and Energy Coach at transCODES


transCODES offers a forum for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of self and self-healing. Through personal energy coaching and remote energy based sessions we provide hands-on guidance and healing services to energetically sensitive persons and anyone who feels prompted seek a deeper inner heart-connection or consciousness work. All energy services offered through transCODES are self-empowering in nature, non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

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