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10th-16th August 2018 Energy Updates & Tips (Week 33): ROCKING UP!

By elecia, Aug 15 2018 09:37PM

Energy Updates

10th-16th August 2018

Week 33

By jona bryndis, August 10 2018

Watch The Video For Week 33 here

Collective Energies


Dear All,

Many of us are dealing with the energy of separation and feeling a being lost. In these intensely confusing times our INNER SCHISMS can come to the surface which often plays out as CRITICAL INNER VOICE or INNER/OUTER JUDGMENT, but also severe POWERLESSNESS and even HOPELESSNESS. As a consequence of feeling DISCONNECTED and not really being able to hear our inner voice we are LOOKING FOR GUIDANCE OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES.

Energetically, this shows the main themes for this week:








Right now, these are very common reactions to Current collective Energies. It triggers our ego to justify our situation, either by BLAMING others or ourselves, or by feeling ANXIOUS about out future. This however is merely the surface level of the real issue. From an energetic point of view, a proper CONNECTION WITH OUR HEART could take care of this. It could allow us to release REPRESSED EMOTIONS, GROUND AND CENTER our energy and lead to more TRUST IN OUR INNER GUIDANCE. As empaths or energetically sensitives this can produce quite a bit of inner turmoil in us. Not only are we dealing with our own perceived PAIN we are also picking up on other people's desperation that can/will pull us down if we are not centered and grounded enough.

Last week I recommended to CALL YOURSELF TO YOUR HIGHER EXPRESSION OF SELF. The deeper meaning of CALLING OUT TRUTH is about seeing this as the PERFECT TIME for integrating and implementing changes into our practical lives. Energy Healing is not yet something we all accept as diagnosis tool, but it can give us a ROADMAP as to which parts of us need healing, which is not always that obvious for us. Even trained Empaths, Healers and Energy Workers have blindspots for their own EGO ILLUSIONS! It's in the nature of our ego mind to produce very convincing projections that can cloud our ABILITY TO SEE TRUTH.

This may sound a bit mental, which is also why many of you probably experienced this session primarily as MENTAL CLEARING session. On a deeper energetic level however it was really about OVERCOMING OUR EGO MIND's LIMITATIONS and not the mind itself. It is a futile undertaking to resist the mind. It can lead to endless MENTAL LOOPING in form or worrying, anxiety, self-berating, depression and even delusions. See, we cannot stop the mind from thinking, but we could stop identifying with our thoughts and train ourselves to calm the noise level of our thoughts down.

The energetic effects of any inner conflict is that causes a split in our energy. It promotes PROJECTIONS OF SELF that are produced by the ego mind to keep our personal illusions intact. While this is often simply showing our inner inertia to change it can also serve as justification or reconfirmation of our ego pay offs - to keep the ILLUSION OF SELF intact.

This coping mechanism then leads to a disconnection in the Etheric Body of a person, in which one version of self wants to get closer to INNER AND OUTER TRUTH and the other tries to maintain the ILLUSION OF SELF.

The inner struggle between an internalized and externalized self is very common in empaths and energetically sensitives. It shows us our INTERNAL DUALISM - and with it the cause of all suffering. In times where collective energies bring in intense correctional waves of truth, our physical body goes into direct resistance with this inner split. This is the reason why so many people are feeling vulnerable right now. TRUTH cannot be hidden anymore - ILLUSIONS cannot be sustained anymore. Our energy's response to the DESIRE for truth to be REVEALED creates an inner PLATEAU OF PAIN - a threshold of pain a person must break through to get to the other side of their fear. This can play out in physical (ailments), emotional (heartache), mental (endless looping) or spiritual pain (etheric attacks), depending on where a person's ILLUSION is the strongest and INNER CONNECTION is the weakest.

Taken together it shows that instead of looking for guidance form within we tend to seek it on the outside. The way I saw this was that many of us are DESPERATELY CHASING THE LIGHT without realizing that it's right WITHIN - but, due to the intense bombardment through our own ego and outer craziness we are missing the target. If we can stay grounded and centered, we can SHIFT OUR ENERGY in to a more centered state, so that we can RECONNECT WITH OUR INNER LIGHT - but because we keep seeking it on the outside we are running in circles.

"My destination need not be clear

as I follow the path of my heart;

I journey as Light and Love,

the Divine within is my guide."

The way we saw these cycles in energy healing is through various forms of FRAGMENTATION and SPINNING of a person's energy fields. This exhausting EXTERNALIZING OF YOUR POWER therefore shows itself as the core of the issue (individually perceived and translated into your personal situation of course). So, while some of you may encounter primarily physical agitation (including heat and buzzing), resentments and strong mental activity or emotional loneliness, others may feel a warm and reassuring light going through them that helps them to LIBERATE themselves through a stable inner heart connection. How this week's energies will translate for you mainly depends on how wiling you were to STAND STILL for a moment, and REFOCUS ON YOUR INNER LIGHT.

On a deeper level, in order to find the path back to our heart's guidance (4th and 6th Chakra) we need to stop pointing fingers outside of ourselves and belief in CAUSATION. Nothing causes you to suffer other than you agreeing to suffer on some level (sorry for speaking so bluntly). Why we agree to suffer completely deludes our ego, which is why it needs a reason....

Subjectively nobody wants to suffer, of course. All this does is pulling us into more bombardment and tremendous stress to maintain control (3rd Chakra). However, part of the function of our ego is to deal with pain in a way that it becomes tolerable for us, and so it copes with pain by externalizing it. But this is where our mental and emotional fragmentation and schisms come in - we don't want pain, but at the same time we are refusing to acknowledge that there is a hidden payoff to pain - namely that we can blame it onto somebody/thing outside of us. That said and done, over time it aligns our energy to an external power and takes away our grounding and ability to even feel our heart. We literally, without being aware of it, GIVING OUR POWER AWAY in this way and thus re-energize our pain.

The only way out is to BREAK THROUGH THIS CYCLE and allow ourselves to TRUST IN OUR HEART AGAIN! There is no short-cut! Reconnecting with our heart is a process and not an event. It takes TRUST and PATIENCE - and FAITH IN YOUR SELF-HEALING POWERS.

The overall energy tip for you is to STOP whatever you are doing or how you are handling your suffering - and allow a moment of SILENCE AND NOTHINGNESS- so that you can begin to feel your INNER GUIDANCE again!

I hope this translates into COURAGE and NEW ENERGY for you.

The self-coaching tip for this week could be:

What Would My True/Higher Self Do

or Choose?

Please watch this week's video where I am explaining the incoming energies of next week. (August Forecast available!). For the Crypto Spiritual Energy Update scroll further down.)

Hope to see you for the live stream next week! Click here to get to the live Energy Update for 17th-23rd August 2018 on Thursday at 2PM! MDT/4PM EST

Wishing all the best!



(Excerpt from Remote Prayer Session 08/10/18)

Here the Energy Tips for Week 33 in a nutshell (watch video for more info):

Affected Energy Centers This Week: 2nd, 4th & 6th

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Crypto Energies

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Rocking Up!

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Bust Cycle

Delay to decide about ETF’s

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Week 33:

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