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Addressing Key Traumas with Energy Work

By jona bryndis, May 16 2018 05:21PM

It is commonly understood that unresolved trauma can cause addiction, host immune dysfunctions, lead to disease and change our DNA. However, apart from low vibratory energies damaging our physical and mental health, the stored trauma memory in our energy system can also induce very low emotional states and attract havoc into our social lives.

Energetically trauma can be seen as a knotted up energetic system.

No matter what the cause of the trauma, if trauma remains in our energy system, we continue to operate from this energetic scar. We re-traumatize ourselves through intense reactions and thus create a large traumatic load that weighs us down energetically.

While there are therapies available to help our recovery from trauma, many do not address our energetic system or the more hidden past life or birth traumas. Energy work can facilitate the deeper aspects of our trauma and lighten our traumatic load we free up our energy to allow it to flow better in all areas of our lives.

When we are traumatized, what really happens to us? We change…

On an energetic level, we walk away with a different vibration... a lower vibration, influencing the way we feel about ourselves and cope with the world around us; including our loved ones. For example, a traumatic experience in the past may have left us unable to face how we felt and as a result we went emotionally numb. Part of our trauma is now not only the event itself but also our coping mechanism.

Coping mechanisms are often reactionary and typically lead to retraumatizing ourselves. As we go numb, we walk away from a part of ourselves, which fragments our soul and fractures our energy system. There are many other coping mechanisms that can be linked to trauma, but the main thing to understand when actively working with trauma, is that there need for judgment, guilt or shame - we all had to get by somehow in order to survive spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically!

Interestingly, we can also traumatize ourselves from something wonderful happening to us. This kind of trauma is usually caused from earlier Key Traumas running in us.

When working on lightening our trauma load it can be necessary to investigate the more hidden parts of our energetic trauma memory

Key Traumas are often underneath and can form clusters of trauma load. Hidden from our conscious memory they can cause us to re-traumatize ourselves without us knowing the origin. Through unconsciously operating from key traumas, we are creating invisible mental programs that filter our perception. Remember, we Retraumatize ourselves when we are in reaction to trauma being triggered. If we can pinpoint how we have changed from our key trauma; the trauma load, connected to that trauma can clear in an instant!

Birth Trauma is usually a Key Trauma

A very common phenomenon is the existence of a so-called Birth Trauma. In my experience teaching people how to end trauma, I've never come across a single person without this type of trauma. Birth Traumas are traumas from the actual birthing experience, the time spent developing in our mother's womb and the few days following our birth. We do not consciously remember these types of trauma. They may not even be our own trauma. For example, if your mother experienced trauma while you were in her womb, and you may carry that energy with you.

Trauma is the glue to our Karmic past!

Our past is over, but if we experienced trauma in our key relationships with our parents, guardians, siblings, romantic partners, etc. the energetic memory can hold us back in all our relationships. In addition, because birth trauma and our past life trauma are hidden to us, they can often be linked to chronic or serious health issues.

As we loosen the glue to our past, we energetically lighten and a new ease awakens in us. We are able to look at how we changed from our trauma and link that to our past and present relationships. With this new insight, changes we have wanted to make in our lives become easier. We can find forgive and perhaps feel the love our parents or guardians did have for us and see beyond the traumatic chaos and dysfunction. When consciously working with our traumatic load it can become a lot easier for us to see our Karmic ties, programmed responses and thus initiate self-healing from physical ailments.

"While most people remain unaware of lifelong, inner-energetic binds it can be life altering to release and heal our karmic ties and childhood wounds. But until we begin to actively work with these often hidden parts of us, we are unable to see the connection with Karmic Family and Inner-Child aspects."

jona bryndis, transCODES

The good news is that birth trauma usually clears very easily with energy work and when that happens (because they are key trauma) our traumatic load can be drastically reduced!

As a result of energetic Trauma Clearing all types of healing can occur:

• We can observe ourselves and others from a more detached state; increased perception

• We experience increased emotional and mental stability, new sense of well-being, calmer

• It becomes easier to feel self-forgiveness, self-love

• We begin to feel more gratitude

• We can release those that have harmed us and feel more forgiveness

• We can gain a deeper understanding of self

• As our vibration rises, we can release mental resistances and observe positive outward life changes

• We can experience self-healing from physical ailments, disease – and a stronger immune system

• We lower our trauma load, which lowers chances of re-traumatizing self

• We experience increased self-control and with it increased trust in self

Ending trauma with energy work can be enjoyable without having to focus on the past painful event. In fact, talking about the event may even cause you to re-traumatize yourself.

At transCODES we offer 1 hour Remote Energy session, which is designed to initiate spontaneous trauma memory re-coding. The power of our Grace Trauma Clearing transMISSION lies in the combination of Energetic Alignment to GRACE as an energetic resonance and a specifically developed Trauma Clearing protocol. It initiates the repair of stored trauma information and thus lessens our trauma load - without re-traumatizing or re-living the actual trauma memory.

Another way to address energetic trauma load is through 1-on-1 coaching learning how to use the Trauma Clearing Protocol directly. In these personal coaching sessions you will learn a new way to communicate with your True Self and your inner signaling system. This is a very important step and can enhance everything you do. You will discover how to connect and follow the signals from your source, which allows you direct access to information, only you can know. You will go beyond the mind, and or the dependence on an outside source....and go directly to source.

In this clear, non-interfered state you will be shown where your energy is locked in trauma, and how to unravel from it in a soft, gentle and enjoyable way. We do not need to delve into our stories of pain, process, or work on ourselves to end trauma!

Another benefit from learning this protocol in coaching sessions is that you can find and end the trauma linked to your personal key relationships. Again your True Self will guide you, where you need pay attention. You will also learn a simple technique to energetically tidy up your key relationships, whether these people are alive or dead.

If you choose to make the effort and continue reducing your trauma load to virtual zero...you will find you traumatize yourself less and less, and are more easily able to notice and unwind from those moments, when your unconscious coping mechanisms kick in.

We all created our lives to expand and grow beyond what our minds can't understand.

If you want to heal your hidden wounding through the light of your heart join us in this powerful Grace Trauma Clearing transMISSION or check out our Trauma Clearing Coaching Program!

Much love,

Catherine di Pietro & Jona Bryndis

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