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GRACE Gaia Sophia Marathon



With Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper
Oct 29th - Oct 31st 2018

9 daily remote energy sessions at 7AM, 1PM and 9PM (EDT- US Eastern Time)

This series of nine one-hour Remote Energy transMISSIONS is designed for an intensified alignement to our highest potental and inner manifestation abilities.

This is a one-time group event.

Participation does not require all six sessions, but at least on a day (as each day practices a different session focus).

Prequesites apply.

The GRACE Gaia Sophia transMISSION is a powerful advanced self-healing and integration tool. It initiates Soul-Integrity through Self-Correction and Redemption (often in conjunction with fear) carried over from past lives or multi-dimensional contracts. It addresses the healing of unresolved karmic ties, energetic attachments, residues of disdain/superiority and internalizes the ethics of etheric merging.

This transMISSION modality is designed for advanced spiritual clearing and energy workers to improve etheric protection, ability to connect and reduction of energetic absorption.

Prerequisites: Ideally (recommended) familiar with GRACE Integrity, Manifestation, Mental-Heart, Sacral-Heart Fusion and Redemption modalities.

transCODE: The Healed Mother (by Jona Bryndis)

With Jona Bryndis

In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

- Activation of Sophianic Merging

- Resolution of deeply seated inner Soul Fragmentation

- Resolution of deeply seated inner Masculine/Feminine Dissonances

- Teaching the Alchemical Process of Self-Correction

- Activation of Gaia Healing Codes

- Collective Healing of the Feminine Spirit

This modality practices a sacred healing modality developed for advanced energy workers and active spiritual healers, which can only be shared in compliance with the alignment to GRACE ethics and integrity.

GRACE Gaia Sophia is a very powerful advanced self-healing tool. For full download and assimilation of this code 3 transMISSIONS is needed. Follow-up sessions are available.

Group sessions are held regularly, typically in clusters of three sessions 3-4 weeks apart. Sessions can also be booked on your own timeline as individual transMISSION. It is recommended to leave at least 3 weeks integration time in between transMISSIONS.

If needed, persistent disharmonic aspects can then be further addressed in specifically designed transCOACHING protocol or Remote Energy Clearing Sessions.

Discounted session coaching is available for this session.

Individual sessions include one 60 min 1on-1 transCOACHING session and email support (not in Group transMISSIONS).

Instructions will be sent out 12-24 hours prior to transMISSION session.

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