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Breaking Through The Walls Around Our Hearts & Remembering Its Healing Power

By jona bryndis, Oct 17 2019 01:32AM

There is an intuitive knowing inside of us that can lead us to health, wealth and happiness. It can function as a guidance system or roadmap that can allow us to heal ourselves, and make more conducive choices for ourselves, but most of us don't trust in it. We all know where this is located - it's in our hearts. It's coming from a place of deep love from within that can make us feel a burning desire to change or stand up for something. It can give us the courage to try something new, to let go fo something that no longer supports us, that makes us seek a new approach and that gives us the tenacity to follow through, even when it's not easy.

Why can't we follow our hearts? Why does it feel so vulnerable or scary when we want to trust in our heart's guidance? Why do we rather risk unhappiness or accept toxicity even though we can feel this inner yearning that makes us long for a deeper fulfillment?

How did we forget to trust in our own ability to feel what is needed to truly be happy?

One of the problems with trusting in our heart is that we don't have words to express what we don't 'know', we 'know'. It seems less real when we try to express our INNER FEELINGS. We believe that our minds or others know better. Without questioning it, we believe that our 3D Reality is more real than our inner heart's reality. In our minds, the solidity of our material world supersedes our internal needs and promptings. For example, without the hint of a doubt, we have been conditioned to believe that every ailment, pain or dis-ease can only be healed through something external; surgery, medication, therapy or treatment - that the 'fix' for every condition can only be found outside of us.

What we are not aware of is that such a view objectifies our own condition and ourselves. It makes us perceive ourselves as material, like a faulty piece of equipment, inanimate and unintelligent, and therefore incapable of self-correction. Speaking it out loud like that may sound a bit extreme at first, but if you really think about it, this is how many of us regard ourselves - as something/body that has to 'function'. What we are not realizing with such an unconscious mindset, is that it not only degrades us within, but it also disconnects us from ourselves.

But there is more to this. Whenever there is something wrong with us we not only seek the healing outside of ourselves, we are also assuming the cause as external. So, while our ego's get coerced into the victimhood of an externalized cause/effect perception, we also externalize our power to change it. This is the true damage of a dualistic and materialistic view of ourselves. Through our passivity, we've voluntarily given up on our own inner intelligence to heal, grow or evolve.

What do we need to focus on in order to remember how to strengthen our courage and INNER POWER?

Where do does this 'power within' reside? In our minds? In our thoughts? After all, they call it 'Mindfulness', right?! It that the part of us that is connecting us with our higher consciousness and higher guidance? Or is it something else? Is there something else we need to find?

One of the consequences of disconnection and helplessness is the turning away from spiritual healing. Hear me out before you you think you know where this is going! For some it is still obvious that faith and prayer are meaningful tools for getting through a crisis or disease, and it works for them. But for many others, including the modern spiritually awakened person, organized religion is not an option. Energy Healing is kind of interesting, but it is still difficult to see energy practices as a pathway for our personal healing or manifestation process. It's not tangible enough. Instead, we seek enlightenment through mindfulness or nutritional books, articles, videos, workshops or teachers. We learn physical exercise techniques, such as yoga, and sometimes even try meditation. They seem to help for a little bit, but then we forget to apply it. When not feeling good, all our mental knowledge goes out the window!

This forgotten intelligence that I am referring to is not linked to our bodies. It can, and ideally does include the body, but the focus is not on our inner sensations but on our INNER FEELING. The part in us that can inform us about the overall state of our liveliness resides in our heart's ability to feel and navigate us through life-enhancing or life-restricting events, situations, places, and people. It is aligned to and responds with our subjective experience of our own LIFE-FORCE, or energy if you will. Without its guidance, it's almost impossible to discern what is good, growth-promoting and healing for ourselves.

Our Heart is the core of our ability to DISCERN TRUTH as it links us to the UNIVERSAL SOURCE OF OUR EXISTENCE.

There is a growing body of scientific evidence shows that our healing process goes much faster, smoother and more permanent if a person's own self-healing power can be activated. While Mindfulness can be a great tool on our way to remember, the missing link for our inner self-healing process is our AWARENESS that being human is an INTERNAL EXPERIENCE OF HIGHER POWER IN US that doesn't require anything from the outside of us.

There is a HIGHER INTELLIGENCE in us that can be experienced within through spiritual awareness

Externalizing our power not only promotes our dependency to for example meds, but it also disconnects us from our inner healing powers and heart-consciousness altogether. It forms impenetrable walls around our hearts. As a result, we feel alone, helpless and powerless over our own conditions of the body, heart, and mind, and shut down. Even those of us who practice mindfulness, meditation, yoga or alternative healing modalities often struggle with getting stuck in the solidness of our own existence.

