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Bringing Unity Into Chaos - A New Perspective on Entropy & Syntropy Through Energy Healing Work

By jona bryndis, May 20 2018 10:01AM

One of the main themes in intense times like right now is learning to discern dark from light forces - chaos from unity. Once we find ourselves beginning to see truth an inner transformation begins to happen. We begin to feel attracted to higher vibrational places, people and teachings and we feel a longing for SOUL INTEGRATION. What drives us now is not our ego but the resolution of inner SEPARATION & FEAR through allowing ourselves to feel whole again. It is then when we begin to feel a renewed trust in our inner higher power to guide us through the darkness in this world, that we finally understand the purpose of the pain of chaos.

To overcome the pain of inner separation we recognize that all we need is to reconnect to our WHOLE & UNITED SELF, and realize that our journey is a healing path to find our lost SOUL PURPOSE again. Let's illuminate together, what these deeper aspects of self healing mean for our personal journey:

Understanding Soul Fragmentation

If a mind is fragmented it typically means that the soul is fragmented as well. A fragmented soul attracts dark energies. This is one of our weakest spots energetically and part of the reason why I stress the subject of clearing mental, emotional and energetic schisms so much. A few years back I wrote:

“When ‘I have to keep it all together to go on’ becomes our mantra, I know that something is out of balance, yet my ego tries to pretend otherwise. This is one example of how we can identify inner fragmentation. It’s basically the contradiction between our soul’s guidance and our ego-reality.

While dismissing our soul’s subtle promptings to go into correction or healing of the underlying aspect, we often meticulously sort and label our stored away dissonant inner conflicts, while our discernment and true perception deteriorates – our inner integrity begins to fall apart.

As we continue, we will have to ‘work even harder’ on compartmentalizing our illusions, we begin to feel more and more emotionally unstable, tend to mentally spiral with worries and fears - and worst of all: feel unloved, unworthy, small and alone.

In order to understand the reason why we have become fragmented it’s important to admit to ourselves that we boxed-up certain parts of ourselves is because we feel unable to go there or solve them. Often times they are connected to our hidden and deeper inner wounds, be it emotional, mental, physical or spiritual.

For temporary relief of deep inner pain, a mental compartmentalization can be a good temporary coping mechanism. For the moment it allows us to continue to dissociate and feel safe without having to go through the pain, albeit on the long run often more numbing than comforting."

The problem of inner fragmentation arises when we lose the separated soul aspects, either because we have been stuck in this place for too long, for because we cannot revolve the underlying trauma.

When our soul hurts, it’s because we don’t/can’t/won’t listen to our heart’s promptings. For most of us healing cannot happen until this pain becomes greater than the fear of breaking out of what is causing the pain in the first place. Therefore healing is nothing other than overcoming the our ego’s fear of loss.

The more fragmented we become, the more fear and darkness - Chaos - we invite into our system. Soul-fragmentation happens when we have been succumbing to our fears for too long.

Understanding Inner & Outer Separation From Love

It is not surprising that we are all going through the deeper aspects of our in separation in times like this. Collective Energies point our attention to the healing and correction of our inner and outer love and relationships, so that we can overcome the lack of connection to our inner higher power. Whether we are working on our relationship with others or the one with ourselves makes no difference energetically. If we cannot love ourselves we cannot give or receive love to others. We cannot connect! So, in order to feel WHOLE AGAIN we need to work with our INNER DIVINE LOVE.

In our holographic universe SELF LOVE is linked to all aspects of abundance in life – Divine Love is the universal creation power behind convergence and evolution. For the unfolding of our true potential any inner dissonance in regards to love, self-love and abundance is therefore a major key for evolving spiritually - and on a practical level for living a happy and fulfilled life.

Syntropy and Entropy as Reflection of Our Inner & Outer Uni-Verse

To see this deeper connection between our relationship with ourselves and the world we live in it requires a broader view of who we humans truly are: A highly developed 3D species with a mortal body and immortal consciousness energy that is driven by ever expanding and contracting evolutionary energy fields, and that has the ability to sense, respond and interact with inner and outer subtle energies.

The principle of SYNTROPY - of being pulled into unity mirrors the principle of ENTROPY, that pulls us into self-destruct and renewal. Together they form the PULSE OF THE UNIVERSE that allows for creation to happen. However, the limitation through our ego mind ’s linearity cannot look farther than what it knows. And what is knows is is based on our past. Only the trust in our higher consciousness connection can show us that that there is an energetic reality beyond what the ego can see. In this reality we are being pulled by our future (SYNTROPY) – our highest potential - and not, as our ego-mind tries to makes us believe, pushed forward by our past (ENTROPY).

