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Are our Future Generations The Secret Sleepers of Our Global Awakening?

By jona bryndis, Sep 28 2018 06:13AM

We’ve all seen a lot of changes – no matter which generation we belong to. Since the last century the world we live in is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation process. Yet, for the anticipated paradigm shift we still have a few correction processes ahead. What kind of people do we need to change our human values from techno worship, consumerism, exploitation of our planet and dehumanizing wars and businesses to acknowledging the true value of global consciousness, synergy and high vibrational values? What kind of generation will it take to actualize Global Awakening? Are we prepared to handle the so-called Global Awakening?

More than any generations before our future generations will be faced with highly interconnected problems that require much more synergetic strategies than we have been able to implement yet. They will be faced with having to find higher vibratory solutions for:

* Making Water, Energy and Food supplies globally accessible

* Solving Overpopulation and Pollution issues

* Renewing our Financial and Economy System

* Redefining Ethics and Integrity of Technology and Science

* Changing our Educational and Support Systems

* Transcending Gender, Ethnic, Social, Political, and Economical Superiorism and Division

* Integrating Consciousness and Spirituality

So, here we are, looking at the feasibility of future problems...do you still believe that the values we were raised with are sufficient to manifest these new values that are needed to really transform our global societies (without a major apocalyptic event)? I don't think so! Paradigm change means that we have to change the way we understand the world, people, planet, economy, technology and human consciousness. Why don't we just accept that our future generations need different skills, different ways of approaching problems and different ways of processing information!

Since many of us are going to be around a bit longer it may be worthwhile to reflect on our part in the Global Awakening Phenomenon. So, let's take a critical look at how we are handling our higher values, aspirations, hopes and visions of the future, and examine how we can support our future generations instead of making fun of them...

Our Future Generations - Who are they?

When contemplating about our future it's a natural thing to look at the next advancing generation, our successors first - The Millenials

There were born between the early 80's and mid 90s. One of the main characteristics of this generation is that they seem very disconnected and uninterested in following the global drama. In fact, they seem so immersed in ideology and instant gratification of their personal needs, that there is very alarming trend to make fun of Millenials. They are called Snow Flakes, hinting at how we spoiled them with the false perception that they are special and not responsible for any the problems they are about to inherit from us. Needless to mention that we are not really expressing trust and support with this attitude as of late, which is clearly showing our own limitations as leaders and teachers.

Anyway, then there is the Generation Z, our young adults, born since the early 90s, who are, mildly expressed tired of the constant negative bombardment through media. They are highly sensitive, yet see us as powerless and unfit as role models for themselves. Even more than Millenials they seem to see no other way than numbing themselves through their teenage years until they can take things into their own hands. We don't know yet how they will develop as a generation, but they show clear signs of dealing with inner and outer conflicts in a different way than we do - unfortunately, often mislabeled and underestimated. Again, it would be wise to allow and support these changes and to accept them as evolutionary shifts, rather than resisting with hypercriticism, cynicism or labeling.

Nobody knows yet how the new generation Alpha, born since 2010 is going to be like. They are our indigo grandchildren. Our hope and perhaps also our last opportunity to directly influence our future generations. From what I am observing, they seem to be even more different, fully awake with a great sense of humor. As a mother of both Generation Z and Alpha kids I am excited and optimistic that our future generations will be able to apply their karmic upgrades accordingly.

Our job is to fulfill our role as their teachers and leaders expressing the necessary respect and compassion for the incredible courage it takes for a soul to incarnate into a world with this kind of inheritance we are about to hand over to them!

Our Journey and Role in Creating a Better Future

It is obvious that it will still take a few generations for a global renewal to manifest. However long it will take it will requires us to consciously engage in our personal awakening, too. Global Awakening means gradually waking up to a new reality and being willing to adjust accordingly. We are all part of it right NOW. It’s going happen whether we deny it, sleep through it or make fun of it! But if we don’t find ways to integrate our new sensitivity to serve us to make better choices right now, how can we prepare our children or expect them to sort all this out for us in the future?! How are they supposed to live with heightened energetic perception and make better choices if we don’t recognize that they are the secret sleepers of our evolving collective regardless of how we judge their neurodivergence?

Many of us are developing an accelerated awareness of what lies underneath our perceived reality. Responsible for this is a powerful energetic wave in the mid eighties. For many this ‘1st Wave’ brought in collective activation of consciousness noticeable for our generation. It activated the development of energetic perception and altered sensory processing, which left many of us feeling social outcasted, misunderstood or even mislabeled as mentally divergent at first. As a result, we learned to suppress our heightened perception, kept a secret, or fruitlessly fought with the system.

Since then, further energetic waves in the mid nineties, 2001 and end of 2012 activated an even larger percentage of our population. And with the growing publicity of Quantum Physics, the integration of Eastern Traditions and the popularity of the New Age movement and esoteric spin-offs a renewed understanding of spirituality, self-awareness and purpose has slowly been injected into our collective.

Within the last 30 years terms like Energy, Chakra, Karma, Meditation, Enlightenment, and Energy Healing have become mainstream words. They may have a different meaning to each of us, but we all are faced with dealing with the adaptation to experiencing subtle energies within and around us.

Are we sharing this with our children? Or are we still keeping the insights of our personal journey a secret, because deep down we try to hide our struggles judging ourselves as vulnerable?

