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20th-26th July 2018 Energy Updates & Tips (Week 30): TRANSITIONS

By elecia, Jul 22 2018 09:14PM

Energy Updates

20th-26th July 2018

Week 30

By jona bryndis, July 20 2018

20th-26th July 2018 Energy Update & Energy Tips For Empaths (Week 30): TRANSITION & DE-TANGLEMENT

Watch The Video For Week 30 here

Collective Energies


Dear All,

This is the time of transition - the change we all have been waiting for. But does this mean it's all better? No! First it may appear to get worse...

Heightened Inner Perception or being an empath can be very overwhelming at times. Regardless of whether we were born empathetic or it just so came to us, once we become aware that the world is nothing but an illusionary virtual reality it changes everything! The way we see success, money, career and relationships. Suddenly, what was important to us yesterday is no longer relevant; what we believed to make us happy or give our life meaning becomes pathetic or boring. What now?

While this global phenomenon of spiritual emergence and the associated states of energetic hyper-sensitivity, mystical experiences and unexplainable physical sensations is old news in spiritual and new-age circles, mainstream psychology and psychiatry still misdiagnoses psychospiritual crisis or spiritual emergencies as psychotic or pathological episode.

But be assured - you are not crazy! And you are definitely not alone!

Please watch this week's video where I am explaining the incoming energies of next week. (please also watch July 2018 Energy Forecast below).

Hope to see you for next week's live stream! Click here to get to the live Energy Update for 27th July - 2nd August 2018 on Thursday at 2PM! MDT/4PM EST

Wishing all the best!



Links for this video:

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Shadow Work: http://www.transcodes.com/services-new/4588083921/shadow-work/9678664

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Article on Dealing With New Level of Perception & Perceptivity


Here the Energy Tips for Week 29 in a nutshell (watch video for more info):

Affected Energy Centers This Week:

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Crypto Energies 20th-26th July 2018 & Integrity Rating: SIRIN, CAMPUSCOIN, ZILLIQA, NEO, ETHOS

Click here to watch Video Week 30

Crypto Energies


Keywords Week 30:


Market Sentiments is reflected with delay -

beware of buying high and selling low

Integrity Testing during Business Paradigm Transition and Collective Consciousness Level Shifting

SEC/ETF Decision (10/16th August? )

Shorts squeezed out 7/18 next 8/15

31st July - Stock Market end of 2nd Quarter tradition

Chasing Listings?

Litecoin WEG BANK

Careful with Risk-Taking!!!!


Memes: 1st, 3rd P&D, FOMO & 5th STAY REAL

(Token 1) SIRIN LABS

(Token 2) CAMPCO

(Token 3) ZILIQUA


(Token 5) NEO

(Wallet) ETHOS

(Celebrity) JOHN MCAFEE

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Crypto Integrity Tests

Week 30:

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