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8th-14th December 2018 ENERGY UPDATE (Week 50): ADJUSTING NEW LIMITS

By elecia, Dec 26 2018 11:00PM

Energy Update

8th-14 December 2018

Week 50

By jona bryndis, December 6th 2018

Watch The Video For Week 50 here

Collective Energies


Dear All,

As we are all going through these expansive times in our own ways I am sure the energy report can only pinpoint the larger context. Let's have a look at how new limits and limitations of the larger expansion affect our journey:

Physically, many of us are still going through sudden and brief respiratory/sinus and flu like symptoms, understand that this will continue until April 2019. The best way to get through this is to learn how to listen to our physical/energetic needs, and also how to make it a priority without becoming too self-centered.

Emotionally, we are all in a state of heightened sensitivity and will therefore experience the time until the end of January as somewhat exhausting. The danger in this is that we will feel a bit raw and that we may focus on our personal sensitivities or insecurities too much.

Mentally, we will try to makes sense of all of these inner influences and won't be able to find 'objective' causes for our agitation. Many of us will get caught in our rigid mindsets and beliefs which will require us to move out of our comfort zone a bit more.

Socially, most of the challenges we are experiencing right now will all turn out very positive and help us to increase the quality of our relationships. They may feel a bit intense, but will help us to change repetitive patterns, especially those that have been holding us back for a while.

Spiritually, this time is actually very interesting. The amount of people awakening to their inner powers is exploding! The only problem here is that most don't have a way to communicate these deeper inner sensations and thus feel a bit lost with their need to reflect. Here, many of us early (older) Empaths and Healers will find that others begin to come to us for advice, which can trigger our unhealed aspects a bit.

Learning how to be of service without infringing or projecting (and absorbing) is one of the big themes for 2019, along with becoming fully aware of our true 'super powers' without specialness or superiority.

Energetically - the unseen aspects of our journey - will continue to be the main learning task for all of us. Increased inner and outer tension forces us to become more efficient in our energy management.

The task for next week is to allow these new limits (upper and lower) to come forward and to learn that we don't have to (often can't) solve all our issues alone. We need to become more aware and learn how to better communicate our minimum requirements, priorities and how far we can stretch our maximum. If you can be completely honest with yourself, sharing and collaborating with others can be so much easier!

Give a try next week!

Please watch the videos for more in depth reflection and energy self-coaching tips for this week.

For more info, energy tips and supporting articles join our PATREON channel or participate in our ongoing energy training & healing sessions or programs.

Hope to see you live on Thursday, 13th December 2018 @12PM (EST) at Facebook Live or in our forum.

All the best!

Much Love,


DECEMBER FORECAST will be published in a few days.

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