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27th July-2nd August 2018 Energy Update & Tips (Week 31): SUDDEN TURN AROUND

By elecia, Aug 1 2018 11:39PM

Energy Updates

27th July - 2nd August 2018

Week 31

By jona bryndis, July 28 2018

Watch The Video For Week 31 here

Collective Energies


Dear All,

Right now is an important time! It is not the time to give up or doubt yourself! More than ever before, it's imperative to be fully here - to be fully present! Why? Because we are at a moment global zero point! It is in this moment, where we cannot only observe the development of new paradigms and values being born, that can/will drastically influence our collective future, but also where we can shift the way we perceive our own live's experience. The best way to utilize this seemingly chaotic event horizon is by allowing our energy to fully align to the creative abundance and and mystical potential of this present time in collective evolution.

Time is a merely mental construct - a collective agreement for measuring time. It binds us to our mortality and restricts our perception and limits our perspective. It makes us look at the present as something we want to get over with, so it takes a little discipline and deeper understanding to realize that our future is determined in the now and not in the future!

Our developing energetic sensitivity prompts us to stand still more often and to take an inventory, to rather look at our energetic input and output than accomplishments, and to assess where we are at rather than where we want to be instead. For many this brings in a new paradigm of being. We are beginning to understand that the future is pulling us forward, and that our collectively conditioned program to focus on the future, to set goals and make plans is nothing but a distraction mechanism! It promotes fears, expectations, and fantasizing, and prevents us from freely exploring the silent power of our higher vibrational Heart-Consciousness, that can discern the highest potential in a given moment!

The reason why we are barely ever in balance with our surroundings and practically never in a state of optimal flow is a built-in protection (and sometime self-sabotage) mechanism called ego. While it's purpose is to secure our survival, it is not responsible for making us happy. It's neurological and energetic survival programs can overwrite our intentions and overpower our reactions. Rightly so, as per design its program is to control, maintain, dominate, preserve, gain an advantage, seek safety in the familiar and avoid the unknown - all of which lead to a contraction and thus depeletion of our energy.

If we want to excel in chaotic times we need to learn how to bypass its primitive functions, and seek the power to seize the moment through our higher vibratory guidance and abilities, that can not only safely navigate us through the roughness of outer chaos, but also provide us with the necessary energy to seeing the opportunity in every challenge!

Our ego's purpose is to secure our survival, not our happiness!

However, in order to resolve this inner conflict between staying safe in chaotic times and being happy we can't simply remove our ego out of the equation - instead we must find a way to better understand our inner resistance. This requires us to be willing to let go of our ego's payoff and readjust our goal and decision making system to a better energetic health and inner balance; but also to fully embrace our physical sensations and inner signals.

Read here more about EGO BUBBLE'S BURSTING:

Please watch this week's video where I am explaining the incoming energies of next week. (August Forecast coming soon).

Hope to see you for the live stream next week! Click here to get to the live Energy Update for 3rd-9th 2018 on Thursday at 2PM! MDT/4PM EST

Wishing all the best!



Here the Energy Tips for Week 31 in a nutshell (watch video for more info):

Affected Energy Centers This Week: ALL

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Click here to watch Video Week 31

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Week 31:

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