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16th-22nd February 2019 ENERGY UPDATE (Week 8): OUT OF LIMBO

By jona bryndis, Feb 16 2019 07:36PM

Energy Update

16th-22nd February 2019 (Week 8):


By jona bryndis, 14th February 2019

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Collective Energies Next Week


Hi Everybody,

I hope you are all doing well!

Here, the Energy Forecast for next week. In the video I talk a lot about TRUE SELF and how we may feel forced to step up a bit. Most of the energetic themes, especially after this weekend are going to be about the HIGHER EXPRESSION OF WHO WE TRULY ARE.

Generally spoken, it is a wonderful process to grow into our HIGHER POTENTIAL & BECOME AWARE OR OUR TRUE POWERS, but if we are not fully seeing eye to eye with our perception of self - how we show up - how we actually walk the talk - then this week can become a bit challenging.

We are all just now awakening to the reality of BIG CHANGES AHEAD. This can trigger a bit of LIMBO FEELING in us (as described in last week's energy update and tips). As we are transitioning between different paradigms it is of utmost importance to realize that this awakening state can make us a little vulnerable. Do not go backwards now! Checking out, avoiding, hiding, denying or distracting with specialness is not going to help to become more true!

In order to better face these challenges it is key to be willing to KNOW OURSELVES. Without understanding our BLINDSPOTS we keep energizing our inner (and outer) conflicts and therefore resist the very reflection that could help us to get past them. Besides continued outer (political) drama, which I strongly recommend to ignore next week, you will need to look at your INNER AND OUTER CONGRUENCE and make CONSCIOUS & ACTIVE CHOICES that can move you back into the place of RECLAIMING YOUR TRUE POWER.

Even those of us who have been doing their share of inner work for a long time will experience what it means to truly look into the MIRROR OF OUT INNER TRUTH. Our level of authenticity and ACCOUNTABILITY WITH SELF will primarily express in our relationships next week, if it hasn't already this week.

If you feel under pressure, anxious or simply overwhelmed by big emotions, remember to NOT DOUBT YOURSELF! When circumstances or the way we experience our life are intense it merely means that there are different aspects of how you PERCEIVE YOUR REALITY are colliding. The way out of this intensity is not to escalate and increase intensity levels (conscious or unconscious) but to SLOW DOWN!

TAKE YOUR TIME to get into a more balanced and grounded place before reacting or working on whatever the issue at hand presents. Focus on your INNER POWER instead of making your PERCEPTION OF SELF dependent on how others react. Working on congruence means allowing yourself to HOLD THE SPACE FOR YOURSELF until you can respond or chow up in the best possible/most healed way!

Also, as always, remember that the majority of people around you are completely unaware of collective influences, as well as energies and energy field altogether! HOLDING YOUR SPACE can sometimes also be accomplished by holding your space while holding it for others!

The main problem with wanting to be someone who we might not yet be able to fully embody at all times is our EGO COPING with inner and outer challenges, Try to become more aware of when you are slipping into your FAKE SELF. Learn about WHITE SHADOW and what you need to let go of thinking you need to be someone you are not!

Please watch the video if you want to become more aware of what can lead to these colliding realities in us, and how you can approach your SACRED process of becoming THE BEST YOU CAN BE, without losing your TRUE SELF IDENTITY.

Thank you for your time!



PS. Please remember that we have our monthly REMOTE PRAYER [FREE[ GROUP HEALING Session this Sunday, 17th February 2019 @12PM (noon) EST - for anyone in energetic support!

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