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12th-18th January 2019 ENERGY UPDATE (Week 3): FACING SET BACKS

By elecia, Jan 11 2019 08:58PM

Energy Update

12th-18th January 2019


By jona bryndis, 11th January 2019

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Current Collective Energies

12th-18th January 2019 (Week 3)


Dear All,

This coming week will bring in interesting challenges. It feels like as if we are FORCED TO WATCH OUR OWN CONTRADICTION WITH EYES WIDE OPEN. This can help many of us to come to a higher level of understanding why our goals or hopes and dreams for the future haven't really worked out yet. If we can manage to get past our INNER CHILD'S NEEDINESS FOR MAGICAL SOLUTIONS it may become really obvious to us how we have been PROJECTING OUR NEEDS and also our SHORTCOMINGS onto others.

Many of us will feel a bit FRUSTRATED & VULNERABLE next week, but in a good way! Letting go of our PROJECTIONS OF THE FUTURE and with it the confirmation that we are NOT IN CONTROL isn't easy to swallow for our ego. However, on the other hand we will also be able to see the RIDICULOUSNESS OF OUR INTERNAL EGO STORIES. The task that comes with this challenge is to accept SET BACKS as natural opportunity to CORRECT & REALIGN OUR GOALS rather than resorting to our usual reaction to blame or to find the mistake in the EXTERNAL (others).

If we can see this as an chance to become more REALISTIC WITH OURSELVES we will notice that many of our goals are nothing but the attempt to BYPASS OUR FEARS & PAINS. If we are serious about CHANGE, which is kind of forced on us right now, we need to be willing to LET GO OF OUR PAST PAIN. If we ALIGN OUR FUTURE TO OUR PAST PAIN, the only realistic outcome is more pain!


Because, AVOIDING, DENYING OR BYPASSING are ego mechanisms that stand in direct contradiction with our goal to be present. Without the WILLINGNESS TO ACCEPT THAT SOME ISSUES AREN'T READY TO BE RESOLVED or that healing of our wounds requires us to really look at them, we will continue to experience and INNER BATTLE OF REALITIES.

ENERGETIC SENSITIVITY means that what we experience is not just what we can see with our visual eyes. Someone who is highly perceptive to the unseen also sees the world through their inner mind's eye. Some of us shut our sensitivity down, out of fear - others follow their inner prompting and use it to explore inner and outer beyond the veil of ego mind and visual perception.

How can we integrate both ways of seeing the world, and why is it important to build our very own lexicon of energetic feelings and sensations?

The amount of information and sensations that we experience throughout any given day can be astounding and vary tremendously. As we take in all that we sense, we form ties, labels or meanings to various stimuli as symbols or representations of certain people, places, emotions, or mental constructs. Our INFORMATION PROCESSING forms a large part of how we live out our lives, and we have a tendency to become fairly rigid over time in what things represent for us and how we act in accordance with those representations.

When we attempt to do new things, take on new situations or choose some form of personal growth; the symbols we sense usually change or take on different meanings, which can bring about confusion, emotionality or uncertainty on how to act.

For example,

if we see a man coming towards us in a state of fear, it will mean something different as opposed to when we are in a state of anger, neutrality or at peace. At one of end that list we may run away or try to fight the man seeing him a threat, and at the other end we may see if he needs help or take time to get to know seeing him as just another human being.

The same situation with the same visuals and sensations can lead to tremendously different outcomes based on our energetic state. But not only that - it can also mean that we need to look at something completely different in order to manage our personal energy. For example, in some states, Anger and its symbols can be very healing - in other states it can be defelcting, destructive or even self-sabotaging.

Just taking in information (CONTENT) does not represent the overall situation (CONTEXT) fully. As it is in the interpretation of the facts and understanding of where our energy is currently at that we can have a stronger understanding of what is occurring within our lives in any given moment.

This process of both reflection and awareness (contemplative lifestyle) incorporates a more accurate view of our lives as it looks at all information from a faster vibratory view, and not one of the mind and emotions.

The latter leads to reactive or instinctual responses, while the faster vibratory view may still lead to the same outcome, but with time the responses in this situation may begin to change or at least we will have more options to choose from.

The CHOICE TO BEGIN STUDY or feel out what we are experiencing can become a large part of spiritual consciousness journey, as things such as prayer, meditation, contemplation and aligning to the softness of our inner connection can bring up a slew of new feelings, reference feelings, symbols and sensations that we will want to decode.

By feeling out what these symbols mean to us as we interpret dreams, visions and sensations, we will begin to form a new lexicon that aids us in sensing what state we are in, what is coming in for us, and what choices we have to respond or change how we act in a given situation.

( Click here to read more about Developing Your Lexicon of Inner Sensations)

What can come out of CONSCIOUSLY FACING OUR ENERGETIC REALITY can be astounding and aid us tremendously in helping us decode or break down what is occurring within our journey as we work to connect, integrate and heal.

That said, next week, this can be particularly difficult for some of you who are aware of ETHERIC ENERGIES. You may feel bombarded DREAMS & VISIONS that try to pull you back into your EGO REALITY - insisting that the world (external) is RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SET BACKS & FRUSTRATIONS. The way through this challenge is to REMEMBER TO CENTER YOURSELF through breathing, feeling into your body and allowing our INNER HEART'S WISDOM TO REASSURE YOU that you are on exactly the path that you came here for!

Nothing is carved in stone! We are the experiencer and witnesser of our journey to grow into our HIGHEST POTENTIAL. Our KARMIC TASK was agreed upon before we came here, but the way we experience our journey lies in our hands. We can deny or avoid what we don't want to face, but this won't make the experience easier. The task at hand is to DISSOLVE THE ILLUSION that there is anybody/anything outside of ourselves RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR JOURNEY.

It will be a great week for a NEW APPROACH, even if you don't know whether it's going to work! There is a SURPRISE element in the energies of next week, so why not take it full frontal and SURPRISE YOURSELF!




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