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All or Nothing? - Overcoming Our Inner Dualism & Fear Of The Future

By jona bryndis, Dec 29 2017 11:02PM

Part of our collective human awakening process is the desire to break free from old paradigms and collective uncertainty. The strongest force holding us back on this journey is our ego’s fear of death and the fear of pain. It expresses through endless loops of spiraling thinking and dramatizing while our Heart, through which we could tap into the ‘Field of all Possibilities’ slowly dystrophies. If we lose the connection with our heart, we are trapped in our programmed and survival oriented ego. Our life becomes dominated by inner and outer conflicts and contradictions - our inner dualisms. We become empty, anxious and lonely and our biggest fear is Nothingness.

A heart-based consciousness gives us the ability to discern who we truly are, what drives us, what our real needs are and what we truly want – and what the world needs. It spontaneously clears our inner dissonances, provides inner peace and delivers the guidance on how to get there.

But instead of spending time fostering our inner connection and exploring the opportunities through oneness we choose to separate ourselves and to live in our ego’s illusion of specialness. How can we overcome this inner barrier? Through sharing this Energy Work Field-Report with you, which was originally published as transMISSION session reflection I am hoping to inspire you to set out on your personal journey of overcoming your inner dualism - and with it, overcoming your suffering!

In a recent remote energy transMISSION (GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion) here at transCODES, we were asked to find and stay in our Inner Sanctum through practicing the energetic resonance of Nothingness. For the advanced spiritual seeker Nothingness is the practice of absolute silence and void of thinkingness through meditation or deeper contemplation. It is the energetic exercise of connecting with our heart and entering the center of our center – comparable to being in the eye of a hurricane of ever-changing and fluctuating inner and outer energies.

Divine Consciousness

Sometimes it can be a bit turbulent to get there at first (also read "Experiencing Consciousness, Mind & Emotion"), but once we enter this sacred space within our heart, the main feelings are comparable with an incredible inner peace and calmness. As this resonance carried us into the depth of what it means to trust in the connection with our Divine Consciousness through the gateway of our mind-heart, we felt a quickening of our trust and remembrance in our personal journey – the reason why we came here.

Metaphysically seen, the event horizon of Nothingness is Oneness. This may sound a bit contradictive, but all it really describes, is that happens when we detach from the noise of our ego-mind’s chatter. The willingness to think and emote nothing facilitates the perspective of being One with All there is, a level of consciousness through which we can experience the futility in struggling with our inner conflicts in the larger context of our multidimensional existence void of suffering (also read: "Aligning our Energy to Higher Goals in Life".) 

Such a practice does not only help us to connect within and to access our higher powers, it can also allow us to recontextualize our individual pain and suffering in our physical existence through learning how to transmute our fears of leaving the comfort-zone of our ego-mind (also read "Getting on the Other Side of Our Mind's Fear".) It increases our overall awareness the multi-dimensional aspects of our existence and can lead us to a new way of understanding our life’s purpose (also read: "A New Paradigm of Understanding Ourselves".)

Why We Came Here - Our Soul's Purpose

From an energetic viewpoint when we are ‘done’ with this physical incarnation our energy will not end in nothingness. It will transform into a different dimension of existence. Every single thought, sensation, sentiment, or action we’ve created in this life-time is stored as holographic information in the core energy signature of our Soul/Spirit/True Self. Nothing is ever lost! Energy merely transforms, but doesn’t disappear! Only our Ego fears the end of its own existence!

If we remembered our true purpose and lived a life striving for unfolding our highest potential and manifesting our Divine Consciousness into the physical, chances are we brought more light into this dimension through having learned to transcend the darkness of our inner dualisms. Through being born into this dimension we gave our energy the opportunity to add light into this 3D world. We agreed to creating a new reality through the inner union of what was separated.

Letting Go of Inner Pain

Trusting in the meaning of our journey to find unity within, which of course expresses individually for each of us, means to let go of our personal suffering. The more conscious we become of our karmic task, the higher our potential to resolve our suffering! With this understanding there is no sacrifice, victimhood or false honor in our suffering - because there is not even the notion of having to give up anything, on the contrary!

