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“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”


― Albert Einstein

Donations & Other Contributions

TransCODES is not a non-profit organization, however, we believe in proper energy exchange and are therefore only asking for minimum contribution for our services.  


Please feel free to determine the amount you wish to donate to whatever seems appropriate for you in exchange for the service you receive. 

Crypto Coin Donations:

Litecoin: LZnsUbqJiC7MQX4j8GMRms18Jwa1uXrTo6

Bitcoin: 1HoRBwSfw6mmezzP8QTcSdKVUgjBE5XR77






We greatly appreciate your support for our cause!


Our vision is to create a healing & retreat-center in Colorado, US  providing a platform

for practioners and professionals from all areas of the healing arts. With your contribution

you can support us and our transCOACHES to make this happen.


Please feel free to assist us by contributing in any form. Email us at info@transcodes.com


Thank you!

Jona Bryndis & transCODES Team

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