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15th-21st December 2018 ENERGY UPDATE (Week 51): NEW MOMENTUM

By elecia, Dec 26 2018 11:42PM

Energy Update

15th-21st December 2018

Week 51

By jona bryndis, December 13th 2018

Watch The Video For Week 51 here

Collective Energies


Dear All,

Welcome to the next level of your Awakening Journey!

In a week such as the one starting this weekend, the inner dynamics of growth can be consciously experienced. It will feel raw, it feel vulnerable, it'll be wonderful! A NEW LEVEL OF CONNECTION and with it a new level of seeing our own limitations will help us to remember what our life journey really is about!

It's not 'what' happens, but 'how' we handle what happens. How we handle what happens depends on how well we can adapt.When it comes to our fear of being vulnerable, alone or making mistakes, the only way to to grow past this fear is by OVERCOMING FEAR.

You know that you are growing, when your ego is kicking and screaming - that's when you can consciously observe what has been holding you back from moving forward.

The reason why text week is great for all of us to break through our EGO'S FEAR is because we will get a lot more FEEDBACK than normal.

Feedback is when our environment, other people or circumstances mirror back to us what we cannot see about ourselves. We can of course deny, deflect or ignore that, but if we are really as smart as our ego wants us to believe, we take this feedback as a tool for conscious growth. However, don't get me wrong here. I'm not taking about pleasing or trying to conform, on the contrary! Those adaptations won't really be supported. We will have mean it FROM THE HEART, is we want to fill in the blanks of being and acting AUTHENTICALLY.

Fears are never about not what you can or can't do! They are about you NOT WANTING TO FEEL PAIN. Growth happens when we allow ourselves to explore UNKNOWN TERRITORY regardless. Trust that this week will show to you how you can LIBERATE YOURSELF from these invisible inner blocks. Learn how to better COMMUNICATE who you are and what you need to feel safe and supported in oder to get past your fears.

Relationshipwise, there is much to learn about communication. If it wasn't about how we present ourselves, our insecurities and vulnerabilities, life would be like a virtual reality in which we could simply pick an avatar that does all that for us. But for a CONSCIOUSLY AWAKENING PERSON life is about growing into our very own TRUE SELF AVATAR. The tricky part about becoming who we truly are is that most of us are not sure yet if we like what we are...ONWARD AND FORWARD! Take this challenge as opportunity for learning how to unconditionally loving yourself!

From an energetic point of view, fighting against yourself or pretending to be some different is probably to most common EGO TRAP. How much energy to we waste every day in trying to ward off, justify, defend, protect or tweak our reality?

Next week is all about UNRAVELING THE BLOCKS AND FEARS around growing into our True Self! Wonderful! Enjoy!

If you feel that there is too much pain and fear, or past experiences blocking your true perception and vision of yourself, consider an ENERGETIC CLEARING SESSION. As every year, we are offering a YEAR END SPECIAL for a Personal Etheric Clearing with following Energy Coaching session for $150 (instead of $250) - click here for more info;

Please watch the videos for more in depth reflection and energy self-coaching tips for this week.

For more info, energy tips and supporting articles join our PATREON channel or participate in our ongoing energy training & healing sessions or programs.

Hope to see you live on Thursday, 13th December 2018 @12PM (EST) at Facebook Live or in our forum.

All the best!

Much Love,


Links to mentioned Energy Healing & Training Sessions: http://transcodes.discussion.community/calendar

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