It’s likely that there were many other collective waves of awakening before our time; they just went a lot slower, perhaps over the course of many generations and centuries. With increasing overall pace and information technology those shifts naturally happen much quicker and more forceful now. Since 2012 and especially since the beginning of this year we have been experiencing a very powerful and very fast moving shift uncovering all sorts of global hidden agendas. This correction is not sparing us personally! It’s grinding its way through the deepest unhealed and unresolved wounds of humanity forcing not only the entire world community but also ourselves to go through a renewing clearing, correction, adjustment and adaptation.

Our Purpose & Responsibility

Every generation has its unique challenges. Our responsibility as evolving human beings is to stay open and to adapt. So far, our socio-economical system is strongly resisting the adaptation to this development in consciousness. As a collective we are still enabling social numbing, addiction and crazy making. Instead of coming out with our new awareness through supporting the long overdue renaissance of political and economical values it seems as if the more we awaken the more we keep it a secret - out of fear. To me it looks like our spiritual, mental and emotional evolution is attempted to be suppressed by driving us into self-sabotaging false conformism.

It is part of our responsibility to protect our children from the phoniness and dangers of false truths and corrupted values.

Until all forms of new creativity, open critical thinking and solution oriented thinking and sensing can take a foothold in our society's values, we will still have to deal with skyrocketing use of psychoactive drugs, anti-depressants, alcohol and other numbing agents. As a society it has become okay for us to give our children sleeping aids, contaminated foods and behavior modification meds and we have accepted that the media is desensitizing us with increasingly perverted levels of anger, hatred, sex and violence. The reality of today is that our core values have been corrupted, our freedom challenged and that our integrity has been violated.

Why aren’t’ we using our new energetic sensitivity to discern what’s true and what’s false and teach our children accordingly?

When I started energy coaching 20 years ago, I began to work with ‘difficult’ children; kids that were labeled as maladaptive and had fallen through the cracks of the school-system. Most of these children were labeled ADHD, dyslexic, autistic, etc. They felt deeply dissappointed and misunderstood by their parents who were too busy dealing with their social status quo to understand that they are dealing with the forerunners of our global awakening. After teaching them about energetic sensitivity, helping them to adjust their diets (free of processed foods) and finding ways to physically integrate their energy, I found that these children weren’t abnormal at all. It was ‘normality’ that was abnormal to them!

What makes our new generations appear ‘maladaptive’ is that their associative sensory processing speed, certain brain functions and ability to perceive energies as well as making connections is divergent from ours and more often than not above the current norm.

Recognizing Neurodivergence as Evolutionary Upgrade

While there are new movements emerging that recognize the Neurodivergence in our children as evolutionary phenomenon, the vast majority of us, our doctors, counselors, care-takers and teachers simply don’t know how to fit them into our outdated system – they are not compatible. But what about ourselves - being energetically senstives and empaths? We know what this is like! How come we don't recognize this?

Most of our children are highly talented. Granted, this is unfortunately often hard to see underneath their resistance for authorities, teachers or ourselves. And yet I ask again: Isn't being 'difficult' a more normal and natural reaction than accepting lies, suppressing our true nature and numbing our feelings?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to promote an excuse for lacking respect, but ignorance, denial and negligence aren’t exactly ways to prepare our children for becoming good people either! But how are our children supposed to learn improved problem solving skills and integrated perception when the world around them, and especially the ones they love the most are treating them like mutants?

If we want to help our children to become able to adapt to the future, we need to adapt first. We need to make an effort to become role models for being aligned to truth, love and openness. And most of all, show our future generations that we are willing to be present for support and work on better communication that allows us to reach them on their level of perception. We are the ones that struggle with adapting - they are already there!

For this we need to learn how to trust in our inner changes as well as our changing perception and apply our new insights and values as we go. If we want our kids to excel regardless of the world not being ready for them yet, we need to become true to ourselves and ditch our fear of making mistakes, or else we will drive them directly into the arms of the darkness of our global shadow.

What We Can Do

I used to tell the kids I was working with that they are an ‘upgraded’ version of their previous generation and that it will probably take a while for them to feel fully accepted as the pioneers of their time...

Our job is to prepare our future generations for the challenges ahead, reassuring them that there is nothing wrong with them, but that the world which they chose to incarnate in is still in the process of changing. We can empower them by sharing truth with them while pointing out that they will most likely have to play along with the falsities of our society for a little while longer, so that they don’t feel outcasted in the slow process of our Global Awakening.

Many of you energetically sensitives and empaths came here as 1st and 2nd Wave of spiritually awakening beings. Can you see how you would have probably been labeled with dyslexia, highly functioning autism, ADD/ADHD, aspergers, or other 'syndromes' in your time, too? Being misunderstood, undervalued and not fitting in are the main characteristic of energetically sensitive people and empaths.

If you managed to get through the past 30 years without shutting down your perception, numbing your pain with addictions or destroying your body with inner negativity you are most likely well prepared to work on the remainders of your ego, self-destructive behaviors, co-dependency, consumerism, narcissism, power-tripping or victimhood. Waking up to a new reality has become your second nature. Now it's time to support our next generation - The Secret Sleepers of Global Awakening!

If you are energetically sensitive and have a ‘difficult’ child understand that he or she is probably even more sensitive than you. Talk to him about your experiences and that you are working on learning how to deal with it. Acknowledge that most of the current values in the world our children are growing up in are not true to them and share with her your higher vibrational values!

Trust in your inner guidance and invite your child to join you on your journey!

Thank you for your time.

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

If you are interested in learning about how to deal with energetic sensitivity or become an active participant in your inner journey check out our website www.transcodes.com, book a remote energy session or join our Sacred Self-Healing Journey. For a personal energy coaching session with Jona click here.

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