In order to get to this realization we need to be willing to accept that we came here with a specific and individual karmic load but always also with the according abilities to correct our karma and thus re-create ourselves. The moment we can fully surrender to this inner knowing, we will become aware of our power as co-creators of our own reality and even further – as co-creators of our collective reality - through excelling and replicating our consciousness into the collective matrix (also read: "Collective Healing - The Power of Coming together to Raise Vibration".)

With this awareness it may be easier for you to find peace and contentment in the knowing that you came here to experience the deeper meaning of your suffering, namely to remind you of your sacred heart’s power to transform any pain into creativity and lovingness.

The Purpose of Your Journey

If you made it to this part of your journey, you already understand that ‘fight’ is a very narrow and often pain-prolonging pathway to inner peace – every fight also triggers our Shadow-Man/Woman within and thus increases our inner dualism again.

By practicing the resonance of nothingness we are practicing to overcome our fear of death - our physical death and thus that of our ego without having to fight. Not only can we transcend our inner separation and fear of nothingness this way, we can also learn that our journey has always been prompted by our Higher Consciousness. This insight is an important step in our journey of understanding the purpose of why we came here in the first place!

Nothingness is linked to the detachment from our inner dualism and tapping into the abundance of the non-dualistic and syntropic quality of our Divine Consciousness.

On a practical level this means that we need to be willing to unconditionally rely on our higher consciousness rather than our ego-consciousness to navigate us through our journey. At this point fight, struggle and suffering will spontaneously become our less preferred path and love and unity our prime choice. Granted, sometimes it is necessary to activate our inner Shadow-Man in order to claim our space or defend our boundaries, but fighting only transforms dark energy to a different vibratory level (which is not bad), but it doesn’t really end it.

Inner peace can only be found through transmuting conflict of the inner dualism between our mind and heart in the core of ourselves. This can only be accomplished by merging the two. If we can allow our fusioned Heart-Mind to guide our life’s journey, we are not only raising the vibrational energy of what caused of our pain, but more importantly facilitate the actual transmutation of our pain altogether!

Self-Healing: From Transformation to Transmutation

The differentiation between transformation and transmutation is the next level and final part of our journey. Transformation is the ability and process of making corrections and adapting to inner or outer changes. Self-transformation through actively engaging in the self-healing our unresolved inner and outer conflicts is a prerequisite for our transmutation. It is part of our natural evolutionary maturing process marks the level of self-healing. However, there is whole other level of healing - and that is creation!

While our collective is undergoing a global transformation process, only about 15% of humanity (my personal estimate) will ever even consider active self-transformation, and an even a smaller number of this group will understand that it’s still is only a one part of our larger Quest. The true purpose of our life’s quest will finally reveal itself to those of us who can unconditionally trust in the inner prompting to explore our inner heart-mind’s potential and follow the inner guidance on how to transform and expand our light beyond our 3D existence – namely the transmutation of Divine Consciousness into the physical (and other dimensions).

Transmutation is Creation! The deeper meaning of integrating our innate Divine Consciousness is to allow for a spontaneous metamorphosis of Nothingness from holographic information into matter, thought or emotion to occur.

The merging process of our heart and mind into a unified heart-mind field as practiced through this modality is one of those gateways to access our inner higher vibrational energies coherent with our Divine Consciousness within. It trains us to transmute our inner dualisms between ego and True Self; right or wrong; control or letting go; reacting or responding; attachment to thinking & emotional patterns or letting go and prompts the remembrance of why we came here in the first place.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

My special thanks to all participants of this transMISSION session and Ulisse Di Corpo, physicist and co-author with Antonella Vaninni of the inspiring book: “Syntropy – The Spirit of Love” , whom I had the honor to listen and speak to while reflecting on our session.

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


transCODES offers a platform for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of self and self-healing. Through personal energy coaching and remote energy based sessions we provide hands-on guidance and healing services to energetically sensitive persons or anyone who feels prompted seek a deeper inner heart-connection or consciousness work. All energy services offered through transCODES are self-empowering in nature, non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

With our Sacred Self-Healing Program we complied a 12 month journey exploring the deeper levels of our consciousness and higher abilities. In highly transformative biweekly Steps we learn about the different layers of inner perception, energetic sensations and our dualistic ego-addiction. You will receive coded daily mediations supported by an interactive forum, online meetings and a comprehensive workbook with 250 + pages reading material and exercises to increase inner heart based connection and navigation through your Self-Healing Journey. Email me if you have questions: [email protected]

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