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22nd-28th December 2018 Energy Update (Week 52): ESSENTIALITY & Solstice Energies Explained

By elecia, Dec 27 2018 12:07AM

Energy Update

Solstice Energies

Weekly Empath Energy Update

By jona bryndis, December 21st 2018

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Collective Energies


Dear All,

Energetically seen, the Winter Solstice time resets our energy to a new beginning in our inner journey. It marks the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of the light returning (more each day) to our world. It is the time of heightened perception and increased MANIFESTATION POWER. What we can connect with during this solstice determines the WAY WE APPROACH OUR FUTURE and the manifestation of our goals for 2019.

This NEW BEGINNING can take different form for each of us. A new love, a new job, a new mission, a new challenge, or simply a new way of expressing yourself.

The flip-side of this coin is, that if we are not sure what our alignment is or wobble too long to hold it, we will have to learn to that our PERCEPTION DETERMINES HOW WE EXPERIENCE what is going on. If we are aligned to , guilt, fear, pain or anger we will experience more of it; if we are aligned to compassion, forgiveness and expansion likewise. The way this turns out will be in the EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.

But, supporting this monthlong AMPLIFICATION OF THE EXPERIENCE OF OUR RELATIONSHIP TO OUR INNER HIGHER POWER is an overwhelmingly beautiful HEART-ACTIVATION, albeit a bit too intense sometimes. BIG EMOTIONS can lead to a bit drama in our lives. This will have to be tempered a bit at times, as the PASSION & EXCITEMENT that can get ignited in us can also distract us from staying grounded and and remembering what needs to be done to maintain this new level of TRULY CONNECTING WITH OTHERS.

It will makes us feel VULNERABLE AND STRONG AT THE SAME TIME. We will have to face that all we can do is to HAVE FAITH in our own PURPOSEhere, and rely on what we have in the moment. No guarantees, no insurance, NO REGRETS. Any attempt to CONTROL OR FORCE this fragile new FLAME in us could be extinguished and flip into passionate BLAMING AND VICTIMIZING.

It will be of utmost importance to know how to ALIGN AND REALIGN OURSELVES TO THE TRUTH OF THE PRESENT MOMENT without overreacting, overthinking or anticipating too much.

The new Energies will teach us how to TREAT THE GIFTS OF LOVING KINDNESS WITH RESPECT - without sacrifice, conditions or white-shadow self-gain. This will be a challenge for many of us. While it will test our ABILITY TO BALANCE THE GIVING & RECEIVING of our journey, it can also allow us to see and honor the TRUE SELF in others!

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Watch yesterday's 1st episode here:

Solstice Energies Explained

For us as individuals the Winter Holidays find their profound spiritual meaning not through the superimposed consumerism at the end of the year, but through inner reflection and correction of the old and inviting the new to manifest itself – through receiving the gift of the REBIRTH OF OUR INNER LIGHT.

In energy work we recommend to use this time for releasing and clearing all energetic and karmic ties accumulated throughout the year. Only if we are aware of our shadows and don't fear facing them in inner contemplation or meditation we can successfully remove those energies within us that imprisioned us and that prevent positive manifestation of new energy coming in at beginning of the new year.

In this time we typically focus on clearing our collective ties and embrace the inspiration through our personal epiphany. We celebrate the rebirth of our inner light through our inner sacred redemption process understanding that there is a new beginning every time we confirm our inner connection - as it allows us to rejoin the circle of life without attachments.

The metaphysical meaning of the Winter Solstice is the resonance of the Alpha & Omega - the simultaneous beginning and the end - the unified Yin and Yang in constant motion. It symbolizes the transformative and eternal power of the Divine Field expressing itself through space and light. Light, the mystical representation of the Divine Masculine aspect has no end or beginning - itself has no shadow, and it can expand and contract in any direction without limitation. Space, the all-encompassing vacuum, the primordial OM that holds and provides the vehicle for the energy of light can be seen as the mystical Divine Feminine aspect. Together they constantly expand and contract - transform and transmute - carrying the information of ALL there is.

During the Winter Solstice it is the conscious space of the Divine Feminine that invites the Divine Masculine to infuse her darkness with the spark of new light, and thus strength and direction. As the strength of the light renews itself again it bears a new potential to bring new life, new ideas and new inspiration into our lives.

On the deeper mystical level, The Sacred Rebirth combines the correctional process of Redemption through the creational process of Renewal. Both primal energies, the Masculine and Feminine are needed for this process.

In conscious and spiritual energy work we practice the sacred process of Rebirthing our Inner Light by decoupling from the collective matrix and leaving our past inc. karma and trauma behind with energetic collective clearing modalities. We fearlessly align ourselves to truth and courage (masculine) while energizing our inner nurturing, self-love and compassion (feminine) at the same time, and thus reclaim our Divine Light as sovereign ruler of our own soul. In deep and silent reflection or contemplation, we allow our shadows to be illuminated and call for the cleansing of the old through our heart. We use the end of the year as time for deep clearing of our karmic and energetic ties, which quickens our life-force and reconfirms our alignment to the Unified Divine – the Alpha & Omega within.

Utilizing the energies of the end of the old year and beginning of the new year means renewing a life affirming attitude and to strengthen our divine inner connection.

Collective Clearing Energy Work Applied

At this level of energy work we need to continue to transcend your need to conform with collective conditions and programmed behaviors. We need to become able to discern when it's time claim your independence from your conditioning to be better than others or to please those around us.
 We need to stand strong! Our alignment to inner resolution and peaceful solutions will get you through this transformation without having to fight!

All you need is to be present in your heart and the courage to trust your inner light to guide you. You don't need anyone to tell you what is right for you, because you can clearly feel what's true to you and what isn't. Declare yourself and what you stand for! Be accountable for your light and make it count!

There is a comfort in believing that we there is magic in those symbols and props of our collective programming (there were many such symbols that came forward in this session btw), yet when we feel it out through our heart, we can realize that they are the ones that keep us imprisoned.

Those of us who are aware of the perennial power in the Divine principle of life become the beacons of our global consciousness awakening. We understand that there is a tremendous power in accepting transformation as divine creation process and that redemption is not a guilt driven making-good process with whatever authority we externalized our power to. We understand that Divine power permeates through us at all times, and that GRACE is a resonance within our hearts.

With this reawakened inner knowing we feel that this power is in us, but that it’s a matter of self-responsible choice to align to it that allows it to manifest through us.

Shining with renewed life and light illuminates not just our own but also the lives of others. It empowers, encourages and inspires them to improve themselves. This is the way of the Divine Light shining through us dispelling darkness for the entire collective. Decoupling from the collective allows not only for our light to shine brighter and wider – it also brings healing into our life and that of others!

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