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14th-21st September 2018 Energy Update & Tips (Week 38): CONSCIOUSLY MATURING

By elecia, Sep 22 2018 11:06AM

Energy Update

14th - 21st September 2018

Week 37/38

By jona bryndis, September 14 2018

14th -21st September 2018 Energy Update & Energy Tips For Empaths (Week 38): CONSCIOUSLY MATURING

Watch The Video For Week 38 here

Collective Energies


Dear All,

the energetic weather conditions for the coming week require us to be very PRACTICAL. Some of you will go through 3D/Physical challenges that require you to be fully present. No more wallowing in the past, or tolerating toxic conditions in relationships, work or at home - unless you have not had enough yet...

If you can see the Karmic Lesson in your life's patterns, say NO MORE and be practical about it! Focus on what you CAN CHANGE and LET GO what you cannot change!

Repeating the same lesson over and over again in essence means that there are aspects of ourselves that we are blind to because cannot fully embrace yet. In the video I vividly laid out what this means for us empaths and energetically sensitives. From here on we need to make everything a CONSCIOUS ACT OF SELF LOVE and accept that GROWTH COMES WITH MATURING. However, at the same time we need to learn how to be PATIENT with ourselves and others, and constantly HARMONIZE these two different realities with another.

Watch other people suddenly exploding or reverting back into their unresolved INNER CHILD PATTERNS next week (which includes blaming, self-berating, paranoia, victimhood, projecting and other ego patterns). If you are going through a tough time with the changes in your life, remember that you have all tools to transcend and raise your energy above what you resist already in you!

See here how you can SELF-REFELCT on those aspects, which chakras they are typically linked to and what age-group these attachments are associated with. For more info or deeper integration work with unhealed Inner Child aspects please book a session with us.

Self-Coaching Tips for this Week:

I am Responsible for My Energy.

I energize what I allow, defend, tolerate or project.

My Ego Thrives on What I Dwell on.

What CAN I Do Right Now?

Please watch this week's video where I am explaining the incoming energies of next week in detail. This week's Crypto Spiritual Energy Update will be sent out in a separate email.

Hope to see you for the live stream next week! Click here to get to the live Energy Update for 22nd - 28th September 2018 from now at 1PM EST/11AM MDT!

If you missed last week's Energy Update, which I didn't have the time to edit go to my youtube channel to watch the live stream version.

Wishing all the best!



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Here the Energy Tips for Week 38 in a nutshell (watch video for more info):

Affected Energy Centers This Week: 1st, 5th & 6th into 4th

For in depth explanation of energetic processes and energy work lingo watch this compilation of 21 FREE ENERGY TRAINING VIDEOS on Youtube here

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