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Anything is Possibe - What Are We Doing Wrong?

By jona bryndis, Dec 20 2018 03:39PM

When we were children we were told that 'Anything is Possible' - that we can 'accomplish anything want', right?! But then, as we learn to adapt to our circumstances and conditions, this belief slowly fades away. The older we get the more we realize that 'Anything is Possible' primarily only manifests in form of series of unfortunate events. What we want is not so much different from what others want. But why does it only seem to work for others? What are we doing wrong?

Leaving the limitations of our mind and exploring our TRUE POTENTIAL within the vast microcosm of our inner world can be a frightful thought. Granted, not everyone is interested in exploring his/her consciousness, but there is a part on all of us that curious about the mechanics of the unseen, even if it was just for being able to tap into the future.  

Most of us empaths and energetically sensitives have a natural connection to our precognition; we know that one does not have to be a clairvoyant to be able to see into the future. One merely has to be interested and willing to go beyond the mind. We get it. GETTING OUT OF OUR MIND is something many of us have already identified as instrumental for getting a better feel for purpose and fulfillment in life. However,  somehow, and especially when it comes to our own future, most of us still believe that it is our 'mind' that could harness the future. However, there is a catch with wanting to see into the future:

What might my future bring?

Is there something hidden I am not aware of?

What if I can’t control it?

What if I discover darkness in me?

What if I can’t connect at all?

What if I my hopes don't come true?

What if I make a mistake?

What if there is nothing?

What if … 

What Are We Doing Wrong?

Don't worry, I'm going to sell you the secret to the secret of manifestation. If anything, I want to let you know that you are not doing anything wrong - but that you are using the wrong navigation tool to get where you want to be.

The is no secret to manifesting a happier, more abundant, more fulfilled, purpose-driven or brighter future. The one big difference between people who get what they want and people who die trying, is not their ability to see into the future, but that they know what they truly want and what they need to get it.

Let's back up a bit. 

If you decided you want to run a marathon, would you choose your winter boots to run in?

If you love dogs and you have or wanted a dog, would you rent an apartment that doesn't allow dogs?

If you wanted to build your own business, would you devote yourself to working 12 hours a day in a corporate job?

If you wanted to get married and settle down, would you sign yourself up for a volunteer job in a war zone?

You may think that this doesn't apply to you. You have different problems. You want your own business but you don't have the money to start it. You want to settle down with someone but you can't find the right partner. You want to travel more, but you can't afford to get a passport...But the truth is, these are exactly the same kind of problems - and the same kind of mistakes. You expect the right conditions to be there BEFORE YOU START MANIFESTING your dream job, dream relationship, dream lifestyle. 

Conscious manifestation starts with a realistic outlook on what you want, what you have, and what you need to get there. Without a proper inventory you can't really make the right choices - and without a proper navigation tool to make choices you can't see nor correct your mistakes. 

Without knowing what your heart desires forget about the rest. So many of us get stuck in what we think we want, but never really ask ourselves is this is actually true to us. The first ego pitfall is that we don't know who we are. While being too busy trying to be 'somebody' we lost connection with our True Self. A way to tell that you have no clue what your strengths are is a general lack of appreciation for what we already have. 

Manifestation Mistake #1 - WHAT YOU TRULY WANT

If you cannot connect with your Authentic Self you cannot know what you want.

If you cannot see your strengths, you begin to constantly doubt and question yourself. Instead of knowing what to aim for you wait for something to happen or chase things that don't even mean anything to you. 

Manifestation Mistake #2 - WHAT YOU HAVE

If you cannot appreciate who you are, you cannot know what your strengths are. You simply don't know what you already have.

But say you truly know what you want and what you can do - but you can't visualize how to get there. Sound familiar?

Manifestation Mistake #3 - WHAT YOU NEED 

If you don't have a strategy you can't know what you need to get there. 

The last and most painful block in manifesting destiny when no matter how hard we try to think ourselves out of our unfavorable conditions, mistakes or failures, we cannot see how to change it. We get stuck in obstacles and lose faith in our goals. We are making it too hard for ourselves and quit or compromise.

Manifestation Mistake #4 - HOW TO GET THERE

If you use the wrong tool for making choices on your way, you end up in the wrong places and eventually give up because you can never know if you have arrived.

Without the right navigation tool even the best goal, the best skill, and the best conditions are doomed to fail. 

What Do Most Of Us Struggling Manifestors Use As Primary Navigation Tool?

We use our mind. What's wrong with that?

The mind can only see as far as the past has taught you. It cannot know what it doesn't know. And, it leads us to believe that the only way to see the future is through either magic or control. Magic is out of the question for most of us -  this only leaves control. We are trying to control our future with our minds, forgetting that the mind has no access to the future. The only part in us that has that kind of information is our heart. Yes, you heard right. It is the mind, not the heart that gets us into trouble with our emotions... Your HEART CONSCIOUSNESS can illuminate the unknown - your intuition, your higher consciousness, your True Self-awareness, your Inner Guidance...

Why Is It So Hard To Trust In Our Inner Knowingness?

