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Remote Prayer Session

Next Session:

Meet up 20 min prior

Participants : 20 so far



Welcome Prayer Group !


(This is a page for Remote Prayer Group Members)


We will be meeting on Skype for group faciliation and communicaiton during the session. Please arrive 25-20 min prior to session for silent pre-session.


The Skype link is: https://join.skype.com/GLEcSWQLPAo3


Instruction emails have been sent out to you.

Would be cool to have you in the session! THANK YOU! jona & Roger


Friday, 10th AUgust 2018 @9PM (MDT)

CLICK HERE to go to Important Safety & Integrity Rules





I AM an eternal soul - unified, balanced and whole.

I AM One with the Divine. I AM Light.

I TRUST in that which is within; I TRUST in that which I am;


I love that which I am!


With Gratitude, I release all worries and fears, past and future; I release all illusion that there is a need to control;

I release anything not in harmony with my True Self


From the Love in my heart, I forgive as I am forgiven


Trusting in Divine Perfection, I can love myself and embrace each and every moment; I love each and every cell of my being.


My destination need not be clear as I follow the path of my heart; I journey as Light and Love,

the Divine within is my guide.


I need not to worry, I need not to judge - because everything that was or will be is already inside of me;


I live in Gratitude for the Abundance in All.


Through Trusting I learn to love Through loving, I heal

Through healing I serve the Highest Good of All.


All there is left to do is rest in my heart, Trusting and living each moment within the Truth of the eternal NOW


SO, it IS Thank You.