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22nd-28th September 2018 Collective Energies & Tips (Week 39): Equinox - Ready Or Not!

By elecia, Sep 22 2018 11:23AM

Energy Update

22nd-28th September 2018

Week 39

By jona bryndis, September 20 2018

Watch The Video For Week 39 here

Collective Energies


Dear All,

These incoming HEALING energies are asking us to learn how to RELY AND EXPRESS YOUR INNER POWER. It's up to us to find new ways bringing them into action. We need to be very clear about who we are and that/how we want to become an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN OUR LIFE! We cannot just sit on the bench and wait until it's our turn to speak - we need to speak up! SELF-EXPRESSION and SELF-RESPONSIBILITY on all levels is the upcoming theme for the next 4 month cycle.

What is haunting us is what we have been holding back all this time; out of comfort, lack of courage or simply because we weren't ready. YOU ARE READY NOW!

Where have we been acting against our inner values or accepted the repression of our inner truth, because we are afraid of change or the pain of having to clean up what's long overdue?

To those of us who have been working on clearing our inner unresolved fragmentation throughout the year this is not really coming as a surprise. We've discovered various layers of DODGING OUR INNER TRUTH, INTERNALIZED TRUE NEEDS AND FEELINGS and ENABLED IMPROPER BOUNDARIES with others this way. All that has been bugging us for quite a while now and it's starting to get really painful to watch ourselves squirming and avoiding the inevitable.

How much longer do you want to allow your pain of the past and fear of the future to control you?

For the coming month it's really important to keep your 'head in the game!' and to understand that there are huge DISTRACTION FORCES at play. The Game is your ego - a complex web of past, present and future ego-attachment-stuff: Fear, Pain, Specialness, Shadow, Victim and Addiction sabotage.

If you don't understand your ego, you have no no chance to withstand the Global Shadow's last rise over the next months and years. The catalysts and protagonists in the collective arena are all in position already - THE GAME IS ON - whether you are aware of it or not - ready or not - in your life YOU ARE PLAYER NUMBER ONE.

But there is also a positive side... Until the end of October when things can take another turn, we will have time to consolidate the inner conflict between thinking, feeling, visioning and emoting. However, it does require us to realize that this can only be resolved through your inner ability to access our heart and with it our higher self.

Without the PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION of our emotional and spiritual intelligence we will have a hard time getting through our inner ego-drama.

Again, time is running out! If you want to continue playing the game because you see a chance to 'win', think twice...is this game - your life - really about winning? Is it about being right or being better than others?

Remember, you have the choice to step out/up/away and create your own play field at any time. Don't allow yourself to be beaten up for things you can already see aren't in balance. Don't allow your ignorance or ego-comfort to keep you from seeing the larger context. Instead, know what your TRUE POWER AND TALENTS are and ignore the other players!

Don't waste your time with trying to explain yourself or convince others what's going on in your life or how you see things! Time is up. We need to focus on ourselves and know where we are at and where we want want to go - so all that matters is how well you can maintain and manage your own energy.

Don't bash yourself if you are temporarily influenced by a blast from your past. There is a surprise element in these EQUINOX ENERGIES that can get us all distracted with very old KARMIC TIES. So, just let go of trying to control others and stay curious and excited about how everything is unfolding for you! As soon as you understand that expressing your true feelings, wants and needs is YOUR SOURCE of your energy, your energy system will clearly show you what is true to you and what isn't (and yes, physical discomfort is one of the ways your True Self is showing this to you!)

The best way to embrace the renewal of an old system is through implementing NEW RULES, your own rules - based on your inner integrity and the vibration of the best of you!

This needs to include your behavior patterns with your loved ones, or bigger, life changing decisions. Remember that you have a choice at any moment. If you can let go of your SELF-IMPOSED RESTRICTIONS you can be way ahead of the new game!

Energetically, the best way to deal with coming collective waves is stay with yourself and energize your heart-based VISION OF YOUR FUTURE SELF. Forget about what others say or do! The truth is we are surrounded by lower vibratory energies and this will not change until the old paradigms of materialism and 'my-team-your-team' dualisms have come to a fall. There is no way you can manifest your higher vibrational vision of your future if it's still based on wanting validation, comparing or judging.

Seriously, guys - know your game!

It is your responsibility now to stop externalizing our inner power to ideas and rigid beliefs, spirit guides, our partners, addictions or our countries' politicians. They're not gonna show us how to create our own game or how exit the ongoing play! Your Inner congruence and self-love is the only true energetic source for manifesting the life you envision for yourself!

Self-Coaching Tips for this Week:

This Is Who I am - Take it or Leave it!

I am Moving On - With Or Without You!

I Accept My Limitations and Love Myself Regardless - Can You?

Please watch this week's video where I am explaining the incoming energies of next week in detail. This week's Crypto Spiritual Energy Update will be sent out in a separate email.

Wishing all the best!



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