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Energetic Mentor Business Coaching


With Jona Bryndis

This type of personal energy coaching is for anyone who is seeking guidance for their business or practice based on a higher vibrational alignment. You can book single sessions, monthly or yearly packages. In these sessions we examine the vibrational congruence of your business, products, clients, marketing strategies and structure and discuss higher vibratory solutions.

This training is highly recommendable for those of you who want to build their professional energy work business. Individual sessions can be booked, but I highly recommend to consider the discounted year-rate for transCOACHES to allow your business grow to a full time income. In this 2x month mentor & business development coaching we cover all issues that come up for you personally or business related. In those sessions we can cover topics such as:

- Developing a Business Strategy (especially pertaining interaction of existing services/product)
- Marketing Strategy & Target Group Analysis
- Marketing Tools (audio, video-editing, social media, seo's, etc)
- Product Development
- Assistance in Energy Sessions with your clients
- Supervision Coaching (talking about your clients/sessions)

The yearly mentor coaching is available for all transCOACHES and Energy Workers of other disciplines and professions. It includes 2 montlhy coaching sessions (up to two hours per session) and can be booked as Yearly Flat Rate, Monthly or Single Session Package.

The monthly Flat Rate also includes 2 montlhy coaching sessions (up to two hours per session) but allows book it when needed.

transCOACHES receive discount rate.

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Please use the drop-down menu to check on service options (e.g. different session dates, combos, discounts or coaching minutes.)


Please email us if you are not sure which option to choose: info@transcodes.com


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