Seen from this more ‘universal’ perspective we realized that our fragmented soul is nothing but a temporary state of the chaos of entropy. In this ego state we cannot be aware of our larger relationship with ourselves and the universe/syntropy.

Uni-verse means: ‘The direction to unity’. In order to experience ourselves in our true potential we need to experience ourselves as part of the universe first!

Our healed self pulls us into UNITY. Who understands this, understands the nature of karma and multidimensionality of SELF and with it the true meaning of True Self and Soul Purpose!

The circle closes back again when we begin to see our outer relationships with others as reflections of our inner relationship. Anyone who wants to expand their consciousness eventually has to face the deeper hidden aspects of being able to form and maintain healthy relationships.

In the context with soul integration, the advanced spiritual principle of inner convergence and unification, we then understand that our alignment to Love and Abundance as energetic resonances is what creates the attractor to break through karmic and collective programs. The fact that we can perceive and work those energies through the center of our heart is really just a minor evidence for the full spectrum of our energetic existence:

The Uni-Verse is in our True Self expressed through Love.

(for deeper reflection on this also read the book "Syntropy - The Spirit of Love" by Ulisse Di Corpo and Antonella Vannini )

All we need to ‘do’ is to focus on uniting our inner polarities, inner chatter, negativity, contradictions, control and schisms in our heart manifested through the chaos of ego, so that we can feel connected at will and face the challenges we encounter.

Meaning of Fear

The hardest part is to face our ego and its COPING MECHANISMS. They pull us into our inner dark spots and chaos regardless of our intentions. The mind cannot help us here. To be willing to let go ego means to be willing to let go of the dominance ego-mind for was long as fear reigns cholas will prevail.

Our connection to our innate higher consciousness is what allows us to observe our fear, which is why it lovingly illuminate exactly what we need to see in order to transcend our illusions about the unknown. It fills us with knowingness and inner silence that can allow us see through our own shadows.

While fears are partially linked to our past (of course); broken hearts, abuse, disappointments and seemingly unforgivable transgressions, etc. they only represent s small fraction of who we truly are - namely the part that is governed by our chaotic (entropic) mind, programmed patterns and rigid belief-systems. An obvious sign of this is the mind-chatter we can observe when it comes to matters of the heart – and when in doubt our Critical Inner Voice typically gets the best of us.

Because you are already working on the shadows of your fears you can feel that they are simply witnesses of the pain of your separated past. Soul fragments are fragments because it was not safe or too scary to deal with them - back then. But now that you are connected within you can handle your fear! You no longer need to lock these parts up!

With transcending our fears and the chaos and pain that comes with them a larger understanding of the purpose of ego resistance is initiated. We begin to understand that our inner darkness is nothing but our mortal ego’s fear of dying. Once we realize that our consciousness cannot die, we begin to understand the true meaning of ‘higher potential’.

But before we can enter an attractor field that aligns us to our highest potential we need to allow total UNITY & SOUL INTEGRITY, as coping to cover up our feeling of not-belonging, survival, safety and abundance - physical, emotional or etheric, need to be addressed first.

Meaning of Heart-Connection

At this level consciousness work and alignment it requires us to foster the discipline of staying connected within our hearts – or at least knowing how to get back when inner darkness is creeping in.

Heart-Connection is the deeper convergence with DIVINE LOVE flowing through us. However, this connection cannot be faked. It needs to be real. We need to be real. We need to be true to our heart in every moment of our lives and congruent with our True Selves. This is how we can can neutralize our energetic attachments and open ourselves up for our HIGHER PERCEPTION and inner heart’s guidance. The only adversary to staying in our heart is the overlay created through our ego-mind. The fastest way to get into our heart is to silence the mind (and the ego stuff associated with it) and find connection in our inner connection.

Inner connection helps us to connect with others. It allows us to become intimate with ourselves on the deepest level of existence and link into our highest potential. The secret of enlightenment is that there is no secret! We all have the ability to connect. It's what got us here and what can get out of here.

Our heart is the light that illuminates the darkness of chaos, that leads us back to our source and that let’s us outvibrate the collective pain of ego reality!

Thank you for your time!

Much Love,


Energy Healer & Personal Energy Trainer

Founder of tansCODES

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