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Remote Prayer Session

Next Session:

Meet up 20 min prior

Participants : 31



Welcome Prayer Group !


We are switching back to Skype for communicaiton during the session. Please arrive 20 min prior to session.


The Skype link is: https://join.skype.com/GLEcSWQLPAo3


Instruction emails have been sent out to you - if you are not receiving them please email me jona@transcodes.com


Saturday, 9th June 2018 @10PM (MDT)

CLICK HERE to go to Important Safety & Integrity Rules








I AM Light.


I always was and will always be.

It is where I am from and where I will return.


I breathe in Light

to the center of my heart.

I breathe in Love

to the center of my heart.


And I breathe out anything not serving me anymore.

I trust in the Light!


Serving the Highest Good for all,

I let go in love and accept all as IS.

Nothing needs to be controlled,

Nothing needs to be worried about,

Nothing is important –

Only my connection deep within

And the Love I feel for myself.


"Deep Peace of the running wave to you

Deep Peace of the flowing air to you

Deep Peace of the quiet earth to you

Deep Peace of the shining stars to you

Deep Peace of the gentle night to you

Moon and stars pour their healing light on you"



Feel the Light within this group,

Feel our hearts expanding -

together the Light is more – so much more.


Through the Light within,

anything not in harmony with our Higher Selves is now cleared.

All is past.


We are One now.


In Gratitude,

we let go of all attachments and outcomes,

so that we all are free to move on

and remember to walk towards the Light.



Now and at all times. Deep Peace to you!


          By Jona Bryndis