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Energetic Adjustment Session: DEVOTION


It is a one-time group transMISSION event responding to current energetic shifts and transformational waves. Energetic Adjustment sessions allow us to prepare for the ongoing correction and transformation in our collective and personal energy field. Every energetic adjustment comes with a live webinar after the energy session. In there personal questions, comments and general aspects of the session can be discussed with jona.

This 1 hour Remote Energy transMISSION session (with following live session reporting and personal energy refelction) is designed to help dealing with the intensity of energetic perceptions and transformational symptoms during times of increased energetic influx and collective frequency shifts. In this session your personal energy field will be cleared and readjusted, prducing a unique healing code for your personal journey.

Yearly Energetic Adjustment Flat Rate Subscribers receive a free Personal Energy Coaching Sessioin with each Energetic Adjustment (Sacred Self-Healiing Member Discount Available)
Energetic Adjustments typically happen 3-6 weeks before the collective band crosses our energy fields, which gives you extra time to prepare and integrate ahead of time.

Each Energetic Adjustment Session comes with a live webinar after session to allow you to directly reflect on which parts of your energy system can be/need to be worked with to enhance your attunement to global energetic developments.

2018 ENERGIES - February

The entire month of February is about FLEXIBILITY, LETTING GO, LEARNING, CORRECTING and REFINING.

For this, our mental, emotional and spiritual ABILITY TO SET ASIDE FEAR, UNCERTAINTY & DOUBTS will be crucial. However, this skill needs to be trained, as our physiological wiring will trigger our subconscious NEED FOR EXTERNAL SUPPORT.

Seen from a positive/higher vibrational perspective , this process will increasingly promote social, communal service oriented activities and business ideas in those of us who are ready to FACE OUR FEARS. For those, who are not willing to enter this larger REFINEMENT OF EMBODIMENT PROCESS, February will be perceived as CHAOTIC and trigger EXTERNALIZING THEIR POWER to outer entities.

LETTING GO OF WHAT IS NO LONGER NEEDED OR SERVING THE GREATER GOOD is going to be the core correction process in February!

The main discipline needed to get through this time is to REMEMBER WHAT IT MEANS TO ENJOY LIFE, especially in regards to the 'human' parts of our physical 3D existence. If we find ourselves in a condition that doesn't allow us to EMBRACE LIFE as opportunity to fulfill our KARMIC TASK & TRUE CALLING, we will be held/forced to enter this inner and outer REFINEMENT PROCESS. This will challenge not only our flexibility, but with this also our ENERGETIC INTEGRITY on all levels.

There will be times to fully ENJOY LIFE & CONNECTING WITH OTHERS, especially in Relationships, but it can also lead to a SUDDEN CLARITY of who/what we do or don't want to devote our energy to...

Objective of this Energy Adjustment session is to get through this time in full awareness of the energetic dynamics and without major dramas. This specific period will last until the end in May 2018.

This transMISSION can help to deal with energetic transformation pains and practical 3D issues, such as money, job, home, etc. as they will come forward in this period. During the Adjustment transMISSION Session a DNA-Clearing Sequence will be activated in participants, which allows for a transmutation of our energetic processing (Mitochondrial Re-Programming) and increase of higher vibratory capacity (Divine Consciousness). While doing this I will scan each of your personal energy bodies for resistance or blockages and will provide a two paragraph session summary for each of you. There will only be a short report for this group session, as my main focus will be each your personal fields.

Couple discount is available.

Also available as discounted Yearly Energetic Adjustment Package.

This transMISSION is self-guided and can only be booked as group session.

Instructions will be sent out the night before the Energetic Adjustment session.

Prerequisite: None.

No discounts available for this session (see Flat Rate for cheaper rates)

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