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1st-7th December 2018 ENERGY UPDATE (Week 49): EXPANSION WAVES

By elecia, Dec 26 2018 10:49PM

Energy Update

1st-7th December 2018

Week 49

By jona bryndis, November 30 2018

Watch The Video For Week 49 here

Collective Energies


Dear All,

I hope you all found the link to the live stream on Facebook, our forum or front-page website!

This is the Energy Update and public Energy Tips for this week.

It is becoming clear to us energetically sensitives that this Ascension and Spiritual Awakening Experience is not an event but a LEVELING UP process. However, the meaning of this is not that we are in a race or competition to be the 'most spiritual'; On the contrary! anyone approaching their individual awakening process with this attitude will or already is experiencing a direct reflection of this motive. Any attempt to force or push this process will throw us back into our EGO PATTERNS.

This week is bringing forward the narcissistic tendency in our CORE COPING in all of us. It's showing us how we gravitate towards making things 'all about us' or 'all about the other' without deeper reflection. The reason for this is the limitation in ego perception. We cannot see what we cannot see. For this gradual expansion of our energy body, our EMOTIONAL-SPIRITUAL MATURITY needs to grow accordingly. Without proper tools and contextualization our ego will highjack our increased awareness, but for its own agenda. This can be observe in all ears of human sociology. In order to gain better DISCERNMENT, A HIGHER VIBRATORY ALIGNMENT and the WILLINGNESS TO BECOME SELF-RESPONSIBLE a spiritual emergence can easily turn into a spiritual emergency.

This week will all be about our EMOTIONAL PROCESSING.

Please watch the videos for more in depth reflection and energy self-coaching tips for this week.

For more info, energy tips and supporting articles join our PATREON channel or participate in our ongoing energy training & healing sessions or programs.

Hope to see you live on Thursday, 6th December 2018 @12PM (EST) at Facebook Live or in our forum.

All the best!

Much Love,


DECEMBER FORECAST will be published in a few days.

Links to mentioned Energy Healing & Training Sessions: http://transcodes.discussion.community/calendar

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