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A New Way Of Learning To Heal & Self-Heal

By jona bryndis, Jan 26 2017 06:58PM

When asked how to become an Energy Healer my standard response is:

"Through Learning How to Heal Yourself."

Often this is not exactly the answer that was expected, but the most honest answer based on everything I've learned over the last decade of practicing energy coaching and healing.

Being energetically sensitive means to be able to feel what others feel; therefore it is quite common amongst empaths to receive the prompting to become of service for others in some way down the road. Many of us who are energetically sensitive are aware of our talents and the increased demand for more energetic healers, but we underestimate the true challenge with energetic healing.

It’s not our ability to see/feel another person’s issues, but our ability to link into high vibratory, healing frequencies that through exposure to can aid somebody else’s own consciousness and unlock in them their own self-healing abilities. Because energy healing works on the level of resonance it requires us to know and accept our own stuff more than anything else – in other words, it means we need to know how to heal ourselves first, as if we don’t, we will only be able to transmit that which have healed so far.

There is much talk about the 'different kind of empaths and healers' in social media these days, but not all of this info is helpful. It can help us to become more aware about our empathetic skill set, but in my experience focusing on how well we can feel, see, hear or sense energies distracts from the primary task of a healer - to be able to express and translate perceived energies to the other person.

In my view, it's no coincidence that energetically sensitive people seem to have experienced or been exposed to highly dysfunctional upbringing or relationships more so than the general population. It is through this increased exposure to trauma, abuse, addictions, shadow, physical challenges or karmic attachments that gives an empath the potential signature of being an agent of change or healing.

Which brings up the chicken and egg question - What was there first? Our trauma, that forced us to access our inner self-healing abilities, or our energetic sensitivity that allowed us to work through our own challenges?

In the bigger picture of energy work and healing this makes perfect sense; how else could we be of assistance if we haven't lived through and worked towards healing some of the aspects our potential future clients are going through ourselves?

Energetic or spiritual healing is not something we can learn only from books. Sure, it is helpful to have knowledge in areas of physical, emotional and mental health – but spiritual healing is based on a combination of self-reflection, education and what is usually missing the most - experience in energetically interacting with others. Working with and aiding others (as well as ourselves) is a subjective process that needs to be experienced with our hearts, so that we can develop the necessary reference feelings and confidence within ourselves.

The single most important skill for an energy healer is of course to be able to authentically relate to other people’s issues. It helps to build rapport and trust and shows that we care. However, caring doesn't mean we have to have gone through or absorb all the pain in this world in order to be a good healer, on the contrary! Because we can feel the pain and the darkness that’s causing the issue without trying, the biggest challenge is how to NOT get energetically affected or drained by other people's pain ourselves.

Therefore, if we are interested in potentially practicing energetic healing we need to learn how to become efficient self-healers. We need to know how to manage, navigate and protect our own energies; how to discern between our own and other people’s energies; how to prevent energetic absorption and most of all: How to not project our own energies onto others!

As many of you know, transCODES is specialized not only on public education about energy healing and providing educational programs and a community platform for energetically sensitive people – our main business is practicing energy healing and energy coaching for groups and individuals as well as training empaths how to become energy workers.

By teaching Energy Work techniques through remote energy sessions in which we accompany each participant personally, we are introducing an entirely new way of learning through experiencing energies first hand.

With our 24 Step Sacred Self-Healing Course Jeff Casper and I have already compiled a valuable guide and online learning platform for learning, but for this year we’ve decided to focus on sharing the most fundamental energetic groundwork techniques in form of guided remote energy processes.

HOW TO READ YOUR ENERGIES - Energetic Perception

7 Main Chakras

Chakra Fields

Unified Self

In addition to our popular HOW TO READ YOUR ENERGIES - Energetic Perception Intensive we are now releasing three new transMISSION intensives which come as nine new energy work techniques that can help anyone interested in becoming a Self-Healer and to build an effective repertoire on energy work tools.

HOW TO NAVIGATE YOUR ENERGIES – Energetic Visioning - click on links for more info

Navigating Inner Energies

Navigating Outer Energies

Navigating Dimensions

Each intensive consists of three new remote energy modalities and includes a 60 min guided energy process as MP3 and educational instructions to practice this modality in self-guidance. As with all transMISSION modalities at transCODES these sessions can be booked as individual or as discounted group sessions or intensives.

(All mentioned energy work modalities are discounted for Sacred Self-Healing Members)

Those of you who are interested in learning how to become a proficient self-healer and possibly prepare for becoming an energy healer down the road can learn these techniques with us in as little as 4 months!

Click here for more detailed info on the individual Energy Work Processes.

Thank you for your time reading this.



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