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9th-15th February 2019 ENERGY UPDATE (Week 7): IN BETWEEN

By jona bryndis, Feb 16 2019 07:05PM

Weekly Empath

Energy Update

9th-15th February 2019 (Week 7)

By jona bryndis, 7th February 2019

Watch Energy Update Video here.

Energy Update


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Hi Everbody,

Collective energies coming in next week have a CODEBREAKING QUALITY - meaning it may bring in interesting new perspectives for you - especially in regards to your own subconscious patterns in relationship with others.

In the video I am mostly talking about TOXICITY & OUR SENSE OF NORMAL. I dive into uncomfortable subjects, such as how to spot if you are a CO-DEPENDENT or perhaps even COVERTLY NARCISSISTIC ... but what I am trying to open up is a deeper view into our CORE BELIEFS ABOUT WHETHER WE ARE LOVABLE and give you tools to deconstruct CONDITIONED INNER CHILD PATTERNS.

Not feeling whole or lovable can cause serious pain and DEPENDENCIES in us and therefore needs to be looked at if we want to feel whole again! For as long as we are EXTERNALIZING OUR NEEDS we cannot feel our TRUE SELF, WORTHY OF LOVE OR EVEN SELF LOVE. If we catch ourselves going into our inner rage-beast or pity party instead of questioning yourself question your EGO STORY and try to have COMPASSION FOR YOURSELF for not seeing the ADDICTION TO YOUR FALSE SELF before - because you couldn't!

So, while some of these energies will most likely RUB YOU THE WRONG WAY try to really stay in your center next week! Always seek the WITNESSER SPACE IN BETWEEN YOUR EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS and try to feel out what it truly is that is causing the resistance in you AND LOVE YOURSELF REGARDLESS!

Once more the antidote for the challenges with our EGO'S ADDICTIONS & DEPENDENCIES is the focus on what is conducive for our Self-Love - what feels nurturing, healthy and expansive,

and not what makes avoid for attack what makes us feel empty, angry, depressed or anxious.

Be courageous! Challenge your ego and walk through this week with the GRACE of knowing that that you don't have to be perfect to be lovable!

Much Love,



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