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Breaking Through Our Inner Barriers & Aligning Our Energy To Our Higher Goals

By jona bryndis, Oct 30 2016 03:45PM

Hello Everyone,

Grace Integrity is our most transformative and also popular self-healing modalities. In private or group Remote Energy transMISSIONS it guides us through the beginning of our inner integration process. Although not declared as 'clearing' session it combines very soft yet powerful integration and clearing energies through the intention of heart level/True Self connection.

When I first worked with this transMISSION process a few years back, I was taken aback in the subtle way that this energy worked through my system to aid in releasing what was binding me to my ego, and in the way it brought up what was needed to heal and change. (click here to read how remote energy transMISSIONS work),

Personally, this one really changed my journey at a time where I was a bit unbalanced still. It helped me to understand the importance of inner harmony and the reclamation of my own inner power, which has led to a truer life. This all occurred while also aiding my system to connect further to the heart, which is the overall intention of this work.

If you are looking for a way to speed things up or break through some of your inner barriers that keep you imprisioned in your mental and emotional looping, this is remote energy process alone is exceptional. However, when you add in the intensity of a 72 hour marathon event that has three sessions a day with each day having a focus, along with session reports, and the ability to share and ask questions via the transCODES forum, what occurs is an amazing opportunity to really open the way to deeper connection and integration.

As you continually allow the energies of this work to permeate your system through the three-day event, the depth of release, emotional integration and healing that can occur is stunning as the power of the process and its alignment to the Divine Field is what brings this about.

We have been offering a huge variety of a la carte remote energy group and individual sessions for many years, but GRACE Integrity remains one of our most transformative eneryg work tools, especially for those of us standing at the beginning of their deeper journey - looking for guidance.

"The practice of aligning our energy to higher vibratory states is one of the core energy work techniques in healing and self-healing. But different from most New-Age or Mainstream teachings, energetic alignment is not just about spiritual beliefs either. Wishful thinking and believing that ‘God or Love can heal everything’ is not very practical. The world is full of lower vibrations and keeping up our own energy levels is tough enough. Externalizing our manifestation powers to a power outside of us, a fantasy or conspiracy lowers our energy as well.

Energetic Alignment is a skill that can be learned. It is very practical. It comes through a proper foundation of being connected within and teaches how to learn our personal lexicon of inner signals & sensations through introspection.

Knowing how to align or realign our inner energy is especially efficient in moments of challenge or confusion. It allows us to refocus and shift our inner energy back into the desired energetic quality. Also, realigning our inner energy to higher vibratory resonances can also unlock the remembrance of our true being and with it out true purpose and goals in life. Therefore, besides amping up our manifestation powers the biggest benefit from learning how to align our energy to higher vibratory energies is discovering what we truly want. For most of us, not knowing what we want is the main cause for weak outcomes."

(from "Aligning Ourselves to Higher Goals in Life")

Come check out this event, see what it can do for your journey. Experience what it feels like to allow fast vibratory energies to continually permeate your field for three days and learn how to align to your inner higher vibrational abilities. You'll be shocked as to what can happen.

GRACE Integrity Sessions are $100 as group and $145 as private sessions (inc. 30min Energy Coaching Skype session)

Thank you and hope to have you join!


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