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Choose Your Reality!

By jona bryndis, Jan 21 2017 08:13AM

Energy Update 21st –27th January 2017

This past week felt like being in the middle of a giant pressure cooker that is floating in space and time - frozen and directionless - waiting for a green signal allowing us to move forward. In last week's energy update I talked about how our navigation system is being jammed - and how it can make us doubt ourselves or lead to EMOTIONAL CONFUSION.  We feel like there is no space for our true needs and since everybody is hovering in this nowhere-land of emotional numbness and neediness, we feel alone and unsupported.

As far as I can tell, this is still going on. Many of us feel really disconnected right now. Common energetic symptoms are pressure on our Crown and Solar-Plexus Chakra  - it can lead to head aches, neuralgia and eczema flare ups, but also nausea and stomach issues.

Neurologically, the current energy band creates the illusion of an inner state of emergency. But because there is no visible trigger or relief, we don't know what do - fight or flight? - and so we freeze... 

Whenever we freeze we need to suppress our emotions and deal with an onslaught of neurotransmitters that signal all our systems that our energy is under siege, but we can't put a finger on it. Instead we feel helpless, frustrated and anxious - there seems to be nothing we could do to change this right now.

As you can see, in this graphic it shows FREEZE as 'Inner Death'.  This is why so many energetically sensitive people have been dealing anxiety and depression these past weeks! 

In the Energy Forecast 2017 I talk about the different factors that are contributing to this GLOBAL STRESS SYNDROME and that it will take a few months before this will dissolve, so hang in there and work on strengthening your inner connection, so that your energetic immune system can ward off collective bands like this. 

Most of all - know that you are not alone! It's not just your own stuff - what you are dealing with is the residue of collective uncertainty and elevated energetic stress!

Understand and accept, that the current collective reaction to these energetic conditions is DRAMA. But - this doesn't mean that you have to enable or participate in it!

You can choose whether you are in it or outside of it. You can choose your reality!

Therefore, continue to be cautious this week and make a conscious effort to not get pulled into outer dramas. Try to stay in your heart as good as you can, and breathe through your emotions, at least until you have more clarity about what triggered your inner disconnection. 

Whenever you are starting to feel that your energy is going down, ask yourself:

Is this energy mine - or am I absorbing this from others?

As soon as you can pinpoint which part of you is reacting to outer energies, focus all your energy on realigning to SELF-LOVE and RECONNECTING. Open up to reaching out to trusted friends to just talk about your feelings. Expressing how you feel can help you to dissipate stored emotions, even if you just write everything down.

Always allow yourself to immediately release absorbed emotions. Acknowledge how you feel and recenter, so that you can be fully present and connected. For this, you don't need to have a fix or solution - sometimes it's just about learning how to let go of things you cannot control...

So, energetically we are dealing with a combination of repression and inner disconnection, which will most likely impact our experience this coming week. Collectively, all this is still cooking.

Even though collective energies are slowly shifting this week, expect sudden RELEASES and outbursts anger next week.

Stay away from collective energies entering your energy system through News and exposing yourself to other people's dramas!

Focus only on what is nurturing and energetically supporting for you!

It is in the nature of our perception to pick up on the elevated density of the human collective more than happiness, say. The collective is obviously going through the birthing pains of a larger context change - something the most of us have been going through for many years already.

In order to overcome our ego’s reaction to our energetic perception and not to fall into the mental projection of a collective future, we will need to remind ourselves to stay PRESENT IN OUR HEARTS at all times. Now more than ever!


Our ego mind cannot help us with our precognition and energetic sensitivity! Its apprehension to change and lower vibrational hard-wire into our autonomous nervous system automatically triggers our mind, body and emotion into fearing the future. Only our ability to connect with HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS and thus conscious energy management can allow us to choose how we contextualize our perception of the future.


The way we choose to see ourselves decides who we perceive our reality - benign, peaceful and exciting or frightening, challenging and depressing.

As you all know, once caught in the downward spiral of contractive lower vibratory energies of fear for example, the world and everything that happens around us feels threatening – whereas on the energetic level of Love it appears creative and abundant.


It is therefore up to our ability to consciously manage our energies and focus on our higher vibrational states (above 5 on the vibrational scale of energies as shown here) to see the opportunity rather than the threat when change is occurring.


In order to manifest a higher vibrational future in our personal lives it is therefore of utmost importance to watch where our energy goes, where our triggers are and how we cope with energetically challenging situations.

Getting caught in our ego's suffering binds us to the Collective Karma.

Getting stuck in our mind binds us to our Personal Karma.


Accept the inevitability of global changes, and remember that what we have been observing as GLOBAL AWAKENING is now finally happening. Naturally this shift will come with times of resistance, cleansing and reorganization – how else can we manifest a NEW PARADIGM?! 

Embrace change! It allows you to excel beyond your personal and outer circumstances and liberates you from the confines of our Human Collective Karma.

By focusing our energies on seeing change as opportunity and surrendering our perceptions to our True Self Consciousness – we become able to manifest a NEW REALITY free of the ego-drama of our collective and personal karma.



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All the best!

Much Love,


jona bryndis

Published in Weekly Energy Digest Week 4

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