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Breaking Through the Karmic Collective Barrier of the Human Unconsciousness

By jona bryndis, Jun 6 2018 04:00PM


Connecting with Our True Self

Occasionally, I publish my session reflection as Field Report, so that those who are not familiar with energy work can get a peek into how Self-Healing in Action can look like.

One of our most popular transMISSIONS is our complimentary monthly Connect with Your True Self energy session. They are open for everyone. For this session it is not needed to have experience with remote energy work; all participants receive a coded 60 min sound mp3 to listen during the sesssion.

By sharing one of the session reflections (which can also be read and commented on in our transCODES forum community site) I hoping to encourage you readers to take a moment and contemplate about your deeper inner processes. We are so busy with just trying to 'survive' our lives, that we can forget to take this time. Please follow me into the realms of our higher consciousness and self-healing...


This energy session was very welcome here. After days of irritation, fogginess, weird weather, confusing politics, shocking scandals and weird energetic sensations (probably all mostly linked to increased energetic intensity during full moon) collective energies were 'undecided' - to say the least... not sure about you, but most energetically sensitives/empaths seemed to have had a bit of a strange connection with themselves. Not disconnected entirely, but not clear either. Unless you were super zen about everything, a deeper mediation session (which is how I call these energy sessions) felt really good.

We started out with a bit of MENTAL CHATTER (this is very common and normal). If you were reminded of your shopping list or needing to call somebody I hope you didn't too distracted by this ... we were trying to break through the COLLECTIVE BARRIER OF THE HUMAN UNCONSCIOUSNESS. If yo are training in crossing this barrier your INNER GUIDANCE might have responded with something similar to 'I'm not buying it' or some kind of signal that this isn't real. This is a very important inner signal for connecting within (and others). Without this inner reference or TRUE SIGNAL it is very difficult to DISCERN YOUR INNER GUIDANCE.

This basically represented the main theme of this session. Knowing the difference between your CRITICAL INNER VOICE (aka inner negativity, fear, guilt, pain, anger, specialness) and our TRUE INNER VOICE is one of the most challenging part of our journey to discovering our AUTHENTIC INNER GUIDANCE. It takes a LOT of practice and training to feel confident that you are actually COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR TRUE SELF or your FALSE SELF. As most of you know we have created an entire 24 STEP Sacred Self-Healing Course to learn how to pierce through this barrier.

From an energetic point of view, this barrier is not just your personal problem - it's a collective issue - it's exactly why we all have this INNER DISCONNECTION - especially with SELF-EXPRESSION- if we never feel attracted/prompted to go deeper. So, in essence, there is no shortcut to truly connecting within, as we cannot fake it. That said, this came up during the session as well...

Whatever it is that comes in when we begin to fade out the outer environment is most likely fake, guys! This is not a judgment but simply experience. If it everything we sensed, emoted, felt, saw or heard was be true we'd all knew the difference. But we don't. This is why we speak of a 'barrier'. This barrier functions like a collective filter that distracts us into our inner and outer JUDGMENT.

You all did a very great job at this! After about 15 minutes of FALSE SELF distraction with lots of physical discomfort in our 2nd Chakra (belly bloating), 5th (neck, sinuses) and 4th Chakra (heart pain, ribcage, coughing) a wonderful STILLNESS and inner touch down set in for most. Some of us had issues with TRUSTING this inner connection which might have lasted for the rest of the session. If you fell asleep at this point (which is also common) try to tune in to this inner feeling during your day - ask your TRUE SELF to get you back there so that you can experience this more consciously! The guidance that you can receive when you can get through to this point is phenomenal! 

Some of us experienced a really strong opening of their inner vision (visually) - despite the difficulties to HOLD THIS STATE (which is also common and nothing you need to worry about if you could only get there for a few seconds!) the amount of EMPOWERMENT that can come through this connection can be very transformative!

Overall, this session was a very cool example for what can happen if we can consciously TRUST/ALLOW INNER TRUTH to come forward and SHOW US THE WAY. No one can tell you what your truth is - only you will be able to break through this barrier. This is like a universal law. 

If you however trust in this modality and us being able to hold the torch for you, please ask for feedback! This is what we do. 

I hope you had a good experience! Remember that energy work is timeless. If you were sincere your True Self will begin to 'talk' to you coming these following days. Trust in it! Or better, continue practicing this inner connection work (you can use the invocation or even the 5 minute alignment for this). Ask it to speak with your True Self! 

Much Love and gratitude for coming and for trusting!


ps. During the session (after the initial 15 minutes I got prompted to use a different alignment - try this one! It might guide you into a deeper place within...

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