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By elecia, Nov 13 2018 03:16AM

November 2018 Forecast



Energy & Self Coaching Tips for Energetically Sensitives and Empaths

Watch November 2018 Forecast Here

By jona bryndis, October 29 2018

New transCODES Event Calender

Download here

By elecia, Oct 14 2018 06:33PM

Energy Update

13th-19th October 2018

Week 42

By jona bryndis, October 11 2018

Watch The Video For Week 42 here

Collective Energies

By elecia, Oct 7 2018 12:54AM

Energy Update

6th-12th October 2018

Week 41

By jona bryndis, October 5 2018

Watch The Video For Week 41 here

Collective Energies

By elecia, Oct 3 2018 03:28PM

Energy Update

Incoming October Energies

By jona bryndis, September 26 2018

Last Practice Round

Current Energetic Tendencies

Our current energetic 'Weather Conditions' are forcing us to deal with the deeper layers of our PERCEPTION OF REALITY. Particularly challenging with this is the questioning of our personal and collective MIND SET AND BELIEF SYSTEMS. This incoming correctional wave doesn't only show us our BLINDSPOTS, but also points our attention at our DYSFUNCTIONALITIES. It requires us to be willing to question the truth level of what we have been believing to be true.

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