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transMISSION FLAT RATE - Yearly Unlimited Participation


Remote Energy transMISSIONS combine latest energy work techniques and are highly transformative.

The Remote Energy transMISSION Flat Rate is designed to allow you to kick start or intensify your inner journey, increase your personal consciousness level and ability to manifest your highest potential. It allows you to participate in all transCODES Group transMISSIONS and transMISSION Combos as many times as you wish. For the duration of 12 months (starting at sign-up date) you will have the opportunity to choose from (on average) 20 different remote energy sessions every month.

This rate is available for anyone who wants to kick-start or deepen his or her inner journey.

The transMISSION Flat Rate package is highly recommendable for service professionals (tax deducible), practitioners, life coaches, and therapists. (Prerequisite for our Certified transCOACH Energy Coach Training Program)

As a bonus for flat rate clients Jona provides extended personal email coaching after sessions.

Participation in Group transMISSIONS are subject to their availability (see transMISSION Calendar).

Includes new transMISSION modalities and Energetic Adjustment Sessions! The only exception to this flat rate are our Webinars and the Healing Circle Workshop.

Personal Energy Coaching Sessions, Energy Clearing Sessions and products (MP3 Tools, Videos, Sacred Self-Healing Package and Tickets) are excluded from this Flat Rate.

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Please email us if you are not sure which option to choose: info@transcodes.com