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Energetic Adjustment Session: SOVEREIGNITY


It is a one-time group transMISSION event responding to current energetic shifts and transformational occurrences. Energetic Adjustment sessions allow us to prepare for the ongoing correction and transformation in our collective and personal energy field.

This 1 hour Remote Energy transMISSION session is designed to help dealing with the intensity of energetic perceptions and transformational symptoms during times of increased energetic influx and collective frequency shifts. In this session your personal energy field will be cleared and readjusted. This session comes with the option to request a personal session summary or a 30min coaching (please email me after session and let me know).
November 2017

November energies continue to challenge truth on all levels. We are under the influence of a larger correctional energy field, that brings truth into all aspects of our lives - globally as well as individually. While October challenged truth in our relationships - with ourselves and the world around us - November will show us the larger aspect of global awakening and the reborn need to live a more conscious, self-sustaining and synergistical life. Societal, financial and political structures are beginning to crumble and we will be forced to reposition ourselves in society.

2017 Overall

The biggest challenge in 2017 will be to accept the changes that this year will bring about. Standing our ground but not holding on to old patterns will be imperative. In this year of Renewal will be many opportunities to turn a crisis into fortune - but it in order to identify these moments in which we can make a fundamental change for our lives we will need to become more flexible in our belief and perception system. Anything unresolved will come back to us, only to find out that we cannot apply our old ways anymore. We will be asked to let go of the old paradigms we grew up with.

Our new approach needs to come from a focus of our energies on 'being' rather than overactive 'doing'. There are so many surprises and outer distortions in store for us that it will be a lot wiser to focus on staying centered in the awareness of readiness - and basically to only to act if we get a clean inner 'go' signal. With this adjustment we are tuning into a new path allowing new though patterns and thus creating a new beginning. Exciting!

Objective of the Energy Adjustment session is to get through this time in full awareness of the energetic dynamics and without major dramas. This specific period will last until the end in May 2017.

This transMISSION can help to deal with energetic transformation pains and practical 3D issues, such as money, job, home, etc. as they will come forward in this period. During the Adjustment transMISSION Session a DNA-Clearing Sequence will be activated in participants, which allows for a transmutation of our energetic processing (Mitochondrial Re-Programming) and increase of higher vibratory capacity (Divine Consciousness). While doing this I will scan each of your personal energy bodies for resistance or blockages and will provide a two paragraph session summary for each of you. There will only be a short report for this group session, as my main focus will be each your personal fields.

Couple discount is available.
Included in the Remote Energy transMISSION FLAT RATE PACKAGE.

Also available as discounted Yearly Energetic Adjustment Package.

A 30 min Session Coaching is included in this transMISSION.

This transMISSION is self-guided and can only be booked as group session.

Instructions will be sent out the night before the Energetic Adjustment session.

Prerequisite: None.

No discounts available for this session (see Flat Rate for cheaper rates)

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