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5th-11th January 2019 (Week 2) Energy Update & What Is My Superpower? So Spiritual! Episode 15

By elecia, Jan 9 2019 03:53PM

Energy Update

5th -11th January 2019


So Spiritual! Episode 15:

What Is My Superpower?

By jona bryndis, 4th January 2019

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Current Collective Energies

5th-11th January 2019 (Week 2)


Dear All,

This new week will bring in a big shift for us all.

As some of us are still digesting the experiences of the old year gone, the new year greets us with a NEW PERSPECTIVE coming to our awareness. Overall, even if we are not aware of this planetary influx on our energy the Solar Eclipse (partial for most) and New Moon Energies will set the tone for a NEW BEGINNING.

Something is different now.

Maybe it's that we begin to feel that there is a larger picture that we haven't really paid attention to yet? Things are still unraveling, but some of us can already feel that this is a LARGER PROCESS AND NOT AN EVENT. The hardest part about this is that our ego wants solutions or fixes, all the while it isn't clear what the problem is. To fill up this vacuum it tends to make problems up...Watch it happen and get a good chuckle out of our own ego's SABOTAGE CYCLES!

In order to not fall back to our old ways we will need a little DISCIPLINE next week to not fall back into our old patterns! I call this discipline 'BOUNDARY TRAINING' as it can show us what our absolute minimum needs are, and how much of the old we can take. Here, I recommend to direct your energy back to yourself and ask yourself what you can do for yourself right now - instead of waiting for something to happen or for others to mind-read what you need or want!

On a collective level there will be DISRUPTION of things we are taking for granted. It may make us feel depleted or cut off in some ways, which can trigger POWERLESSNESS in us. Don't fall for FEAR/ANGER/REVENGE! Go into the part of you that you can TRUST in. Learn that you don't need to be in control, and that you can manage NEW CHALLENGES even without knowing or being afraid of not liking the outcome!

Expect to feel a pull into our INNER CHILD/KARMIC FAMILY ASPECTS - the parts in us that spin the sob story of our life. These stories are ego constructs. They neither contribute to you evolving or growing, nor do they excuse your short-comings! It's in your hands how your future will develop. Now is the time to consciously plant the SEED for a different future, a better relationship, more fulfilling job or your own business, one that allows you to fully access and enjoy your true abilities - without the SHADOW OF DOUBT.

So, if you don't want to feed into your BLINDSPOTS - aware or not - then you will need to actively DISRUPT what energizes our UNCONSCIOUS SABOTAGE CYCLES.






Allow this new energy coming in this week to show you your PERSONAL QUEST! No more making your choices depend on others!

Stop waiting for .... whatever!

Express your needs, speak from the heart and let your TRUE SELF know that you no longer feel the need to hide it. If others don't agree, so what!?

Life is not a popularity contest.

Your journey is about BECOMING REAL - and that needs time.

Allow all this to happen and witness your ego squirm while LOOSE ENDS ARE STARTING TO COME TO A CLOSE.

Drink lots of water and try to laugh as much as you can!



PS. We have two new Heart Warrior Spots of the Self Mastery Boot Camp January - February - March 2019 available! If you are considering to work through long standing Sabotage or Abundance Blocks check out our 90 Day Personal Energy Heart Warrior Training!

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