The over-materialized, disconnected and externalized view of being a human is the leading cause of mistery diseases, depression, anxiety and addictions in our western cultures.

However, the truth is, for many energetically sensitives or empaths our spiritual and energetic inclination can pose an additional problem to our inner connection. We feel overwhelmed by our developing energetic sensitivity and can't discern which of our inner signals are ours and which aren't. In the process of trying different routes, we've formed coping mechanisms to NOT FEEL SO MUCH and shield ourselves, and thus unconsciously we are adding to the walls around our hearts this way.

How can we break this cycle? We all sense that there must be more to our awakened energetic sensitivity than just constantly feeling bombarded or drained by other people's energies. Could the purpose of this developing additional sense have something to do with healing?

The remembrance of our innate higher vibratory healing abilities awakens the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS in us, and therefore requires new ways of living and managing our energies.

The first step to breaking down the walls around our hearts is the removal of ill-making and toxic components in our lives, aka toxic persons, conditions or behaviors. In Energy Healing we call this CLEARING. The next step is strengthening our inner system through CONSCIOUS INNER CONNECTION. It increases our physical, emotional and energetic immune system and makes us feel more energetic and empowered.

Energetic Clearing and Connecting can lead to more efficient ways to deal with whatever causes the imbalance or ailment. It may not fix the problem right away, but our vibratory rate will increase and new solutions will become visible for us.

The third and most practical phase of our self-healing process is the Integrating. No matter how many affirmations, meditations or Yoga classes we attend, without a willingness to face the truth and become real with ourselves and others we can get stuck in our heads. We need to apply our inner and often spiritual insights into the practical or else we are still missing the needed action that can get us out of our invisible cycles. This can be done through developing a more differentiated EMOTIONAL VOCABULARY and more positive inner and outer communication.

The duality between what makes us worthy and what gives our life meaning can also cause other confusions of self and lead to the other extreme. We can get stuck in judging your problems as 'not-spiritual' and thus unconsciously sabotage our healing efforts. There are many ways that lead to dead-ends or endless loops.

Without a guiding inner feeling that can inform us about what is right for us, we can get easily lost!

Seeing our disease or unhappiness from an energetic viewpoint can help us to bridge the gap between our mental beliefs and inner feeling about our condition. We can learn that everything is 'just' energy and that healing is a matter of shifting our energetic state to a faster vibrational frequency. Everything can, therefore heal from within, provided we can re-learn how to connect with our heart and reactivate our coherence with our higher inner self-healing-intelligence through our heart-connection.

Since healing and self-healing are not (yet) part of what is taught to us in school, we need to make an active and self-selective choice to find true guidance. Learning how to truly connect with our hearts and breaking through the walls of our wounded heart can be done with the assistance of a trained and practiced energy healer, coach or therapist. Learning and experiencing our own heart's healing powers is like learning a new language. It cannot be learned from books – we have to experience it for ourselves to trust in it!

If we want to learn how to activate this Higher Intelligence in us we have to become an active part in our own healing process – otherwise, we cannot internalize that it is OUR power that does the healing!

Here at transCODES we are dedicated to only practice and teach modalities that increase a person’s ability to self-heal and reconnect with their inner higher power.

One of our latest transMISSION modalities ‘Heart-Clearing’ was developed and recorded by Jeff Casper (www.selfunification.com), a prominent Etheric Surgeon and Energy Clearing Practitioner. In his remote energy sessions he guides us to learn how to clear our own energy field through our inner heart-connection, while observing our energetic process remotely and giving us individual feedback after the session.

In this extremely safe way of involving a person in their own energy clearing the invoked energy frequencies lead to a strong consolidation in our heart-center filling each layer of our energy bodies with the high vibratory resonance of our own inner Divine energy. This induces a high vibratory holographic energy field within a person, which then begins to resonate with any aspect not in balance or harmony and spontaneously clears it.

The main purpose of such an energetic clearing through our heart is becoming the ‘subject’ rather than being an object on our healing process. It allows us to witness our own self-healing abilities and motivates our entire energy system to move into self-correction rather than depending on an outside solution.

If this speaks to you, check out our upcoming sessions or book a private transmission session with us.

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All energy sessions at transCODES are accompanied through our remote energy coaches and are discussed in our forum community.

Thank you for your time.



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