We have been conditioned to believe that success is a matter of mind-control and will-power. From an energetic point of view, this is not true. The mind can get us as far as our linear mind can think. Most of our higher goals are not linear. Happiness, love, abundance, healing, or joy are not linear, therefore the mind cannot think its way into happiness. will-power drives us into the insanity of ego gettingness and havingness. It creates an unsatiable gratification cycle that makes us feels like losers if we aren't the best or the most powerful. It uses force to accomplish its object of desire and worst of all - it externalizes what we think we want.

One of the biggest misconceptions I am observing these days is how the connection between Manifesting, Spiritual Awakening, and MINDFULNESS drives a person into this insane Law of Attraction craze. The harder we try the more our mind-full-ness binds us to the ‘Power of our Mind’ as a navigation tool to self-healing and manifesting. Don't we already have a mind full of negative inner voices, doubts, fears, I-shoulds, and what-ifs?! How can the mind be possibly the way out of our situation? I find this a most amazing new age twist to make our ego-mind believe 'it' could control itself. Um...

Let's leave this thought process for later...

Seen from a larger perspective, we all have the same goals - we want to feel happy, healthy, free, abundant, loved and fulfilled. We've already identified the 4 main manifestation mistakes most of us make. Is there anything else we are not seeing?

Here a few tips to get your head out of the manifestation game:

Conscious Manifestation Tip #1 - Shift Your Focus From Manifestation Goals to Manifestation Conditions 

When it comes to the manifestation of our goals or plans we look ahead to the next year or 2 years and hope for a better or improved outcome. However, influenced by our mental constructs we often forget that the essence of our manifestation process is not so much about the outcome itself, but about finding new ways to achieve our highest potential. Often this means that the focus of our manifestation needs to shift from WHAT to HOW.  

Finances, health, relationship status, personal entertainment, etc. can be measured and it's relatively easy to make plans and set goals. On the deeper level of consciousness, which expresses through our overall happiness, social, emotional and spiritual health; however, 'improvement' it's obviously a bit more difficult to produce measurable or comparable results.

How does one measure inner peace, self-love, happiness, respect, gratitude or spiritual freedom?

To find answers it can be helpful to look at nature. How does nature measure 'success' or improvement? It doesn't!  It prefers evolution and promotes expansion. In nature, the optimal state is balance and flow. Plants, animals, landscapes flourish when the outer conditions are conducive and life supporting and the inner conditions are pure and open to the flow of energy.

Energy work regards manifestation as the actualization of an optimal flow of energy, in balance with its surroundings and pure of intention.

If we transpose these (simplified) laws of nature to our personal life, we will notice that such conditions are hardly ever met. On the contrary,  no matter what the content of our goals, the reality of our personal actualization process is that we run into life-negating outer conditions and unhealthy inner conditions. 

Energetically seen it is of much greater importance to change our inner and outer conditions rather than trying to change our goals. 

Conscious Manifestation Tip#2 - Learn to Bypass Your Ego Mind

The reason why we are barely ever in balance with our surroundings and practically never in a state of optimal flow is a built-in self-sabotaging mechanism called our ego. It overwrites our intentions and tries to control outer conditions - it is programmed to maintain, preserve, gain an advantage, seek safety in the known and avoid the unknown, which all lead to contraction and thus decreased flow of our manifestation energy. Our ego's purpose is to secure our survival, not our happiness! 

However, we can't simply remove our ego out of the equation, but we can learn to bypass it through silencing our mind and neutralizing the pay-off our ego gets our of our goals.

Conscious Manifestation Tip#3 - Align Yourself to Your Inner Higher Power

If we want to improve our personal manifestation abilities, we need to align to the purity of our inner higher power and allow it to 'do' the work for us. By surrendering to our inner divine connection, we are allowing our inner and outer conditions to change according to our purest state and flow of energy.

As you know, this alignment can be found in the center of our center - our heart center. Our heart is the pathway to our inner divine creation energy and therefore access to our most natural source of manifestation energy.

Conscious Manifestation Tip#4 - Allow the Flow, Embrace the New & Don't Try To Control The Future

The last and hardest part we can change to improve our manifestation power is our inner willingness to allow this higher work to happen. For this, we need to understand that we have to let go of the old in order to embrace the New. We can't know what we don't know. We need to be willing to surrender all intentions, thoughts, plans, goals, ways, and outcomes to our Higher Power if a new situation requires it. Trying to control the unknown can drive us into anxiety. The more we try to control the future, the more it will control us!

Fears and anxiety of traversing uncharted future are a natural part of our collective karmic experience. Be patient with yourself! If you haven’t really been guided on how to meditate, contemplate or seek inner silence, the thought of letting go of your mind will feel somewhat uncomfortable at first. It is very common to fall asleep, become restless or even mistake your mind as your True Self-guidance. Overcoming the ongoing stream of our thinkingness is often the toughest hurdle to overcome – but it can be learned! It takes a bit of practice, but in essence, it’s nothing but an exercise in inner focus. If you lose focus reset, breathe, feel your heart and refocus, even if it takes several attempts for you to get settled in your inner silence!

Don’t let this discourage you! If you keep falling asleep, can’t sit still during your mediation or get stuck in your mind or emotion, don’t give up on your ability to go farther and explore your true potential!

Anything is possible! You just need to shift your way of getting there.

Much Love,


Energy Coach & Founder of Transcodes.com

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