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SELF MASTERY CLASS - How To Outvibrate Personal Barriers


This new mastery class is a combination of energy healing session and live discussion of how to overcome and permanently break through personal barriers.

in a 30 min Energy Alignment transMISSION participants are energetically cleared and energetically scanned for the resolution of persistent, recurring or chronic issues. In the following 1h Live Webinar and Personal Q&A Jona Bryndis will present an outline of typical energetic causes and a roadmap on how to outvibrate those states (can take longer than 1 hour). Jona will share personal healing strategies and help to create a roadmap for participants.

A personalized Healing Roadmap (printed and spoken onto MP3 by Jona) can be provided for those who don't want to share during the webinar for an additional fee.

The objective of Self Mastery Class is to provide hands-on energy coaching tools and self-healing techniques for the most common problems observed in energy healing. In addition, it can provide a new perspective on traditional emotional/mental/physical health issues which can be used to assist others.

Recommendable for Individuals and Healing Professionals.

Self Mastery Classes take place every two weeks from 1-3 PM (US Eastern Time) and do not require any prerequisites. Space is limited to 20 participants per session.


2nd February 2019 Manifestation Issues: COURAGE & POWER

23rd February 2019 Career Issues:  SUCCESS & PERFECTIONISM

16th March 2019  Money Issues: VICTIM - SURVIVOR - THRIVER

An Energy Alignment MP3 and Recording of the Webinar is provided after session.

Each session is guided through a provided meditation/energy alignment process and personal energy coaching in the live webinar. Please note that there is no energy coaching in transMISSION Forum available for this session.

This Session is included in the Heart Warrior Program and is part of the Energy Training Club. Sacred Self-Healing Member discount is available.

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